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  1. Sounds like a wonderful idea, 4T. I hope you have the good day you are working towards.
  2. Another thought for you, Ezra is attend one of your local matches. Most folks are more than happy to loan you their guns for a shoot. That way, you can "try before you buy" and see what style, caliber, grip etc. work for you. That's what we did and couldn't have been happier. Welcome to the game!!! CK
  3. I'm creating a project for work. My boss asked me to come up with some ideas on things that represent the 1980s. It will possibly morph into a team logo. SO....... What comes to mind when you think of the 1980's???? Walkman Mullet Mohawk Delorian I need to turn these ideas in Monday so flash back and let me know. Thanks so much!!!
  4. Good to see you Miss C. It's been a long time. Hope all is well with you.
  5. Nice truck. Uno had a '71, I think. Liked it a lot. That street looks familiar. Is that Downey by chance?
  6. Happy belated birthday, Widder. Wishing you many more.
  7. I was leaving Costco yesterday and the employees were whispering between themselves about the gas prices. The word got out that everyone better fill up after work or on their breaks because the prices were going up overnight. If I didn't have somewhere to be, I would have sat in the half a block long line (This Costco has 18 pumps) and topped my tank off.
  8. Leave it to me to throw a wrench in things.......... Born in '66/'67 or the age of '66/'67? That makes a difference as well.........
  9. This is the path my dietician is has me on also. I'm using the Baritastic App, even though I have no intention of having the surgery. It holds you accountable for what you put in your mouth. That has been the biggest help for me. It even allows you to scan the barcodes of what you are eating/drinking/cooking with to give you an idea of how many calories, grams of fat, protein are in a serving. Even restaurant meals are in it so you can't use that as a reason to skip tracking. The app is free. You might want to look into this. It has really helped me.
  10. When I get home from w*^%, my little girl waits patiently for me to put my lunch pail away and change clothes. If that takes too long, she will walk into the middle of the great room and let out a yowl that will rattle windows. {she only weights about 7 pounds}. She will then walk over to the door of my office. I know it's time for me to sit at my desk and scratch her. When she's done being scratched, she will curl up on her bed in the footwell of my desk and go to sleep. That is our daily routine.
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