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  1. As stated above, you do not have to register copyright to have protection. If you have registered, then, if ever you need to file for infringement, all opposing parties will be aware that the maximum penalties would apply, and the judge will be very likely the rule for the maximum amount. See it happen regularly to photographer friends of mine. The difference in penalties can be startling.
  2. My DW Valkyrie Commander is the most accurate 9mm I own. We have a nationally recognized 1911 gunsmith here, builds $5k+ IPSC race guns. Took it to him to see if there was anything it needed and his final verdict was that it is built equally good as he can do.
  3. Can't speak for authors, other than lack of knowledge. However, in movies and tv, it's very common for the director to overrule the armorer and/or technical advisor with the statement that chambering a round makes it "more dramatic" to the audience.
  4. I've been to just about everywhere the tour itinerary goes, and it is some fantastic scenery, But I didn't take my cowboy stuff when I went... Time to do some thinking about travel plans...
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