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  1. Sorry to hear that Mark, We thought that date was a clear one when we picked it. Just to many good shoots in the midwest now days ! Almost impossible to find a good date for events. I hope things go great for Smoke in the woods. Take care.
  2. Howdy all !!!! Big awesome changes for Paradise Pass for 2020 !!!! The biggest change is that we have moved the Indiana State Championship to cooler weather !!!! April 24th, 25, 26, 2020 will be the dates !!!! Brand new website totally redesigned for ease, speed, and tons of information !!! You can sign up now on line or print the paper version !!!! You get your choice of a Hoodie or Fleece jacket !!!!! WITH YOUR NAME Embroidered on it if you sign up early !!!! You also have the option of purchasing the other item so you get both !!!! This will be a fantastic match and we will announce more about it as we iron it out !!! Sign up now at Paradise Pass shop
  3. Fantastic Faygo, Looking forward tos it !!!! Great everyone ! Get signed up early, its a huge help fur the planning !!!!
  4. Howdy all !!!! Got asked to host the Indiana / Illinois State Shoot at Paradise Pass for 2017 ! We had so much fun with combining the 2 shoots last year, we said SURE !!!! So it looks like we'll have the Indiana / Illinois "The Ambush" state's shoot Sept. 8th, 9th, 10th !!!!! Applications are available on line at our website HERE FOR THE STORE All the fun details are on there !!!!! Let me know if you have any questions !!!!! Really looking forward to it again.
  5. Also - tryin to round up Boss, 100x, ??? to do the WIld Bunch - KK said those would be the most likely suspects...

    You can add me and Buck to the rosters - I'm just sortin out class and gear...

    You heard from Hogleg of late? Looking for my 1911 and the rig he started last summmer...

  6. I just sent you a PM on your 'earlier' account. Can you get that there?

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