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  1. Rafe,

    We could meet up at Thunderstick to make the exchange or whatever else works.  Trizzlee and I are going to shoot with the Dusty Bunch this weekend.

    Give me a call.  (c) 971-5205

    Barry Sloe

    aka Alan Berry

    1. Rafe Conager SASS #56958

      Rafe Conager SASS #56958

      Morning works best for me any time


    2. Barry Sloe

      Barry Sloe

      How about around 9:30?


    3. Rafe Conager SASS #56958

      Rafe Conager SASS #56958

      sounds good see you then


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  2. I think the OP was asking how many active members there are total. Apparently there used to be 18,500. What's the number today, higher or lower. BS
  3. Did you call base security for their current policy? The AF base I frequent currently requires firearm unloaded with ammo in one area and handgun in another. It might be worth a call, BS
  4. As noted by many above, depends on what for. Concealed carry: 45 acp in a single stack semi-auto or .380 single stack semi-auto. CAS: 38-40, 44 Russian, 44 special, & sometimes 45 LC. To make an impression: 44 magnum in 8 3/8" S&W mdl 29 in a Dirty Harry holster. That is of course IF I had any of those firearms. BS
  5. Slick, I'll take 1,000. PM to follow. BS
  6. Last years resolution was to not buy any more guns. That lasted almost two days. This year my resolution is to retire on 1 October. The light is on at the end of the tunnel. Let's hope it's not a train! BS
  7. I only have 2 S&W wheel guns. A 642 lightweight and a 29-2 with 8 3/8" barrel, scrolled cylinder, and matching S&W shoulder holster (think Dirty Harry). 586 or 686 has been on my wish list. BS
  8. Barry Sloe

    bought me

    My wife surprised me with a Ruger Model 77 in .270. It and a twin in .280 were at the local gun shop. Too Tall Bob bought the 280 but I drug my feet on the 270 and it disappeared from the rack. Friday we went shooting. I had my 45-70s and TTB had his 280 (I thought). He had me try out the "280" first. The target said Merry Christmas Al around the edge. After a couple of shots everyone has this sh**y smile. I'm a little thick sometimes, I finally picked up the ammo box and it was 270! Quite a surprise. BS
  9. "Rank" is reserved for officers. Enlisted Navy members have their paygrade and rating (specialty). The rating badge is only shown on dress uniforms. BS
  10. We had to go from a queen to a king because our lab slept cross ways on the bed. We've a smaller dog now, but she still gets 1/3 of the bed. BS
  11. Barry Sloe


    I'm still looking for the requirement for all Range Officers to be ROI at state matches and above. I'm not trying to be argumentative, I'm thick headed and like to read the black and white. The Match Directors guide recommends that the range officers be ROI or ROII. Edits 1 & 2: Found it. It is in the actual contract with SASS. Verbage in the Match Directors guide should be changed to correspond with the contract or change the wording in the contract to be more realistic. By this I mean require the MD, PMs, Match ROs, TOs to have certain certification (be it ROI or ROII). Spotters and scorekeepers should be exempt from this requirement. Still looking, BS
  12. If, by positioning the slide over the SG loops, it causes the slide to be "wedged" out from your body I believe it would be illegal.Reading the SHB I find that it is illegal to have a SG slide over SG loops. Is there any reason to assume that a pistol/rifle slide over SG loops would be legal? BS
  13. Trizzlee and I have our app in. It'll be here before you know it. BS
  14. Where do you split the hair between "request" and "ban"? If an establishment is "posted" in AZ, then I cannot carry on that property. To me, if someone "requests" that I not carry on their property it's the same as posting a sign and/or banning. And for the CEO and any others, I wouldn't be carrying to try on a pair of jeans. I just happened to try on a pair of jeans while I was carrying. I'll stop there before I go to the nasty bin. BS
  15. Go to a local match and talk with the shooters. Download a copy of the Shooters Handbook and read up on the various categories. A few categories are limited by caliber, type of rifle and/or shotgun, and the holsters you wear. Do your homework and welcome to the fun. Barry Sloe
  16. Barry Sloe

    Side by Side

    Be careful of the newer Stoegers. I understand that the metal is somewhat softer than the older ones. We have Bakails and TTNs. Heard lots of good about SKBs, just haven't spent the money. BS
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