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  1. I just went out and took it apart. The return spring is kinked, but given where it goes that isn't surprising. I cleaned it all up with Rem oil, it needed it, and put it back together and back on the press. So far it has cycled as it should, guess I'll load some primers and load some more 38s and see how it does.
  2. I'll give that a try. But even off the press moving the arm by hand it doesn't always spring back far enough. I figure I'll take it all apart and clean good and see what that tells me.
  3. I checked that and it's cocking the indexer arm like it should, problem is that the arm is not always going back as far as it should when the platter is down.
  4. Congrats on the 750. I'd love to get one but would keep the 650 as well so I could have a dedicated small primer press, and one for large primers.
  5. After a bit of research I'm suspecting indexing arm and spring need to be replaced and put in an online request with Dillon. As long as I'm here, what do you use to lube the primer wheel and shaft in the priming system? Thanks Grizz
  6. I recently switched my press back to small primers. Since then, I got a 'no primer' ready to seat situation now and then, and it's been getting worse. I'm not a speed demon on the press or range, so I was able to feel that no primer was being seated, so I rotated one in to position to seat. As it was getting worse, I cleared the press and carefully watched what was going on, to isolate where the problem was. What I found was that the lever with the little nub on it wasn't always returning and dropping in to the primer hole on the wheel. And as such, next p
  7. I've shot Cowboy category for years, ain't never whipped up on nobody. Besides, I like trash talking the likes of Cobra Cat and others.... they are generally nice about it and enjoy the joke along with me.
  8. Mine looks about like Hoss' I've been on a loading binge lately, and as I was finishing up my empty 45 acp cases I had to move some stuff on the bench, and found a full old school metal coffee can full of 38 special brass, to add to the other 2 that were waiting to be loaded. Today I switched over to 38 special and primers from large to small and got started. The down side to all this loading, is that I'll soon be out of empty brass to load, and it being Winter and the Rona and primer shortages, I don't know that I'll be making much empty brass any time soon
  9. Am I tough enough? Probably not, but I'll keep it on my radar and I'm sure you'll remind me.
  10. Rolling my eye and shaking my head hearing things rattle around. Can better equipment potentially make you a better shooter? Better shooter? No. Better times perhaps. Now practice and just shooting a lot has the potential to make you a better shooter AND faster times. Much of 'smoothing out the action' and other such tuning is, IMO premature wear, and it the long run, being run fast and hard, is going to bring about failure much sooner. I could provide tons of verbiage as to why I think such things, but seriously ain't nobody care what I think. If they
  11. Watching the vids on the youtubes, the 336 or maybe a RCBS Grand looks really nice, but with just me shooting SG for cowboy, can't justify it. I have gotten spoiled running everything else on a 650. Can crank out a bunch in a hurry even going slow like I do.
  12. You must have a progressive SG press. I load on a Lee Load All 2 and after about 2 boxes I'm done.
  13. well that was interesting, every now and then, a case doesn't go all the way into the shell plate, just now, it started to be every case. so I stopped and took a good look. the feed ramp for lack of a better term, sits over the passage for the spent primers, and that was clogged with a couple dozen primers
  14. Ol' Stirrup and the Gunslingers always put on a first class match. And the Stuhr Museum will make an awesome venue for the banquet!
  15. I have a 650, love it. Would gladly take a 750 so I don't have to change primer sizes. Not sure which machine would go for which size, but hope to have that decision in the future.
  16. Grizzly Dave, SASS 85224 From the Colorado Territory Shooting for I reckon 8, 9 years now
  17. You go Sue! Sadly I am unable to attend this time around. I know that you will have fun!
  18. Info is now available on the Thunder Mountain website LINK
  19. I think a fair amount of the turnover can be attributed to the life cycle of any hobby or interest. People may give other reasons but I think it boils down to that.
  20. Wow, this thread not only jumped the rails, I think it did it on a bridge!
  22. One miss on the pistol and shoot where it was on the rifle. I myself would avoid using the use of the term 'target failure' so as to avoid having to look up in the books to see what that might or might not imply. JMO.
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