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  1. This has been a most enjoyable thread. I can connect these posts to my home stereo and have been so busy listening to them that I’ve contributed nothing!
  2. I wonder how much wind noise those add-ons generate.
  3. I’m guessing the ‘toon itself was too racey for someone’s taste and a complaint was lodged. Which is perplexing given other content on this forum.
  4. Has anyone noticed the cartoon we’re discussing has been deleted from this thread?
  5. As Deuce said, it depends on your level of commitment to practice. ‘87s have a steep learning curve. My Coyote Cap version allows stoking the tube, but requires a bit of finesse to load just two without pushing the carrier down too far. It can be done at competitive speeds, but the drop 2 only mod is more foolproof.
  6. It appears Brian also keeps his sidewalk clear. We need Brians.
  7. True story: I showed this to my wife who read the whole thing. I noticed as she was reading she glanced at my thumb.
  8. You mean I was supposed to stop doing that?
  9. Lovin’ the radial Bug. limo appears to be 68 Olds Toronado forward of the A pillar, plus roof treatment from their station wagons of the period.
  10. I’m thinking it’s for the nausea after eating the parts. Then the donuts will taste better for dessert.
  11. No, the meme was excellent. And a perfect set up for the joke!
  12. Betcha the older one has a bigger bed. And it didn’t need a folding staircase in the tailgate.
  13. Dontcha just want to slap that spoiled look right off her face?
  14. Galvanized won’t bend like that. If you zoom in, you can just see the sweated joint under the M of Plumber.
  15. These days the tranny could be the one sitting on top...
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