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  1. We are really looking forward to it ! Trying to talk some others into coming !
  2. Getting excited ! work parties are formed and the range is going to get a face lift ! Hey get signed up for Indiana State to get the free t-shirt and other goodies.
  3. Howdy all, We are still sorting details. Our range is a lot different then FR. We are a much more condensed property and fairly level, plus all the stages are in a nice P shape. Misty will post details on it probably next month. Thanks for all that are signed up and for all those coming!
  4. Howdy all! Well here's the chance to smoke up the home for the 2021 EOT! Come check out the range, shoot a fantastic old school match of black powder! This is always a super fun weekend! I'm looking forward to it and seeing everyone again. Get those apps in.
  5. Hi Sarge, We got a local septic company ( that has sponsored and supplied port-a-jons here for years) they will be providing pump outs and water refills here on site during all the events ! I think their cost will be $ 30-35. per pump or fill, but I'll post it when we know for sure. But they will be here for sure. Yes you can leave your rigs in place between events if you want to take off for a few days. But if you leave your rig for more then a week after the last event, then we get to sell it !!! for beer money !!!
  6. Howdy all, For those making the trip out here to Indiana for End of Trail, 4 days after EOT the Indiana State Championship (JULY 2, 3, 4) is right here at the same place !!!! We will do a total reset of the range (targets, props and several other things will change fast) We would love for you all to stick around and shoot the Indiana State match with us !!!! If you are camping on site, you can just stay in place if you wish. There are lots of great things to see in northern Indiana in between the shoots if you wanted to go site seeing. Amish Acres and 100's
  7. Howdy All, Let me shed some light on the decisions made. With the current status of restrictions in New Mexico, it was not practical to invest in non-refundable deposits and contracts to start planning EOT this year at FR since it was almost imposable that the state would allow it to take place. Misty decided to host EOT at Paradise Pass in Indiana because; Our restrictions appear to be much lighter Our Governor is very pro business and is working hard to balance this with the virus restrictions We are a privately owned property so there is no "board"
  8. Howdy all, We are so excited Misty choose our Paradise to host this historic event ! Congrats to everyone in and hang in there if you are on the wait list. Thanks so much to everyone for all of the support of SASS and our club ! June will be here before you know it.
  9. Fantastic Faygo, Looking forward tos it !!!! Great everyone ! Get signed up early, its a huge help fur the planning !!!!
  10. Howdy all !!!! Got asked to host the Indiana / Illinois State Shoot at Paradise Pass for 2017 ! We had so much fun with combining the 2 shoots last year, we said SURE !!!! So it looks like we'll have the Indiana / Illinois "The Ambush" state's shoot Sept. 8th, 9th, 10th !!!!! Applications are available on line at our website HERE FOR THE STORE All the fun details are on there !!!!! Let me know if you have any questions !!!!! Really looking forward to it again.
  11. Also - tryin to round up Boss, 100x, ??? to do the WIld Bunch - KK said those would be the most likely suspects...

    You can add me and Buck to the rosters - I'm just sortin out class and gear...

    You heard from Hogleg of late? Looking for my 1911 and the rig he started last summmer...

  12. I just sent you a PM on your 'earlier' account. Can you get that there?

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