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  1. Lee makes an inexpensive, attractively priced shotgun shell reloader, the Lee Load-All. It's available in 20 gauge. I suggest you investigate that option to start with, then see where you can get the best deal. It may be your best option, given what seems to be your limited requirement.


    I had one in 16 gauge and it worked very well. I later switched to 12 gauge and decided to use commercial shells.


    Start with this link.



    Cat Brules

    I second this... the Lee machine can be had new for $60. BP 20 ga shells would most likely cost you at least $XX/box. If you buy the loader, shot, powder, and primers, I'd bet that you would still come out ahead just loading 10 boxes. Loading BP Shot shells is easy as pie. I'm sure that you can get a recipe from any number of people on this forum.





  2. I hate it when there are posts Not Selling anything!



    too many post selling nothing!

    Humm, I looked through what I could, and this is the only one I found not selling, wanting to buy or give away something. So, I guess that this one post asking about this forum is too many to suit you. IMO, this is the perfect place to find out what folks think of the Classified forum. There are many who look here first, often, and only here. It is their opinion that I was wanting to hear. I had a recent less than stellar experience here, and just wondered if it was a fluke or a trend... sounds to me like it was a fluke.



  3. Out of curiosity, wouldn't it be more cost effective to just get a cross draw holster for that setup?

    Yes it would if, except that I have a couple of very nice custom Cross Draw rigs. My wife got this same setup, and loves it... so I thought that I would try it. Of course she has only used two strong side holsters, so didn't have to change her memory or stance. O-well, like Ringer said... it's only money! Ha!

  4. After a 4 month wait I received my Mernickle High Performace Holsters, Gun Belt and Shotgun Belt. Models HP1REF1, HPSG1REF1. Size to center hole is 43". Fits 36-38" waist, with a hole either way. Cartridge slide is for 38/357

    Cost $400 for the Holster rig, $140 for the Shotgun Belt + shipping = $560 total cost. I used it for two hours, that's all it took for me to decide that after 25ys of using a cross draw rig in this game that I am not going to change now.


    For sale $400 + shipping No 4 month wait




    Go to Mernickles web site to see what they look like. They are the Gunfighter Brown. Can't seem to get photo's to post here.




  5. I've bought and sold on the SASS wire. All transactions have gone well. I've gone into it figgerin' if I can't trust a fellow Cowboy/Cowgirl who can I trust. A couple things I sold I shipped B4 getting paid based on the Cowboy trust and wasn't let down.

    This is the best bunch of Pards going, in opinion.

    Most of the folks go by the admonition that their word is their bond. I've only found one person in all these years who has tried to cheat me. Hey, if he needs the money that bad, he can keep it.

  6. What has been your experience Buying or Selling on the SASS Classified? I've completed quite a few deals using the SASS wire and they have gone very well. I find that most folks in our Cowboy community are a honest bunch of folks who do what they say. Most!



  7. If you shoot Duelist and are old enough to shoot Elder Statesman at EOT 2017


    When you fill out your entry request Elder Statesman Duelist, if they have enough to make a category in the comment Box.


    I know of 4 Members who would like to shoot Elder Statesman Duelist.



    Yeah! :P



  8. I can't even remember how many pairs of hearing aids I've had.... at least 15+ pairs. They have come a long way. My insurance buys me a pair every two years, so I sell the old pair on ebay for CHEAP. Years of Jet blast, and thousands of high pitched muffin fans while working for the FAA just totally destroyed all of my high pitch hearing, and greatly damaged the mid frequencies. These new hearing aids are really neat... they take the sound that is too high for you to hear at any volume, transpose it to a lower frequency that you are able to hear. It works very well. The OLD way of doing it just tried to amplify the higher frequencies, which leads to very poor sound, and lots of feed back. All of this forces you to use a closed canal type of fitting, which gives your "In a barrel", un-natural sound. I get NONE of that with these new aids.(Phonak B-R series), and no batteries to buy, ever!


    I hate the Timers that have the high pitched tone (like the one's that they use to use at WR), because I can not hear them with my ear plugs in. This leads me to remove them in order to hear the start, which just further hurts the situation. IMO, touching my shoulder is not a good option, and is only done as a last resort.


    For every 3 db of increase the sound doubles! So... if you go from say 70 db to 73 db, it is twice as loud.


    Wear your hearing protection!



  9. Tnx for the advice.. I'll do it tomorrow. I have been using a handful some putty like stuff. I like the 1/2 ball idea. I've also been using a large hammer to regain strength in my wrist... the handle allows for adjusting how much weight you use by choking up or down on it.



  10. I got the restraints off of my hand, and the surgery was a success. Now if I can just get enough strength back to cock the hammer I will be chasing them kids around in FC at WR. Didn't think I was going to get released in time. This ought to be a very humbling experience, but Never say Die! :FlagAm:



  11. Some may disagree, but one thing I often see new shooters do is trying to shoot faster than they are ready to do. Of course we must push ourselves to go faster, but IMO we must first get the basics down to the point that we don't have to think about them. Then we can start working on speed. Shooting fast is good, but it is not the only thing that wins the game. Take time to learn the basics of the game.

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  12. JMHO.... All this talk about Pattern... is not really meaningful at the ranges we shoot our shotgun targets at. There isn't a falling target in the game that won't go down with a 3/4 oz load if you hit it right. Too many folks just slop their shotgun shots. The pattern from a 1 1/8 oz load compared to a 3/4 oz load has about the same spread 7 yds... not many shotgun targets are farther than that...... the density of the pattern of course is higher, but in either case the spread is about the same. Just aim the shot, hit the target, and it will go down. I shoot 3/4 oz loads and it is a very rare thing for me to have to re-shoot a target. Carry some other shells for the VERY RARE occasion that the shotgun targets are not in your face.



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  13. Hey Max.... I'm also 69+, been there, done that. Every time out with guys it turned into a race. After coming back from Tahoe at speeds well over 100 mph.... with my wife on the back, she just said one thing.. "That was too fast". I agreed, sold the XR Suzuki and NEVER did that stupid stuff again. Now I just enjoy a nice easy ride. The T100 is perfect for that... and, if I want kick it up just a little, there is enough there to enjoy without being crazy.

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