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  1. You missed a really good match... and the weather was to die for. Light jacket in the evening and covers in bed at night. Do you still travel?

    1. Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217

      Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217

      I sent you a private message.

  2. Hi Kid... just wonder... what difference it makes to you if they offer age based category in BP. (of course now it is mandatory), but if there are enough to fill the category, then why not? It has no effect on anyone else. I don't think it is right to force a 75 yr old guy to shoot against 18 yr old guy or else change to Smokeless category. Just because I am old doesn't mean that I don't still enjoy competition, but it is not competition to shoot against guys that are a quarter my age. It's no fun when you don't even have a chance to do well. I have been shooting BP in this game for close to 25 yrs, and should not have to change to smokeless powder if I can gather up enough folks that also want to shoot in their age based BP category. I just don't see where that interferes with anyone. WR use to say that they would put in any category that could garnish 10 shooters. Well, they changed that as soon as it started happening. You know very well that the bulk of BP shooters are over 60 years old, so why not give them a category to shoot in?

    1. Kid Rich

      Kid Rich

      I'm 72 and I don't want to have "aged based" in FC.  By the way didn't you win overall in FC 2 years ago at WR? As far as I'm concerned they should start limiting aged based categories instead of adding more every year. I also have some other opinions about some of the practices of some of the "competitors" that shoot in FC.  I am just as entitled to my opinion as you are to yours. I compete against some of the best FC shooters in the game on a monthly basis and do not want to have  or compete in any age based FC categories.

  3. after pouring off the dirty water, rinsing and pouring off the rinse water I just pour the brass and SS pellet mix into the separator and start turning. I see no need for putting water into the separator. My separator has a Claim Shell type top that closes and keeps all the SS pellets inside. After a few turns, I just pour the pellets back in the tumbling drum, ready for a new batch of dirty cases. You are gonna LOVE the results you get with the wet tumbling. Just for your information,  99% of my brass cleaning is on Straight walled cases such as 38 spl and 32 H&R, and I have no problem with pellets hanging inside the cases. I doubt that you will have any problem with the slight necked down 44-40. It might become a problem with some highly necked down rifle cases. However I did some 7.69 X 39 cases and had no problem.

  4. Howdy Cat... John Boy is a very smart fellow. He has done testing on just about everything that has ever been discussed on this wire, and truly believes that he is an expert on EVERYTHING. There is no doubt that he has some good stuff, but his insufferable attitude causes most folks to discount a great deal of what he says. I've dealt with him for many years. I think he lives on a Caribbean...

  5. Use 2F...not 3F


  6. I'm NOT bashing.My concern is to get needed categories into the game. 11" Remington Bronze bust EXACTLY like yours are <$200 single price. I don't know about your Plastic bust, but they can't be too much. Buckles @ $6 from China sounds about right. Cutting that $1,000 down to $500 would have a major impact. Do a search for 11" Remington Bronze and oth...

  7. Mingo Frank;

    If you will take a personal check, I'll send it right away... if you want a bank check, it will be next week before I can get into town for one. At any rate.... I need a Uberti 36 cal cylinder.


    Doug Gilmore

    6917 Rodeo Dr.

    Sanger, Ca. 93657

    I'll be glad to pay for Priority Mail.

    Let me know.... Snakebite

  8. Howdy Pard;

    I'm not sure what Hipshot sent out... My understanding is that Elder Katie is the contact person for Europe... I'm not sure how it is broken down beyond that point.


  9. Hello Cheyenne; I think that the Two for the price of one with Dakota Doc. & Cactus Kay was just too good to pass up.


  10. Hello Cheyenne; I think that the Two for the price of one with Dakota Doc. & Cactus Kay was just too good to pass up.


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