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  1. I got to see them as Thunderbirds before they switched to the T-38s
  2. For some reason there's no sound, but you don't really need it. The opening scene from Air America
  3. I'm not ready to point fingers at firefighting efforts based on a few images and video clips shot from a great distance. Given the age of the structure (12th century) and the abundance of combustible material, it would go up like a match in just a few minutes, long before a meaningful firefighting effort could be mounted. If you've ever seen an old house or barn go up, you know how fast they can torch.
  4. AP article said speculation by fire dept is it's related to the renovation. Sounds like the ocean liner Normandy back in WWII.
  5. During an election cycle a lot of the robo calls I get are from the same politicians who lie to me.
  6. Thanks Birdgun. I ordered some 158 LSWC from Missouri Bullet yesterday. What's considered standard velocity? Lyman's cast bullet handbook shows a range of 769-837 fps for a 158 gr and Win 231. Range is 786-855 with Bullseye
  7. If this is your only objective, shoot blanks where the majority of the powder burns outside the barrel. This is my original .52 cal Civil War percussion Sharps loaded with 50 gr of only 2f for a 4th of July demo. Light to moderate boom since there's no bullet to create pressure. If your objective is to increase smoke and flame and still hit a target, you're wasting your time. Again, you'll need excess powder that burns outside the barrel which is terribly inefficient as well as destroying any semblance of a pattern. FWIW, my feelings regarding extra noise "echoes" those who are opposed.
  8. I've not perused this, but it looks like several pages of offerings here. https://www.ebay.com/b/Ruger-Single-Six-Grips/73944/bn_7023283614
  9. You can still see portions of the runways at the Fairfax site today. It remained open as an airport into the 1980s. It was closed when GM underwent a big expansion where the plant sits atop the runways.
  10. A friend of mine has Model 15-x Target/Combat that's in good shape. (I'll have to take a closer look at it.) Belonged to his dad but he never shoots it and it stays unloaded under a bed. Missing the original grips which at point were replaced with some cheap rubber ones. Not sure he'll part with it though. Still, it'd be sweet... Didn't expect an answer so fast, did you? Jim Supica's 4th edition of his Standard Catalog of S&W arrived today. It's like porn...
  11. Don't know what you paid for yours Pat, but this seller had it priced $200-300 more than mine for similar condition. Yours is nicer than the one I saw.
  12. I saw one of those, Pat. Or so the seller said - Hong Kong Police. I looked at so many guns I don't remember if it had the lanyard ring. It did have a white serial number stamped into the back strap. Does yours? The one I saw was priced $200-300 more than mine and in about the same condition, maybe a bit more worn. I didn't look long.
  13. Thx! According to this list, mine was produced in 1969-70
  14. Aha! Thanks, Alpo. SN is D3xxxxx. What's the significance of the 5-digit number and letter stamp on the yoke? Does this help narrow the date? Grips appear to be original with wear similar to your photo. Screw passes thru both.
  15. Went to the Wananmaker Arms show in Tulsa yesterday and found this really nice 10-5. Some minor blemishes from moisture in the blueing, but no pitting. Chambers and bore like new, and mechanically excellent. Looks like a service revolver that was carried in a holster for years, but seldom fired. SWEET trigger! Great price which means to me that I paid what it's worth. Not many of those at yesterday's show. More on that topic in an upcoming post. I started my quest several months ago thinking I had to have a S&W snubbie like a Model 36 Chiefs Special. Once I got my hands on a few of them, I decided they were too small for me and would be a major challenge to shoot reasonably well. I had no intention of using it for C&C so my interest in a J frame waned. However, I can see why you C&C guys love them! The model 10 just felt better for plinking at the range. Add to that the Mod 36 and Mod 10 snubbies were priced several hundred dollars more than what I paid for this one, which made my search even easier. Really glad it worked out this way. Such classic lines! I blame J-Bar, Bird Gun Quail and the rest of you who posted pics in the "revolver carry" thread for infecting me with the S&W revolver itch. That's been successfully scratched -- for now. Blathering on: On opening the cylinder, MOD 10-5 is stamped on one part, and a 5-digit serial number 52xxx is stamped on the other. There are no letters like C or D, etc as part of the number. There is however, a sideways "U" beneath the number. S&Ws serial number system is baffling at best, but based on what I can find, it appears to be 1962 -1967 manufacture? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  16. I've had the same experience with both Lee and Redding dies. Try backing off on the die, as 3/4 of a turn in my experience has produced the same results as you. Start with the bottom of the LFCD making contact with the shell plate/holder, then work your way up in 1/8 turns (or less) increments, but only if you're not getting enough crimp. I'm getting a good crimp with the die cranked up maybe 1/8 or less turn past the point where it lightly contacts the shell plate on a Hornady LNL progressive. If you crank a Redding Profile Crimp Die up 3/4 of a turn on my press, it will seat the bullet deeper as well as pull some of bullets right back out. It's also more likely to crumple cases as shown in one of Driftwood's photos.
  17. Instant coffee only goes with powdered eggs.
  18. My wife loves her Kuerig and drinks several cups a day. The nice thing is she can switch flavors without having to dump the remains of one pot, and start over. I think the flavor is great. For me, caffeine can be a powerful laxative, so I generally drink decaf. Now we can sit with our coffee in the morning without having to change pots.
  19. Please refer to OP. He was asking about how long loaded shells can last -- i.e. stored and still be good for shooting.
  20. I just cut this paper round apart - from a box I've had for 55 years or so. First time I've looked inside one. Note that only a few of the pellets have oxidized. 3 fiber wads. Crimp was sealed with some kind of wax in addition to the coating on the hull. Once in great while I fire one. They always go bang.
  21. A couple of pics from my son when he a USFS Hotshot. First photo the plane clipped the trees. Second shot was just before my son got "bombed". Those P-3 and P-2 pilots flew L-O-W.
  22. I used to fly with a guy who was a FAC and flew the OV-10 in Vietnam. Also flew F-100s. He said the Bronco had an incredible rate of climb.
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