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  1. Kinda what I thought, especially since it included both shipping and hazmat.
  2. Just received 5,000 Genix primers from Capitol. $450 total delivered price.
  3. I've always liked Cowboy Music. He put on a show at one of our Annuals at 5-Dogs
  4. I don't like the new stuff. It's usually one verse repeated over and over, and the PHONY BALONEY Twany obnoxious over the top accents are just the last straw.
  5. Tnx. That's the same ammo I used and groups look about the same.
  6. So tell me the truth, what size five shot group is considered acceptable shooting a 22 LR pistol, standing, two hand hold, no rest, at 15 yds? (Of course I'm using the Buckmark and the Red Dot.)
  7. I would put the bullet into the case and seat it just to the point that it BARELY makes contact with the Rifling. SB
  8. I've worked on a couple of them. Parts were not plentiful and some were simply not available.
  9. I got the Red Dot mounted. With the listed mount it was very quick and easy. I decided to remove the front sight too. Sight in was the easiest I've ever experienced. Two shots from a rest at 7 yds. Both were very high windage was a little to the left. Made a two turn adjustment down, a tad to the right and both shots were in the center. Moved out to 25 yds. Again it was high. After 5 shots I had it down to the center and a couple more the windage was good. In to 15 yds. Again did some minor adjustment until 5 shot groups were a ragged hole. Now I started off hand and was constantly low, so did some more adjusting. Again to the rest from 7 to 25 yrds. Things were pretty much all in the Black. Did some off hand plinking and was pleased. HOWEVER, I am not as steady as I use to be. A 4 moa dot is too small for the pistol, especially if shooting offhand. I'll get a much larger moa dot and replace this one. I've never used a Red Dot before so can't compare, but it was very easy to use inthe bright sun, dot was just too small to suit me.
  10. You are certainly not alone in your situation.
  11. As far as I'm concerned, customer service jobs no longer exist.
  12. By the way... Nobody at the store told me when I purchased my new Browning, but I was looking at the Browning web site and they have a rebate program going on right now on the purchase of any new Browning gun. Amounts vary, and the time is limited. I signed up on line, and got confirmation and expect to receive a check within the next 3 weeks. What the heck.... I'll take it. Snakebite
  13. I have a 1941 Colt Woodsman and that hand carved Floral holster too. Had it for 55 yrs. It shoots and functions great. The only reason I got the Buckmark was that I wanted to try a Red Dot sighting system and didn't want to put anything on my Woodsman. Also because I was bored and just wanted a new gun.
  14. I will be able to pick up my Buckmark next Tuesday. The Red Dot and Back Strap are out for delivery today. Maybe I can get some feed back posted by the end of next week. Kinda crazy, with a safe full of fine guns that I very rarely shoot any more, I'm happy to be a little excited to go out and just do some shooting other than playing the game.
  15. After reading and watching a video about the Outer Impact replacement back strap made for the Buck Mark, I decided to go with it. It is drilled and tapped to supply a direct mount for most any Red Dot on the market. Using it removes the need to have a Picatinny Rail or even a mount on the sight. By directly mounting the sight to the backstrap, it cuts the hight of the sight above the barrel in half, which IMO is a good thing.
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