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  1. Trizzlee and I have our app in. It'll be here before you know it. BS
  2. Where do you split the hair between "request" and "ban"? If an establishment is "posted" in AZ, then I cannot carry on that property. To me, if someone "requests" that I not carry on their property it's the same as posting a sign and/or banning. And for the CEO and any others, I wouldn't be carrying to try on a pair of jeans. I just happened to try on a pair of jeans while I was carrying. I'll stop there before I go to the nasty bin. BS
  3. Go to a local match and talk with the shooters. Download a copy of the Shooters Handbook and read up on the various categories. A few categories are limited by caliber, type of rifle and/or shotgun, and the holsters you wear. Do your homework and welcome to the fun. Barry Sloe
  4. Be careful of the newer Stoegers. I understand that the metal is somewhat softer than the older ones. We have Bakails and TTNs. Heard lots of good about SKBs, just haven't spent the money. BS
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