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  1. Hi Deja, I know this may sound strange but I was on SASS yesterday and I was thinking about U. Miss your fun and laghter on the forum. Cold here in SC.lol

  2. Hello.. cuz I am busy working overtime, hanging out with JJJ's and Peppers.. and my dad.. I just run out of time.. xxx Deja

  3. I got it today.. thanks so much.. It is the best... love it...

  4. Hey.. did you get my text?

  5. Deja Why r u not on the wire much these days.

    I look for u but u not there. Remember u r under the truth tree.


  6. I think if you check close, you'll find that the six-shooter is a Hy Hunter that was in Hollywood Ca. It should say made in Western Germany by J.P. Sauer and sohn. Hy Hunter didn't make guns, just the importer and had their name on them. The grips are called "jig a bones" and are hollow plastic. I had a gun just like that for many years in .357/38 but just traded it to Pit Bull ...

  7. hey, contact JJJ I know he did have some of my old brass.. 45 LC.. Jittery Jim Jonah..

  8. Okay now I have for sure visited your site.. just cuz.. lol..

  9. K.. so we are friends, I think.. not sure how the thinger works..

  10. Yep. we are freinds but I am crazy, huh? lol

  11. When you think of a john wayne kinda nice guy.. he is one of those.. lol Thanks to his wife for letting him spend time on the boards with us.

  12. I want to be president by 2015, can you make that happen?? lol..

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