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  1. I won't post  a public answer to your survey on transgenders.  Being a MD of state match that has a young lady who is transitioning to a male, I find myself in a difficult position when it comes to making a public comment on this somewhat touchy subject.  She/he has facial hair and boobs....an odd combo.  She sometimes dresses in bloomers and a camisole and at other times it's all about looking like he's just off the range from the cattle drive.  She has definitely improved her shooting in recent years.  Is it because of practice, or is it because of the testosterone she takes? As long as the driver's license says F on it she can, be a "Cowgirl".  I found myself having to research this in order to be prepared for anyone questioning why our 1st place Cowgirl has very obvious facial hair.
    I don't understand this whole gender reassignment trend, nor do I pretend to.  Male or female by way of change, you still have those favorite colors, foods, performers, insecurities, etc.  When it's all over, many now find that it didn't solve a thing.  However, transitioning back is no longer an option.  Treatment for mental illness among those that find themselves unhappy with the transition is growing. 
    I treat people the way they treat me and will treat her/him along those lines.  I even told her that I don't understand the trans thing, and mean no disrespect, and hoped she would accept that from me.   As a MD, I also try to treat all my shooters equally.  I have gone toe to toe with a couple over the years that disprespected me and/or other shooters.  I won't stand for that and I won't stand for a transgender shooter disprespecting SASS, our shooters, or the posse and thinking they can do so because they are a transgender.  
    In answer to the survey which specifically calls out men in women's categories, personally I don't like it.  I think we are setting back the women's movement and ERA.  There is nothing "equal" about changing gender, race, etc. to get any type of competitive advantage.  Can a young caucasion undergo plastic surgery to look Asian in order to qualify for a college scholarship?  Where will the line be drawn?

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