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  1. Howdy all !!!! It's getting closer !!!! The Indiana Black Powder Guild will be holding "Thunder in Paradise" August 9th, 10th, and 11th ! and the 9th is my 50th Birthday party in the clubhouse !!!!! Get signed up so we can get food ordered !!! Side matches Friday and Friday night cookout included with you match fee !!! Saturday 6 stages Saturday night dinner included too Sunday 4 stages Thunder in Paradise buckles for the winners !!!! Pretty awesome value !!!! Sign up at Paradise Pass
  2. UPDATED LIST ABOVE as of 7-3-2019 Lets keep them coming !!!!! Shoot is the 12th 13th 14
  3. Howdy All! Just got out Indiana State Shoot shirts in for all shooters to have !!! Still time to sign up !!!! Shoot is July 12-13-14 and is set to be our best yet !!!! Details and signup here >>>>>>>>>>>>> Paradise Pass Regulators <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< What do ya think of these ?!?!?!?
  4. Tshirts arrived yesterday, pictures later today once I figure out how !!!!
  5. Glad you guys are coming !!!! Going to be a great one ! Super fun stages Awesome fireworks friday night Cookout provided friday night also Banquet saturday night See you there !!! Tell anyone on the fence to get signed up asap !!!!
  6. Howdy all, This was my first EOT (been very actively shooting in the midwest since 2003) and I have written a couple stages here and there. My observations: 1. The ranch looked fantastic and was laid out very well 2. Rifle Targets were very well placed to run at high speed with a slight level of caution 3. Shotgun targets were completely manageable, were split well in places for variety (I shoot a 97), options were great for shotgun 4. Pistol targets provided the thrill of Front sight vs. speed control that made this match fantastic. 5. Scenarios left you with plenty of options on several stages to set your personal preference for start to finish and to customize your transitions to taste 6. Props were really cool 7. Moving targets- this was a very brave move by the Match Directors and I think this was a super addition to a large match and was very exciting 8. I personally did not see any angle issues with targets, no one on my posse took any lead, possibly this could be an issue with the choices made to not take a step or two to line up in front of the target, and that's fine, shoot it like you like, but I seen not issue. 9. I love a huge verity of match styles, that's what makes this game so much fun, it's different everywhere you go. Big close Far small Big far Small close Several targets Few targets on and on with all the stage options, it should be a verity and I think this match had that. 10. The events ran on time and looked smooth 11. The choices in events was very good 12. Vendors were actually very nice, I wasn't sure what to expect, so I was very pleased with the choices 13. Camping on the range was lots of fun and the camp grounds while lacking midwest grass were good 14. Food vendors and banquet food was good 15. Prizes and awards were very nice 16. timing of everything was great 17. Man on man event was really great to watch, very exciting Matches and how they are written is a completely subjective thing. Like soup, It's to hot It's just right It needs salt It needs pepper It needs this spice or that spice They gave me to much They gave me to little I like XXXX soup better then XXXXX soup With 550 shooters, I know for a fact that it's not possible to have 550 people happy. But in total in my opinion, this was a very well run, exciting, interesting, great time. (read-I believe I got my monies worth with change.) I would like to say thanks to Misty Moonshine, Lassiter, Deuce Stevens, Cowboy Carty and all the other folks that helped to put this event together. I know that at times it is a thankless job, and you all do it for the love of doing it, so I thank you. For those that found exception to aspects of this shoot, again, soup aint always the soup we love, doesn't mean it's bad, just not your favorite. While I haven't shot everywhere, I have been out to several states and matches of all sizes and flavors, one of my big take-a-ways is always that Really it's rare to have truly bad soup. As for this being the World Championship, I think I would have loved this match however it was served, but I don't remember ever attending a match anywhere that I really didn't like. If anyone is worried about attendance to EOT or any shoot for that matter, please help that situation by finding all the great things about the match in your opinion and promote that ! The glass must be half full for any business or event to succeed. Therefore, do the cowboy way, and fully support EOT. THANK YOU AGAIN TO EVERYONE INVOLVED WITH THIS EVENT, IT WAS GREAT, I'LL BE BACK AND I ALREADY HAVE SOME NEW PEOPLE I'M WORKING ON TO COME NEXT YEAR !!!!!
