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  1. Beverly Hills police drone catches burglary suspect fall off ladder into pool | Fox News
  2. Yes but we aren't snowbound here in Florida, even where he lives.....................
  3. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (I have wanted to put this up for a while now. Glad I finally got the chance.)
  4. Note of trivia. This video was the dawn of CGI (Computer Generated Imaging). This is the first computer generated video made. I don't recall how much Dire Straits paid to have that done but IIRC it was quite a bit. It was made with a bank of SUN Solaris units for their processing power.
  5. The left picture is from 2001. The right is from 2014. People can change quite a bit in 13 years. I do agree she has likely had some work done but I believe maturity has a lot to do with it.
  6. I think there is quite a span of time between the two pictures. She was in her late teens in the left and close to 30 on the right. She is 38 right now........
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