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  1. Maybe that's why there are now a Cast Bullet Handbook and 50th edition manuals. My 49th edition hasn't any cast bullet loads. Perhaps it was all too much for one book?
  2. My son and crew worked that fire, Lumpy. Nasty. But then, they all are.
  3. From my son's days as a Hotshot firefighter. Up close and personal.
  4. Seriously, that’s impressive research. Also a likely indicator this movie will be unimpressive. Peter Fonda? Really?
  5. Great film featuring a Grant and Bogart https://m.imdb.com/title/tt0036323/
  6. I’ve not seen any pics of ANZAC troops wearing those since WWII. Perhaps Major Crimes will chime in on this thread
  7. Could the soldier be other than U.S.?
  8. Nate Kiowa Jones sells those safety plugs: https://store.stevesgunz.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=4_9&products_id=7&zenid=f5gi5nh1f9v45n56ujgj32df46
  9. I’m skeptical, but hope he’s successful.
  10. Mine did that to me. Not once was it necessary. There are numerous and more effective ways to discipline. I vowed never to do it to my own boys. I’ve never regretted that and am very proud of both of them.
  11. An excellent author and series. His first book of a new series on the Revolutionary War, "The British Are Coming" is now out. Gonna start that tonight.
  12. In the daylight I see there's clean up to do from a ladder. The little bugger apparently had numerous impacts with the wall (batsplat) up near the ceiling. I imagine he was pretty disoriented, allowing me capture him relatively easily. Hey Widder, didn't think about my pellet rifle. If it happens again, it may be out of reach of capture in some rooms.
  13. Our dog Rose was prowling around our bedroom before bed tonight, which is unusual. Checking the bathroom then the closet. While watching her, I noticed what appeared to be a piece of dark fabric draped across one of the window blinds. Looking closer, I realized it was a bat. I closed the doors, grabbed a towel and threw it over it, successfully trapping it on the floor. Bundled it up and released it outside. If trapping it failed, my backup plan was the Glock and two full mags from the night stand. Coulda been a lot of drywall and a window to repair.... Things that make you go brrr...
  14. Wish I had the reflexes of a 50 year old....
  15. I seen that picture in the post office with a reeward!
  16. He was “open carrying” with a rifle and 100 rounds of ammo while wearing a bulletproof vest. It’s reasonable to doubt he was shopping the sale on Windex.
  17. It is within our grasp. My 39 year old son once commented fondly how we sat at the table for meals when he was growing up. For reasons unknown to me, they are lax about that with their kids at their house. Particularly when it comes time to leaving the table. When kids are done eating they leave whenever it suits them. When we have grandkids over without parents, we insist they stay seated until excused by us. Sometimes we do that when parents are there too because well, they don’t require kids to do that. Our house, our rules sez us. Kids pushed back a little initially, but when they found they could take part in conversation and be listened to, they tend to stick around. And they’re learning the art of conversation too. Listen, talk, listen.... It’s not always smooth because they’re kids. But they’re more than capable and are learning well.
  18. The Assoc. Press didn't say if the FF was armed. "On Thursday, five days after the El Paso shooting, panicked shoppers fled a Walmart in Springfield, Missouri, after a man carrying a rifle and wearing body armor walked around the store before being stopped by an off-duty firefighter. No shots were fired and the man was arrested after surrendering."
  19. Chauncey is good! Moved to Colorado outside of Denver about 4 or so years ago. He makes it out our way once in awhile.
  20. He's been a member of our club for years, but we haven't heard from him either.
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