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  1. Howdy all! Indiana State Championship at Paradise Pass June 9-11 is now available on our website for registration! This is a fantastic time and as always we will have all the great activities here on the property ! This will be a 11 stage match this year ! (6 Saturday, 5 Sunday) Side matches and mini matches on Friday! Cookout and our World Famous Fireworks show Friday night ! Big top banquet Saturday night, provided by our NEW amazing food vendor Shawnanigan's !! Plenty of on site dry camping ! Clubhouse with a shower ! Hosted by the wonderful PPR Crew ! Go to our website for registration and more information ! Paradise Pass Regulators Juniors shoot for free thanks to Mernickle Holsters as the Junior sponsor and the Main match sponsor ! Also to Bullets by Scarlet as a main sponsor! Event Sponsor Two Bear Arms Gun Shop We look forward to everyone attending, it will be an awesome time !!!! Get signed up!
  2. So looking forward to this shoot ! Absolutely a fantastic time in 2022. The events at the Cowboy Hall of Fame were over the top! Vendors were outstanding! Activities were great! No details were overlooked and the stages were super fun. We will see you there !
  3. Congratulations and we wish you many years of just enjoying life !!!
  4. Yes sir it will! Big Iron Bohanan is the match Director.
  5. Howdy all, Paradise Pass is proud to announce the "Fire & Brimstone in Paradise" International Black Powder Championship to be held August 26th & 27th, 2023! 11 stages of BP fun! Friday night will be a cookout and maybe a BP night shoot! TBA Then Saturday night a full banquet on site! Plenty of camping! Applications will be available the first week of January! Mark your calendar!
  6. Hi Boomstick, Due to the upgraded website and merchandise store you will need to call in during business hours to have them process your gift card. The new site will not process the old style gift certificates.
  7. Howdy, I have no dog in this hunt, BUT as a range owner that have produced matches for over 16 years, a shooter, and for 6 years a vendor I can say that I don't see an issue on requiring a vendor fee OR how she asked you about it. Shoots absolutely have to make money or they can't hold shoots. Profit is not a dirty word, she or anyone has no idea (and it's none of their business) on if a vendor is making a profit on a said item, and that has no bearing on a vendor space anyway (make money if you want, and don't if you don't). Inviting someone to vend at an event for a fee is no sin in any way. Think of how we buy things in our daily lives, sales people try to sell you every day with "an invite to their wonderful products, for a price" otherwise there would be no marketing, just a white background ad that says "Beer $8.00" and we would all accept that and buy it or not. Also remember that all shoots (state and above) are run by volunteers and so the fees are not going into peoples paychecks, they are for the infrastructure and overhead costs of the events. I truly appreciate any vendor doing something for the shooters at a zero net gain, but remember that so are the clubs and their members by even holding the event. This is just my 2 cents worth and is worth every dime paid.
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