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  1. Painted Mohawk, here is the last picture of Bill that I have with Marcella and with his bull Tater
  2. Just Wild Bill aka Bill Brotherton passed away last Monday, May 18 at his home in Florida. Bill had valiantly fought cancer for many years due to the effects of agent orange acquired during his service in Vietnam. He was a master gunsmith and was a fierce competitor in many shooting sports and on the cutting horse circuit. Bill was very active in SASS when he was traveling to many of the larger shoots representing Kirkpatrick Leather. He enjoyed speaking at matches as he gave away complete gun rigs to the middle shooter and always closed his talk with "You're always a winner with Kirkpatrick Leather and God Bless America". Bill was one of those people that it was a privilege just to be able to say you knew him. A true hero he will be greatly missed by his wife, Teal Blue (Marcella), and many friends. Rest in peace my friend, Rowdy Bishop Fowl Lady Kilbourne Kid Sage Chick
  3. I wanted to let you all know that Sage Chick officially graduated from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine this past weekend. Because of the Covid19 it was not quite the graduation ceremony that she had always envisioned, but after 8 years of hard work she is Dr. Sarah none-the-less. Many of you, especially if you know her and/or supported the SASS scholarship fund, were instrumental in this accomplishment. Thank you all so much. Later this month she and Sam will be getting married in a rustic barn setting and settling in on the ranch (or farm as we call them in Ohio) near Newark where she will be working in an established vet clinic. Now that academia is behind her, she can actually have a real life, and hopefully get back out on the range and do some shooting with all of you.
  4. I burn up 2 Lymans, a RCBS and a Dillon. Replaced motors with ones I bought from Graingers and so far they are all still running. Rowdy
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