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  1. Yes, I've had one from W. C. for a while now, angle is a little closer to a 1911 than the SIG factory with a much more grippable texture (for me).
  2. If you have the budget, this is one of the nicest b&b's I've ever stayed in. Domaine Madeleine Some good info on their site as to what to see and do. Summers here are usually very nice, minimal rain (contrary to what Smuteye John says above), temps around 70 to 75. Visited here often over the years, and finally moved to Sequim in 2018. Feel free to PM me with questions, and would be happy to meet up with you when you come over.
  3. The best breakfast in Cody is at Our Place Cafe, in the west end across from Old Trail town. Inexpensive and great food. Been going there for 20+ years.
  4. What Tully Mars said. Go into Yellowstone from Cody on Hwy. 14, and leave from Tower Junction northeast on Hwy. 212 towards Cooke City. Two options after that - continue on 212 to Red Lodge (Beartooth Hwy.) OR cut southeast on Chief Joseph Hwy. 296. Depends on where you are going next. Cooke City to Red Lodge is one of the most beautiful drives in this county, Chief Joseph is almost as good.
  5. In the 90's, many of my friends were calling 20's "yuppie food stamps", as that was the denomination primarily dispensed by an ATM. I remember many nights of having to get more yuppie food stamps to help with the bar bill...
  6. Second the milkpaint.com stuff. I got a sample size of the both plain and dark tung oils for a M14 complete refinish. The dark is beautiful.
  7. The Far Side is back! Sort of, only occasional new cartoons, but will have daily archives up. https://www.thefarside.com/
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