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  1. 8 hours ago, Smoken D said:



    I have 2 guys interested in the 650. They will have choice on the dies/conversion first. Here is the list that I have for your info and will get back once deal made on the 650. Price on the dies and conversion kits with toolhead is $140 each.


     Dillon Dies + conversion kits & Toolhead



    10mm/40 S&W

    44 Mag

    45 ACP/45 GAP

    45 Colt

    .223 (dies on toolhead with Redding competition seater)

    308/30-06 (dies on toolhead with redding competition seater)


    Now I do have the 45-70. My price on the 45-70 which comes with dies, toolhead, conversion kit, casefeed kit, mag powder bar is $295.


    Thanks .


    Let me know.

  2. 12 hours ago, Smoken D said:


    If ya change your mind I have a 650 with case feeder conversion for .223 along with dies, cover, cleaning kit, extra parts. Also several dillon dies along with conversion kits where we could meet in Springfield if you live in Arkansas.



    I have a 650.  What caliber conversion kits are you wanting to get rid of?  

  3. 3 hours ago, Tom Bullweed said:

    A good, tuned 92, along with consistent oal cartridge length will can be very reliable and consistent.  

    Not sure that any barrel under 20" will hold ten .357s.  The Rossi will likely cycle .357s better than .38s.

    Yes sir I believe my first 92 was a 20 inch gun.  Stainless Rossi and it was light and very smooth after Steve worked it over.


  4. 13 minutes ago, Sedalia Dave said:

    You want a 73 or 66 if you are looking for a race gun.  While a 92 can be made to work exceptionally well for CAS they are not "race" guns.


    In theory a 92 could be short stroked but the cost of doing so makes it impractical.


    BTW I own 4 super slick 92s in 38/357. They all run flawlessly with the right OAL ammo but I would not call them race guns

    Maybe my terminology was incorrect.  I want a slicked up fully functional 92.   I guess If I can find a 73 with a round barrel and 20 inches I would go for that.  I know they are better I have one in 45LC.  just wanted a lightweight 92.  There was a guy in Beaumont Texas that used to work on the 92s and make them sweet.

    I had one years ago my first go around with the sport.

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