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  1. OR Divorce Court in 5 easy lessons. Choose wisely.................
  2. The only thing I have to add is make sure parents and kids coordinate communications. I was babysitting for a family. The husband was at a reunion and the wife was at a girls night out. The husband came home earlier than anticipated and trashed. I didn't want him driving me home. I called my mom and asked her to please come get me. She repeatedly asked me why. I didn't want to give her the real cause in front of him because I was too embarrassed. (In her defense, I have two younger siblings 11 & 9 at the time so she would have had to leave them alone for the time it took to come get me.) He finally staggered out of the room and started to make his way upstairs to bed so I could give her the real reason. She finally agreed and came to get me.
  3. We love to watch the launches. It never gets old.
  4. I know he was a controversial person but his music was exceptional. Rest in peace Robbie. You will be missed.
  5. Considering the age and condition of the car, I'm not sure I would call that lucky.............
  6. One of my co-workers found out the hard way about expired tags. He met his now fiance in college. He was a local, she was from out of state. While in school, she kept her out of state tags, since she technically was a resident of the other state. Fast forward to now, 7 years later. She has since graduated and has a job in the area, as well as purchasing a house with my co-worker. She was still driving around with expired out of state tags when she was stopped for a minor moving violation. It cost them $3K to pay off the tags in the other state, pay back registration in this state as well as fines for not re-registering the car. An expensive lesson.
  7. I'll take two handles before none. Less painful that way..............
  8. Uno is at the point where he's got the right numbers (age, years in the industry etc.) to retire. He's afraid of taking the final step. If the stress level continues, he'll do it. I've got a few years to go, as long as my health holds out. Enjoy it!!! You've earned it!!!
  9. What about those of us whom are ambidextrous................
  10. This reminds me of something I read about Michael J. Fox. He remembers when he was first diagnosed with Parkinson's, sitting on the bed and discussing his future with his wife. She leaned over and put her arms around him, whispering "Ïn sickness and in health, till death do us part, remember........"
  11. I don't see the issue. If you want to have a "members only" site, start one of your own. Then you can make up the rules to be whatever you want them to be........ There are a number of folks who may no longer be able to be SASS members, for whatever reason. Either they can't shoot for health reasons, financial reasons or simply don't have the time any more. That shouldn't be of concern to anyone but themselves. I appreciate the advice these folks give and appreciate their presence in this forum. Folks are more than able/welcome to NOT READ posts from those whom they don't wish to. Let's not alienate folks, OK. There is enough of that in the world today. We don't need it here.
  12. https://www.foxnews.com/video/6332364318112
  13. I think you folks are missing something here. Yes it's a little early to be buying a tree for Christmas, however, if you are a hobbiest and/or make items to sell in advance of the holiday, NOW is the time to do it. I have been working on Halloween for a few weeks now. I will be working on Christmas soon.
  14. Well, they look really friendly to me. They also look pretty skinny. Husky's are a handful but they are really loyal. Best wishes to you. Please let us know what you decide to do. P.S. I would have another Husky in a heartbeat, if Uno would let me........
  15. I suggest you start doing some virus checking. Both my PC at work and my MAC here at home are running the movies without issue.
  16. Looks like fun!!! Took my new .380 out on Saturday. Had a great time. It's a real sweet gun. Not to hijack your thread but this is the weather here right now. Had to drive through hail to get home but made it before it got worse.
  17. I work with a guy whom takes forever to get to what he's trying to say. I asked him for his data one time and after five minutes of telling me how he arrived at the figures (he still hadn't given me the TWO numbers I needed yet), I interrupted him to ask for the numbers. He got irritated with me and started his whole speal over again. When he was finished, he finally gave me the numbers I asked for (which were incorrect). After he walked away, another co worker walked up and said, "Just once I wish he would give us the time when we ask and not tell us how to build the clock". I thought that was priceless.
  18. I wish the Angels could put together a team with more than just Ohtani and Trout. That would be a formidable bunch for sure.
  19. Very sad. The article Uno read to me last night hinted the demons had won, especially after the loss of her son last year. Very talented person. I hope she finally finds peace. She will be missed.
  20. Prayers up for complete healing, Charlie. I've been there with kidney stones as well. Not fun at all.
  21. MY ex would never consider looking for me, nor does he know where I live. I like it that way.
  22. I fought a few fires in Peculiar Missouri. Really.
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