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  1. True story: I showed this to my wife who read the whole thing. I noticed as she was reading she glanced at my thumb.
  2. I don’t understand the appeal of something like this, unless it’s anticipating a climate where semi-auto rifles are banned.
  3. I don’t remember ever being out and about and saying to myself, “Gee, I wish I had a pry bar on me.”
  4. He sounds sort of selfish if he expects others to pay for his wishes. Plus, prolonging one’s death is not the same as treatment. He needs to come to grips with that. I know that sounds cold, but I’ve lost too many where extended treatment improved nothing, but only extended their suffering as well as their loved ones. I’m sorry to hear of his and your family’s circumstances.
  5. I’m guessing .44 mag has more marketing appeal, perhaps a holdover from Dirty Harry movies. .45 Colt just sounds old and .44 Mag must be better than .357 mag, because bigger is always better, right?
  6. Ummmm….no. Looks like a Henry action and ugly too. There’s this thread over on the Wire:
  7. You mean I was supposed to stop doing that?
  8. Wow, what a slugfest. Enjoyed the game with the sound off. Any game without Tony Romo is gonna be better. Wish I could send some qualudes his way…
  9. Lovin’ the radial Bug. limo appears to be 68 Olds Toronado forward of the A pillar, plus roof treatment from their station wagons of the period.
  10. I’ve been reloading my own for eons, so I don’t know. Buy whatever is on sale in the 1100 fps range, 1 1/8 oz, #7-9 shot,
  11. I would think the rapid-fire concussive effect of those rounds would be as fatal to the crew as a penetrating round?
  12. I’m thinking it’s for the nausea after eating the parts. Then the donuts will taste better for dessert.
  13. Walnuts from the store, or walnuts fresh from the tree? We get walnuts in our yard from the neighbors tree. I broke open the husk of one to see how big a whole nut was. My fingers were stained for two weeks from the inner shell. That stuff would make a stain for deep scratches.
  14. Tom Cruise hasn’t anything to do with this series. Alan Ritchson (right) plays Reacher. He looks the part.
  15. I don’t know small claims court works in your state, but in Kansas, attorneys aren’t allowed. If you lose, all that’s lost is your time and a filing fee. And possibly gain a lot of aggravation. The upside is you could cause a lot of aggravation for the driver. So in CA, you can’t sue the insurance company in small claims court? Has your insurance company been any help on how to dispute their value?
  16. No, the meme was excellent. And a perfect set up for the joke!
  17. Here’s what I heard, then and now. Stick with it past 30 seconds or so…
  18. Betcha the older one has a bigger bed. And it didn’t need a folding staircase in the tailgate.
  19. Great analogy! I remember slivers of paper inserted in the spool to indicate the bookmarks. Trouble is my brain won’t accommodate slivers of paper.
  20. Of course. But it must be kept in mind that attorneys don’t charge a flat fee for disputes. The meter is always running, or they get a percentage of the take. Either way, the plaintiff has to consider whether the expense results in a net gain. My experience with attorneys is that when all is said and done, the final cost bears little relation to what was said at the front end. My rule of thumb is that if the stakes you’re trying to recover are less than $10k forget about a lawsuit. You could end up with a net loss after legal fees, or so little gain that it wasn’t worth the aggravation. Small claims court is a viable option in many states.
  21. Dontcha just want to slap that spoiled look right off her face?
  22. Or maybe it’s just that my brain is full. If you shove another piece of information in one side, one falls out the other side.
  23. The other thing that happens is once you remember why you went into a room and go back, you get distracted by something else, which deflects you from your original task. “Oh, there are my car keys!”
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