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  1. From what I have been able to find, it's a baby piebald alligator.
  2. Very sorry to hear that. May she rest in peace.
  3. Or sell them on platforms like E-Bay and Poshmark. For items that are "New With Tags" you can fetch pretty close to full retail for.
  4. I have a pristine women's XXL Rockmount Ranchwear plaid shirt. Original retail was $125.00. I'll take $50.00 + shipping. First "I'll take it" POSTED HERE gets it.
  5. I can no longer wear my "Happy Trails Children's Foundation" shirt. It's a men's size Large. First I'll take it POSTED HERE will get it for the cost of shipping to your address.
  6. Here are the pictures for your record.
  7. Close to a quarter of the undeveloped lots in our subdivision are owned by middle eastern people. ..........
  8. There is actually a great story that goes with this.
  9. You are truly a craftsman, Yul. Wonderful work.
  10. So I lied. Two more. I'm feeling a little prog rock tonight.............
  11. Yes he does do amazing work. I'm the proud owner of one of his pieces. Truly a work of art.
  12. @Blackwater 53393 You and I should connect some time. We seem to have similar tastes in music!!!
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