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  1. Hey been off line for a while. If you still have the Old Army's- I'll take them

  2. I have 3 DA 78's -4 3/4 .45(some finish good bore), 5 1/2 .45(same)  and a 7 1/2 38/40,(no real finish but a decent shootable bore) a 1909 Colt DA(pretty decent shape) and a 1877  DA(good)   in .38 Colt. All guns are functional - Not sure of value of any of them.  let me know what your thoughts are

    1. Preacher Kid

      Preacher Kid

      I really appreciate your offer. Im looking for DA in the sense of cobras, pythons, detective specials and what not. I would like a photo of the 1909 though. 

  3. Very interested in those Rugers. Are you in need of anything -tradewise? Or just the cash?

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    2. Lefty Too Slim, Sass#44564

      Lefty Too Slim, Sass#44564

      Just checking to see if you still had any interest in the ROAs.



    3. Cole Younger Requlator

      Cole Younger Requlator

      Still waiting to see if I owe $'s to the IRS--they were supposed to tell me on Fri-- Sorry- I do not want to hang you up-- if you have a sale - take it

    4. Lefty Too Slim, Sass#44564

      Lefty Too Slim, Sass#44564

      I dont at this time. For shits and grins what do you have for trade? You had asked about that earlier.

  4. Pending looking at the photos- I will take this.

    Give me your gun dealers website or fax # and I'll have my guy get his FFL off


  5. Hi Doc, whats the serial number?

    I'm VERY interested

  6. Hey- thanks for the reply.

    Your rifle is a super deal but I think I want a pistol grip to match my other one.

  7. Interested in your rifle-would this be shipped thru a FFL?

    Why are you selling??

  8. Hey-what guns are you selling??

    Did you ever connect with Springfield Slim?

  9. Hey Phantom-Cole Younger here.

    Are you telling me the ranch has no water rights??

    And- what is the story with the buckles for EOT.

    The SASS mgmt has dug their spurs into my hide for a while now. And i thought what Coyote did to Drago was sucky too.

    1. beaver john

      beaver john

      Phantom: I currently shoot ES, but considering switching to FC. Would you mind sharing your 38 load with me. I appreciate your help. Conrad's on a great WR.


      Beaver John

  10. Hey - I just realized that you sent me a couple of messages.

    I got the package and will load up the other grips and ship them off

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