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  1. The “Good Old Days”. Most of us that have played this game a long time were a lot younger in the Good Old Days. Some of the things that use take place on a stage are not quite as palatable as the memory of them might seem to be. The more time that goes by, the better we were. Playing the game as the Good Old Days are perceived to have been must be tempered a bit in today’s game. Today’s retro match needs to have a measured amount of today’s game infused into it. It’s called “Balance”. Just writing stages that are full of everything that you use to do or have heard use to happen will just frustrate most shooters. I am a strong proponent of “Playing the Game”, but moderation and balance is important. Having a dish of Ice Cream is great, being forced to eat a gallon of it, is not.
  2. If the gun was fired out of battery because of a separated case, maybe the lever bent or the lifter bent and the timing is now off allowing the bolt to catch on the carrier.
  3. Does anyone have a 18" 357 Oct barrel for a Uberti 1873 rifle. Must be in very good to excel condition, both bore and bluing. I have a new 45 that I would like to convert.
  4. I have spent a lot of time running the timer. No doubt that there have always been shooters that have blamed the T.O. for the mistakes that they made. The 170 call is one that is often disputed rather heavily. One of the hardest situations is when a shooter pulls his/her pistol at the wrong location, and the T.O. yells "Move", not knowing that the shooter has already cocked the pistol. The shooter moves and then gets a SDQ. When a T.O. is slow to announce that a Shotgun Target isn’t down, it puts some shooter’s over the edge. A problem that I often see in today's game is the tendency to over use the "Benefit of Doubt” I'm very big on cutting all the slack possible, and NOT being a "Hard Ass", and in fact trying to find a way to NOT penalize the shooter. I find it more difficult to get folks to be Posse Leaders and T.O. today, than I did yesterday. One reason is because of all the rules, clarifications, the fact that it can take away from your own game. Being a Good T.O. means being a Benevolent Dictator.
  5. It's the T.O.s job to call "P's".
  6. Yeah, put a little on your index finger, but be careful if you pick your nose, you might poke your brain out when your finger goes all the way in.
  7. Man-O-Man-O-Man! That stuff does INDEED work, but you had better pay attention. Get a little too much and your guns will jump out of the holsters as you run. I've seen it on more than one occasion. I just do a good Wet=Fit on my leather and unless it is extremely humid there is never a problem. An occasional touch of wax polish inside the holster helps to keep any leather swelling down from excessive moisture. But yes.. that KG9 stuff will really slick things up, and you will drop everything that you pick up if you don't get it all off of your fingers. Snakebite
  8. Oh, I feel so ashamed.... I'll dig my 45s out of the safe and look at them.
  9. Well, I wrote a novel here and decided that all you were just looking for a few opinions. Short story is that I've tried many guitars over the past 50+ years. I won't take my good one out of the house so after buying several inexpensive guitars, I settled on the IBANEZ AW54CE. Snakebite
  10. I see a lot of folks blameing stuck hulls on steel bases. I must say that I have no particular trouble with them. My experiences points to the vast majority of stuck shells coming from the crimp staying open and hard against the forcing cone area in the barrels. A good crimp is more likely to pull back in just a little and release a bit better. A good hone used on the forcing cone at the end of the chamber often helps.
  11. A long time ago I sprayed a bunch of my reloads with silicon spray. I was amazed at how far I could throw a shotgun shell while trying to load on the clock. I don't do it any more.
  12. Jabez: Interesting view of things, and of course you have every right to use any criteria you choose to select which matches you attend. At one point in time I was passionate about Long Range shooting so I do understand your desire. But here are a couple of things to consider. First off we are a COWBOY ACTION SHOOTING organization and the majority of SASS clubs are putting on a CAS match, not a Long Range shooting match. Very few clubs have the facilities, manpower, equipment, time, or desire to present a true Long Range event in conjunction with their CAS match. To most clubs it is just another side event. Most certainly there are a few clubs that have enough interest, and everything else needed to put on a more traditional style Long Range type match. But as far as I can see the number of folks shooting the Long Range events have dropped significantly. It appears to me that one of the reasons participation has dropped has been the length of time required to complete the event, at least at our home range. Most folks just want to shoot and move on to the next side event. As a MD, I am charged with putting on the match, and in doing so I must regard the wishes of the majority of our club membership. To that end our Long Range event will be streamlined.
  13. These points are a fact. Another fact is that we have some folks that are far too eager to ding someone and some folks that are far too timid to make a call WHEN NECESSARY. It's almost as bad as using the inclinometer to find out if the holster is 29 degrees or 31 degrees. I can tell this, if I need a inclinometer to find out, it's going to be 29 degrees. Basically the same goes for making a call on the 170.... if it's so close that it needs to be discussed, then it's going to be 169 degrees. If there is absolutely no doubt, then it should be obvious to the most casual observer and especially to those that are charged with making the call. If you have a shooter that is getting close to the edge let them know that they have reached 169 degrees so that they can be a bit more cautious before it becomes 171 degrees. Snakebite
  14. There is no doubt that it happens. The basic idea of the 180 (170) is OK. I recall the issue of a common firing line where the loading/unloading tables are set right on the line. A shooter that stands back from the line vs a shooter that hugs the line would have a wider cone, that might bring the Loading/unloading table into that cone. IMO the 170 call has always been somewhat subjective as to whether it was just inside or just outside the cone. If it is just outright flagrant, then there is little doubt, other wise there are hairs to split. This is all covered in the RO III. As last I remember, BJZ has a good grasp on it. JMHO JMO Snakebite
  15. Phantom... I'd like some at that $10,000... I make the calls as I see them. Sometimes I don't see them!
  16. I appreciate all who have given me feedback on this thread. I remember the Long Range side matches at EOT in the early 90s. They were really not very long at all. They were actually less than a 100 yds. They were shot at paper targets and you were given a finite amount of time to get your shots completed. Usually 2-3 min. When the time was up, all guns were checked and shown clear, you went down range and collected your target. The best group was the winner. Only the three best groups were kept. The entire process took only a few minutes and then you moved on to the next side match. It seems that some of the Long Range matches today are a far cry from those humble beginnings, and have become an event unto themselves. Snakebite
  17. I have some questions about the Single Shot Long Range events at you Club's annual match. 1. Is it held on the same day as the other side events? 2. Do you charge to shoot it? 3. Approx what is the average time it takes for each shooter to complete the course of fire? 4. Do you use time as a tie breaker? 5. Do you allow shooters to shoot the course of fire again for a better score? Thanks, Snakebite
  18. Yeah, I'm a bit lost myself, and I try to keep on top of things. Last match I wrote I got my Back Side jumped on after using the term Default. Was told that it is no longer to be used. Duh, can't help but wonder if this was another wave of the hand mandate. Anyhow, to stop the whining I just changed it to hands at side. Geeze! Snakebite
  19. The person running the match, would be the Match Director. He or she should, and probably does know, that the SASS Shooter's Handbook spells out very clearly what guns may be use at a Cowboy Action Shooting Match. (section 6)There is no standard as to how the speed events are run or scored, but I've never seen a Speed side match run any other way than the by number of hits in the fastest time.
  20. I'm sure they will be able to reach the targets. sb
  21. I have one of the Lyman T-Mag presses that I use for the occasional odd cartridge loading or the Big Bore stuff. It is a fabulous machine. I sounds like this new one with eight stations might be a good machine too. That is sure a good price. I quit shopping at Midway a long time ago because they were usually higher priced on just about everything that I tried to buy. Good to see that they might be coming competitive again.
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