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  1. Please, please please, call your legislators and ask them to pass this bill!


    Silencers are fantastic, and I would encourage anyone who is thinking about it to start the paperwork now. If the HPA passes, the demand will quickly outreach the supply and you thought 22 ammo was hard to find.....just wait (IMO). NFA tracker provides some average wait times, which have always been long. If the HPA passes, your wait time may be just as long, or longer - as you will not be waiting for the manufacturer to just make them. I want to protect my son's hearing, to this end we use suppressors whenever we can in shooting. It also tends to keep the neighbors happy.


    I'd echo Lungers comments, about installation.


    Not sure how we could accommodate suppressors into SASS - and not sure we need to.

  2. I do... I mount each press to a 3/4 inch piece of plywood. The sides of the plywood are angled at about 15 deg. The bench top is a double layer - one layer of 3/4 with a second mounted on top. However, there are "slots" in the second top which is basically strips of 3/4 ply, cut with the "slots" out - to accept my press mounting plate. I have "blank" plates to fit it, so I can have a flat top work bench.


    You wouldn't have to do a complete second top and could just reverse mount a mounting plate on each side to make a slot.


    I have several mec jr's, lee progressives, and single stage presses mounted like this. Been using it for 10 years or more, works great.

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  3. I'm under the understanding that any firearm, older then 50 years from the current date is a C&R firearm. So if the gun was manufactured on or before 12/24/1966 it is a C&R - as in if you have a C&R license your FFL is good to use for transfers. There is no actual determination needed. Although some "modern" firearms - those made in the last 50 years can be classified as C&R, they generally are not if they were any type of a current production firearm that was made in large quantities. The only real benefit would be that you could sell it as a C&R firearm - but I don't see that as a big deal. Perhaps some state law is in the way in this case? Curious is all - good luck and Merry Christmas.

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