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  1. Some great matches coming up within a 3-hour drive of you. First weekend of May at Butterfield Gulch in Chapman, KS and 2nd weekend of June at Powdercreek Cowboys. There are monthly matches as well. https://butterfieldgulch.com/ https://powdercreekcowboys.com/
  2. I can make out a correctly oriented letter E ahead of the cockpit. Could he have been landing on the centerline deck?
  3. I’m not talking about the slapping incident. Doesn’t matter though. He can be your hero, but he doesn’t have to be mine. I’m done with this topic.
  4. Didn’t say he wasn’t a talented and aggressive commander. I said he was often an ass. Those traits aren’t mutually exclusive. His insubordination and undermining of Eisenhower was outrageous and almost brought about his court martial. Instead, he was sacked for a period of time, which cut him deeply. Gen Marshal said to Eisenhower “That’s how you deal with George Patton.” And let’s not forget Patton was the cavalry colonel who riding horseback and swinging his saber, slashed his way thru the “Bonus Army” on the Washington Mall in 1932. The leaders who impressed me are lesser known, such Lt. Col (later General) Felix Sparks, commander of 3rd Battalion, 157th Regiment; and General Maurice Rose, Commander of 3rd Armored Division. These men are part of the reason Patton achieved fame.
  5. That was written by Bill O'Reilly, who is a provocative writer, not a historian.
  6. If he wuz wearing cowboy boots and they took off the bucket spikes, he could look 'em in the "eyes".
  7. Based on a lot of reading about him. I thought the movie was a caricature.
  8. I’ve no idea what today’s ship’s arrangements are. But a WWII Fletcher class destroyer had 2-man staterooms for a complement of 34 officers. Only the Skipper had his own cabin and the XO had his own stateroom.
  9. That was taken in Leadville, CO. It is or was, an annual event. We used to stay there and ski at Ski Cooper north of town.
  10. I’ve never known how much to tip a cow. Is it 15 or 20 percent?
  11. That’s my understanding. Did something change that says she was present?
  12. Lots of blame to go around here, especially the broken chain of custody of the firearms cart by Baldwin’s edict for Covid restrictions. It’s my understanding that the armorer wasn’t allowed to accompany the cart at all times. As with all accidents like this, the catastrophic event was a result of a lengthy chain of circumstances. Break any link in the chain and the event doesn’t happen.
  13. I did the same, but didn’t consult Snopes. There is no story to be found about this supposed person. I’m amazed people fall for this s**t.
  14. Seriously? I’ve never seen a jug launch itself like that. I would think it would have exited the cowling by then. I’ve seen a magneto grenade itself, but the shrapnel had already left the engine compartment.
  15. The Golden Gate Bridge opened 4+ years after construction began. Anyone care to speculate how long it would take in today’s bureaucracy and court challenges?
  16. Then it would need an “h” for ham.
  17. Tax breaks ARE subsidies and they are never-ending. Take away the taxpayer support and the entire green energy gambit dies overnight. Now, let’s take this dead horse topic to a new thread and leave this meme thread alone.
  18. If it was efficient or practical, they’d be doing it by now. I’ll defer to the shipping operators who know to make a buck.
  19. Patton wasn’t a voice in the wilderness about Russia. He was one of many who felt that way.
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