  7. Howdy all !!! Getting things set for the 2019 Indiana State Match July 12, 13, & 14 Super excited to have Matt Black and Colt Faro attending !!!! Still 1 1/2 weeks to sign up ! Get those applications in soon please !!!! If your name is not listed let me know, because this is up to date as of 7-3-2019
  8. Howdy all !!!! Our theme for this years Indiana State Shoot is The best insults of the old west !!!! Needing some good starting lines, they must be "G" rated, no cuss words, or overly offensive. Example: Starting line: " You used to drink your own bath water, didn't YA ?!?!?" Just me what ya come up with please !!!! Remember our State shoot is July 12,13, & 14 and there is still time to sign up >>>>>>>>>>>> Sign up Paradise Pass<<<<<<<<<<<< This is a 40 acre SASS range, check out the drone view on the website. OK give me those starting lines !!!!!!!! GO
  9. Thanks Tree !!! We got it !!! Looking forward to it !!!
  10. We are getting a lot of applications this week ! Deadline to be guaranteed a t-shirt in your size is FRIDAY June 14th !!!!! That's 2 days away !!!! After that, we will have t-shirts but we can't promise your size ! This is going to be an awesome event !!!! Hope to see ya here !!!!!
  11. Howdy !!! We need to place the order for the amazing t-shirts for this years match on June 14th for our match July 12-14 We will be ordering extras, but can't promise we will have the sizes needed if you don't sign up before June 14th. This years match will have all the awesome stuff from the years before, plus a new award for categories this year will be very cool. You can check out details and sign up at Paradise Pass Regulators Thanks
  12. Howdy all, We just got a drone for the Gun shop to run some videos and for videos of the SASS matches. We did an updated drone view of what the range looks like for those that haven't been here, or haven't been here in a few years. State shoot is July 12,13,14 don't miss the great time !!! Awesome awards (awards down to 5 places, based on number in category ; by 2) Amazing banquet Fireworks Friday Huge amount of give away items Shaded stages Vendors BBQ vendor on site all 3 days Brass Rats Cowboy church Breakfast on site by the church group Plenty of camping space GUN SHOP right on the property Check it out DRONE VIEW Get signed up at Paradise Pass In. State Shoot Thanks
  13. July 12th-14th Paradise Pass will hosting the Indiana State Championship shoot. This is a fantastic match on a 40 acre gun range dedicated to Cowboy Action shooting ! 11 fast and fun stages vendors on site, including the semi-famous Two Bear Arms Gun Shop right on the property ! Every shooter signed up early will receive an excellent quality t-shirt, that has an 8 color scene on the back Our banquet is held at one of the best banquet halls in the state ! With the greatest food !!! Huge amount of door prizes and give-a-ways at the banquet. Guns, Benchmade Knives, Vortex products, powders, bullets, ammo and more ! Mass amounts of open camping on site, with 2 really excellent camping areas to pick from, free range style, just pick the spot you like !! Our awards this year, will be something that we have not seen at any club !!! Trust me, you won't want to miss these. Holy Smokes BBQ will be on site all 3 days ! Brass rats for each posse and you get your brass back !!! The local church group will have breakfast on site Saturday and Sunday ! Cowboy church will be on Sunday in our church stage ! FIREWORKS Friday night !!!!! If you have never been here, check out our drone view on our websites !! You can register online or print and mail an app. CHECK US OUT !!! Paradise Pass website Two Bear Arms Gun Shop Website
  14. Fantastic Faygo, Looking forward tos it !!!! Great everyone ! Get signed up early, its a huge help fur the planning !!!!
  15. Howdy all !!!! Got asked to host the Indiana / Illinois State Shoot at Paradise Pass for 2017 ! We had so much fun with combining the 2 shoots last year, we said SURE !!!! So it looks like we'll have the Indiana / Illinois "The Ambush" state's shoot Sept. 8th, 9th, 10th !!!!! Applications are available on line at our website HERE FOR THE STORE All the fun details are on there !!!!! Let me know if you have any questions !!!!! Really looking forward to it again.
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