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  1. In memory of Charlie Colin. RIP sir. Thanks for all the notes. To honor Charlie, a song he performed on:
  2. Looks like guys "missed the mark"on this one too..............
  3. Frank really was a genius when it came to pushing musical boundaries. He was 23 when this aired and already composing scores for film. He is greatly missed.
  4. It appears to be. Very well pieced together.
  5. I'm allowed a boo-boo once in a while, am'nt I?
  6. Become a MacGyver of sorts. Use what you have available to you to the best of your ability to gain advantge.
  7. I lost quite a few years of my life in retail I whole heartedly agree!!!!!
  8. NO Simply NO!!! I guess I'm an old fuddy duddy but I didn't get into the acid washed thing, the pre-ripped thing and I certainly won't get into this.
  9. Wow!!! Thanks for all the info. That leads me to some decisions that need to be made. It looks as though front loaders are out of the picture. Many sites recommend you leave the door open after use to reduce the possibility of mildew build up. The laundry room is in a high traffic area so leaving the door open will make it much more susceptible damage by humans and animals running into the open door. The only capacity Speed Queen offers is 3.2 CF. My current Whirlpool is 5.2 CF. (I opted for that size because we have a need to wash larger items like blankets, although I don't fill the washer that full most of the time.) The reduced capacity will equate to running more loads every week. The current price for a Speed Queen at our local dealer is $1,400. The replacement for my Whirlpool is $550. Speed Queen warranty is for 5 years. Whirlpool warranty is for 1 year.
  10. Thanks for all the great suggestions. I will have to make a trip into town and check out the mom and pop shops there. As for gas vs electric, we don't have gas or propane out here, only electric. One hitch in all this is my repair guy will only service American made products because of part availability. While I hear the Korean appliances are good, (LG, Samsung), he won't work on them. I appreciate his position so I will stick with American made. My brother and SIL swear their front loaders clean better. I have heard this from other people as well. That is the only reason I was considering them. With as decrepit as I'm getting, I'm not sure bending down like that will work for me, even if it's only for 8 years...... Thank you all again!!!
  11. Prayers up that he's on the mend and feeling better soon.
  12. Well, my 7 1/2 year old washer is on the fritz. We had the repair guy out earlier this week and he said if his "fix" didn't work, it was likely a much more expensive problem. So much so that he said I would be better off replacing them because of the cost. He said appliances aren't being built like they used to and don't have nearly the life the older models had. Well, his fix didn't work so we're going to have him out again. When he returns next week, I told Uno if it's over $600.00, not to fix it we will just replace it...................but with what?????? With all that in mind, what brand and style of laundry equipment do you have, top load, front load, with agitator or not, and how do you like them?
  13. Congrats, Scout!! Hopefully, Uno and I will be joining you soon. Hope to see you at some matches here in Florida.
  14. My birthday is Christmas Eve. I've grown used to it after all these years. True story. Uno is a master at procrastinating. For the first several years we were together, he would take off early on Christmas Eve to do the shopping for his family, bring everything home late in the day, dump it all on the floor and say "well, we've got a lot of wrapping to do". We had to rush and wrap everything before rushing up to his parents house for Christmas eve dinner. I finally put a stop to that. Not only was I tired of it but his mom grew tired of making dinner Christmas Eve, then again on Christmas night.
  15. Congratulations to you both!!!
  16. We have WiFi with a mesh system, because even my sewing machines need to access the internet for software and firmware updates.........
  17. Yosemite this morning. Lots of wet snow.
  18. Much too clean. No clutter, dirty clothes strewn about, beer cans and food boxes everywhere and the bed is made. Get real.........
  19. The "Prybar"on the handlebars is also a hydrant wrench. You can't see that end of it but that's what it does.
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