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  1. Congratulations from Paradise Pass !!!!
  2. Howdy all, As a business owner that deals with incoming shipments and outgoing shipments, I can say that shipping has become a beast of consumption but is an evil necessity. Distributors that used to offer free shipping on $500 or more orders are now raising it to $1,000. or in some cases are still "free" shipping PLUS a $14.00 fuel offset fee. Or flat out raising the price. What hurts a single item purchase when shipping is set is the fee is the same for 1 or 10 items, so it hurts when one item is ordered at $17. shipping but doesn't hurt when 10 items are ordered and it becomes $1.70 per item shipping. So order more, get a group order together with other club members or family. (FYI- I have on one of the SASS t-shirts right now, they are super soft, high quality material and of the several dozen t-shirts I own, they are my favorite.) Rye, plan a trip over to Indiana and shoot with us at Paradise Pass (first Saturday of each month, or Indiana State June 10-12, or first weekend in July for our 2 day or the Black Powder match August 27, 28 and let me know your size and I'll have one here waiting on you!
  3. Hi Clark, Please check and make sure our (Misty and I's ) forms came thru. We did it on line and paid by pay pal but it acted funny. Thanks
  4. We use Perma most of the time. Light heat and multi coats with light heat and buffing between coats. We are chopping 6 Winchester 97's down today for customers and re-blueing and of course new beads the size of a tennis ball!!! The pens work for very small touch spots and ox blue has worked great for us on newer firearms.
  5. Howdy Clark, Go ahead and add Misty Moonshine and I to the list ! We got it worked out to be there and I'll send the applications tomorrow for us! So looking forward to this shoot, it is one of the very best state shoots out there ! Thanks for all the hard work you guys put into it !!! See you all then !
  6. Hello All, Just for clarification of 2021 EOT awards at Paradise Pass. Paradise Pas was only the geographical location since New Mexico was still on covid restriction. SASS HQ took care of all event items including the awards. We merely prepared and provided the property, stages, and infrastructure for the event. I do know SASS is working on options with the buckle provider to give some type of option, so please be patient.
  7. Looking forward to it ! We are packing up and will be heading west next Friday ! Can't wait !!!!
  8. Michigan Rattler is my chaps guy !!! I'm pretty sure for an extra fee he can even make someone look taller, but not better !!!
  9. Take my money now !!!! lol See ya all soon !
  10. Hello, We sell a ton of them and recommend them for storing guns in any format.
  11. Hello Everyone, From our position (we own Two Bear Arms gun Shop, We the People munitions and Paradise Pass Range).Our network of suppliers have shown some improvement in availability. While we are no where near getting everything we want, we have been able to get our racks full of good firearms ( 750+ guns in stock), we have been seeing batches of primers coming ( 30 or 40 K at a time in several styles and brands but yes some Federal). From our distributors, ammo has dropped over 30% in price since mid 2020 and where the suppliers used to only show small quantities available in 9mm, 22, etc.. we now can pretty much buy all that we want. Hunting rifle ammo is still tough and most shotgun shells are tough to get. But overall we have seen a massive improvement in the supply chain. There is little doubt that we are at best a year away for the normal supply chain levels and realistically probably 16 to 24 months. But improvement is still improvement. I hope this helps to curve the fear slightly.
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