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  1. Why do you attend a CAS match? Is it just for something to do? Do you really enjoy what takes place at the matches you attend? No doubt that everyone's idea of "Fun" is not the same. I've attended matches where the stages seemed to be written to confuse as many people as possible.  A weird sweep is fine occasionally, but when they appear on every stage it just sours the match. Are they moving things around to provide a variety, or are they leaving the targets/Stands in the same place month after month and simply writing yet another dumb sweep so that it's not the same as the last one. That's not fun to me, and I don't think that it is fun for others either. I think that if folks are really having fun they might be more interested in getting involved. When you hear a lot of laughter and joking in the posse it's a good sign that folks are having fun.  



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  2. 18 hours ago, Deuce Stevens SASS#55996 said:

    .......................At the end of the day the leadership needs to be willing to accept the help and help enable those who want to. 

    I read this comment by Deuce, and it has really made me think. It is a profound statement that is not easy for the people that have been the "Movers & Shakers" for so long to accept. It has played out in virtually every aspect of life throughout the ages. Transition and change are inevitable, but the way it takes place dictates how effective it will be. If a new person or group comes in and just starts trying to take over, then there is going to be resistance and push-back. Too often we see it happen... someone walks on the scene and right away they think that that know more than the folks that have been making things work for so long. I've seen this happen at all levels in SASS and local clubs. Fact is, the new blood may very well see things from a different perspective and with fresh eyes, but old ideas die hard and very often forcing new ideas rather than working for a smooth and orderly transition will set things back rather than move them forward.   

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  3. I've been watching this thread the past couple days. It's very interesting and should prove thought provoking to anyone that is reading it. I started our club close to 30 years ago. We have a facility that is second to none, in fact very few clubs anywhere enjoy the level of props, bays, a huge selection of first class targets that we have. The reason that we have all of this is because of the vision of a few folks over the years and the tremendous amount of "Buy In"/Club member participation that we have enjoyed over most of those years. We virtually never had any trouble getting any amount of help we needed to accomplish any task, no matter how big. All that seemed to change just a few years ago. I'm not totally sure what happened, but I do see a few things that I think hurts us. The bottom line is this: Now, most of the work is done by a couple of energetic guys that work their asses off. As the old crowd has faded away so has the sense of team work and the thrill of being a part of something that was a fascination for many years. The extreme comradery that we use to have is no longer present. We use to all be very good friends, doing things together both on and off the range, now we are more like acquaintances.  No doubt that this COVID thing came along at a time when it just knocked the wind out of many clubs. I read Tex's article in the current Chronicle, and it struck a real note with me having seen a good deal of what he was talking about. There is movement toward getting things going again and it looks like some good ideas are surfacing. The Team is smaller than it use to be, but if it can be coached into pulling together as a team and not overtaxed, then there is a good chance that things will turn around. The same holds true for SASS in general. Our club is a perfect Microcosm of SASS and the only chance that either of us have at succeeding is to find common ground and pull together.  It takes longer to build/rebuild than it does to tear down. If you want to be here, then you must step up and be a part of it.  



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  4. I've had a couple of negative experiences buying off of the SASS Classified. I bought a Baldwin Tang Sight for $250. Turns out that several other folks bought the same sight. I agreed to buy a pair of 44-40 Handguns from one of the Biggest sellers on the wire at the time for the price he listed them at.  I got his mailing address in Reno, went down and got a cashiers check and before I could even get it in the mail he sold them to someone else on the wire that offered him more money after our deal was made!  I didn't loose anything but IMO the guy is a Jerk for doing that.  On the other hand, I've had some very good deal from very honest folks.  When it comes to selling, I must revert to my earlier comment about selling price. Everyone wants a good deal or a bargain, and I'm no different, but in general it seems to me that folks are less willing to pay the same price for an item here that they would pay for it on Gun Broker.




  5. I had one with that same problem. I started loading Cheddite primers. They are a little larger and don't seat as deep as US shotgun primers. It completely solved the problem. One other thing you can do is to add a little material under the extractor using Silver solder. This will raise it. After it is done you will need to file down the top so that it refits and allows the barrel to close and lock up. If you can find new extractors, that would be better. If you have someone that can build you a longer firing pin, that might also work. Try the Cheddite primers first. 




    PS, I don't know why people don't leave the damned things alone in the first place. This idea that it makes you faster is just nonsense.


  6. GJ... I seem to agree with a great deal of what you have said. I've never sold on any of the Gun auction sites but it sure does seem like items over there sell for a great deal more than they do on SASS Classified. 

  7. I would like to hear folks opinion about selling on the SASS Classified. Do you sell things there or do you sell on one of the gun auction sites? What is the determining factor as to where you offer the items for sale?



  8. It takes the right person to buy these oddball or little used cartridges, but... they right person really wants them! I had two boxes of 25-20 Win... the first box sold right away, the second box never did sell. It's not worth the time and trouble to list them on the major sites, like Gunbroker etc. You might find someone that has a table at a gun show and get them to put them on the table.

