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  1. Thanks Dave, I've often wondered why and when the phonetic alphabet was changed. Didn't know it was an ICAO thing.
  2. Maybe I’ve misunderstood, but my Supersizer only sizes the metal base of the shell and nothing above. From your description it seems your crimp is swelling or otherwise opening up a bit after loading. Possibilities are your stack height is a bit too tall or your crimp isn’t deep enough. Some hulls with thick plastic like AAs will tend to “blossom” if the crimp is too shallow.
  3. Yup!! Had a great breakfast there. We also like the Downtown Diner which is a half block from the Hotel Monte Vista.
  4. Sounds like a marvelous life. I'm still catching up!
  5. Cornish Pasty Co in Flagstaff, AZ, on S. San Francisco St just south of the train station. Apparently there are other locations around the country.
  6. As mentioned in another thread, we were visiting my son and wife in Flagstaff this past weekend. This was my 4th trip to the Grand Canyon over the last 11 years and it takes my breath away every time. View is from the South Rim looking down on Indian Garden and Plateau Point along the Bright Angel trail. We also went to the Lowell Observatory and peered thru several telescopes, but not the main one which is off limits. Shown below is me peering through the Clark Telescope at a cluster of space dust 33,000 light years away. Looked like a dandelion. Scope was built in 1896! We also peered thru two smaller scopes. Another was looking at a gas cloud from a dead star 2,000 light years away. We finished by looking at the rings of Saturn which is a "short" 8 light minutes away. Any of them would be great scopes for long range shooting. Wonderful stuff.
  7. We were visiting my son and wife in Flagstaff this past weekend. Among the treats was lunch at a place that served "Scotch Eggs" as an appetizer. Hard boiled egg wrapped with pork sausage, then breaded and fried. Never heard of them before and they were dee-lightful! Shown with honey mustard dip, a dash of paprika and optional Guinness.
  8. My son saw similar things in his wildfire fighting career. Some of those fires create their own weather systems with some bizarre phenomena.
  9. I'm truly sorry for anyone who's job makes them miserable. I left one in 1985 and have done the self-employed thing since. It's been a roller coaster these past thirty-five years, but all in all, it's gone very well. At 66 I'm semi-retired and working a lot less, but like staying busy doing something I like. It also brings in money instead of totally relying on the vagaries and pirates of Wall Street. If one can even consider retiring at age 60, they've done well for themselves and are truly blessed. Not everyone has that option. Besides, pulling the plug isn't permanent. If it agrees with you, great. If not, you have the luxury of time to consider other paths. Try not to stress too much about the future and things you can't control. You've paid your dues and have done well and will choose wisely. My very best wishes to you pard.
  10. Which is why they're bowing out, as Colt stated in the article. The market is flooded with too many others.
  11. I'm gonna see it. Might be a good flick.
  12. Next time, turn the resistance down and spin the pedals up really fast. Then put your feet up on the frame until it coasts down. Have a shot of scotch while coasting.
  13. One thing for sure, the little gal would have burned up from the air friction. At Mach 3, skin temps of the SR71 reached 600-900 degrees F, depending on altitude
  14. Yeager was very critical of Crossfield in his autobiography. He said he said he’d given the operating manual to Crossfield the day before and claimed he didn’t bother to read it. He said that hydraulic issue was clearly covered.
  15. +1. Our two cats who passed last year were named Nick and Nora after the series.
  16. Aunt Catherine was always spouting off. I love this “walk this way” gag with the butler and Nick.
  17. Apparently its discharge is flowing across the Pacific to the US
  18. Gotta love that it's an international cast!
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