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  1. She will be missed for a long time to come.
  2. This is your lucky day my friend. With each extended auto warrenty policy I sale I include a box of Al Gore approved clean green east/west poled magnets. Be sure to answer your phone. Most likely it's me calling, so have your credit card ready.
  3. Thanks much to all you guys. I wil apply to myself and pass it on to newer shooter. In my case the prmers are never hit not even lightly.
  4. We have a shooter who has become realy good, but has a problem ejecting a live rifle round occasionally. He asked if I knew of any drills or practice regiments to cure the problem. I don't. I have the same problem at times. Any help would be greatly appreciated by both of us. Thanks.
  5. What was the BP standard and how was it judged? Just courious, I've never shot BP, but it looks like fun.
  6. Couple of years ago we lost a club for lack of shooters. Our two remaining clubs are down at least fifty percent. I believe due to all all the reasons listed above. One biggie is cost to get equipped. Now getting to the Elephant in the room, and this is just my febble minded opinion. The Generation that grew up watching cowboys on the silver screen, TV. and in comic books. The kids that put on their hat and buckled their holster and cap pistol on over their pajamas first thing in the morning, before anything else are phasing out. (nice way to say dying off or getting to old and decrepit to compete.) I shoot with a portable battery powered oxy concentrator, Thats neither here nor there, just thought I would throw it in, in case someone was quitting because of breathing problems. You don't have too. lots of shooters are forced to quit because of health reasons. I hope i'm wrong or someone has the answer,because I do love this sport and the good folks involved.
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