  9. 16 hours ago, Larsen E. Pettifogger, SASS #32933 said:

    Perhaps you were being intransitive.:huh:

    Listen up Larsen, don't call me that, I'm not a squatter! ;)

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  10. 12 hours ago, Bull Skinner said:



    At $4.00/box my reloads seem pretty reasonable.




    Enjoy that while you can.... when you are finally forced to "Re-stock", those days will be over. But I agree... I have a pretty good stock of Shot Shell components, plus a good supply of both reloads and new shells. 

  11. 49 minutes ago, Bull Skinner said:

    I know what a whiner is. What is a whinner?

     From the Merriam-Webster Dictionary


     intransitive verb
    whin·ner | \ ˈhwinə(r) also ˈwi- \

    Definition of whinner

    1dialectal : to whine feebly


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  12. 2 hours ago, Gunner Gatlin, SASS 10274L said:

    Howdy - was looking to see if anyone has the posse# 14 group photo from EOT. Want to get a print made for framing.


    Thanks for any direction.


    GG ~ :FlagAm:



    Is this them? 453595960_Pictures1057.thumb.jpg.a42fe5a8d7f1de0458b7b51a22d57b74.jpg

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  13. 42 minutes ago, Larsen E. Pettifogger, SASS #32933 said:


    What do you base that on?  You have no idea how much Brownells is paying for them.  Since the factories are pumping out as much AMMO as they can I would expect the primers are going into loaded ammunition.  Primers won't make a comeback until the ammo supply starts sorting itself out.  For the past several months I have seen only a few boxes of primers at local stores and I go to at least one everyday.  You virtually have to be there when they put them on the shelf in order to get any.

    100%.  If it is more than you are willing to pay, then just don't buy them. Obviously there are plenty of folks that are more than willing to pay that price since they were gone in a "Flash".  I doubt that Brownell's is gouging anyone.  

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  14. I totally agree with GJ. There should not be any significant load on the lifter. There must be some other timing issue that is not correct. I don't believe the lifters are hardened in the first place, there is no need for them to be.



  15. I'm not real big on high dollar bonus targets. I do prefer the shoot until down and then dump the remainder for 1 sec per hit type situation. If possible I like to see the Bonus built in via a shooter's choice. I wrote a stage that had two possible positions. #1, and #2 about 15 feet to the right. Order was Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun. Position #1 had shotgun targets and Rifle targets. Position #2 had Pistol targets. ATB the shooter shot the Rifle targets. Then had the choice of shooting them again using the pistols or moving to #2 and shooting the close targets using the pistols. After the pistols the Shotgun targets were shot from #1.  There were no bonus points, but if the shooter CHOSE to shoot the longer range Rifle targets with his pistols, then he saved the time of moving to #2, shooting the pistols and then moving back to shoot the Shotgun. It was very interesting to see which way the shooter would do it. It was a pretty even split as to how it was done. 

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  16. I put a bunch of cases in a 1 gal zip lock back. Spray in some One Shot. Work the bag around a bit and then dump them into the hopper of my 650. It just doesn't need to be all over the case... or even on all of the cases. It will do the job just fine. Give em a couple minutes before you start cranking um out. Makes a huge difference.

  17. 1 hour ago, Widder, SASS #59054 said:


    You make a good point.   Obviously, it was someone who didn't win their category or get a buckle... :ph34r:




    Aw-Ha! So you are saying that the person was most likely a "Looser".  I knew it! That narrows the field a good deal. With so many categories and recognizing the top 10, we can eliminate at least half of the shooters. ;)


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  18. 2 hours ago, Abilene, SASS # 27489 said:

    I just noticed on a can of Ballistol, it lists using it at 10% (w/90% water) in "Ultra Sonic and Jet Washers."  

    Has anyone tried it like that?

    I wouldn't use Ballistol to clean my toilet! Cartoon poop vomits a gush

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  19. 29 minutes ago, Utah Bob #35998 said:

    While EBay has many flaws and policies I don’t agree with it is still a fairly simple method of buying and selling from the convenience of home. I have had very few problems in the years I have used it.

    I can appreciate that Bob, but if you give them access to your account just so you can sell that extra set of Holsters/Belt or Loading press,  two very important things can happen. First, they can remove funds from your account on their own. You can NOT stop them if you disagree with the charges. Second and even more important, if they are hacked, the hacker now has your account number and access. Don't think for a moment that they are not vulnerable to being hacked... the US Gov't can seem to keep the hacker out, I doubt that eBay can. I dealt with this early on with Paypal, but after removing all access to My Bank account, and using a special restricted limit Credit Card for ALL transactions, I've had no problems. Bottom line... I'll still buy off of ebay if they have what I want at the price I am willing to pay, But I won't sell if I am forced to give them access to my bank account.

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