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  1. Dontcha love it when someone asks a question and argues with most everyone who replies, because he didn’t get the reply he wanted? I need more popcorn.
  2. https://uniquetek.com/product/T1761 I don’t recall paying near that much. I’ve found it a convenience to finish AA reloads which are prone to blossoming a little if they’ve been on the shelf too long.
  3. Looks like a toggle link rifle with the side plates off.
  4. Not much is readily available on LCDR William Leslie Wright. Awarded the Navy Cross, retired a Rear Admiral and passed in 1982 at age 80.
  5. I’m thinking of writing a book - “Smith & Wessons for the Soul”
  6. I’m thinking you need another Smith & Wesson. That’ll sooth your soul.
  7. Having experienced both cotton pickin’ and New York minutes, I’m going with New York being faster.
  8. A lot of new shooters start thinking about upgrades before they have enough time at the firing line. Play with your own guns for awhile and borrow others to see what suits you before you plunk down any money. Patience, Grasshopper…
  9. One of the many tragedies of WWII. https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2023/04/21/asia/montevideo-maru-found-south-china-sea-intl-hnk/index.html
  10. That’s awesome. Has a cool oriental vibe to it.
  11. Taps can be both a reflective and mournful tune. When it’s played for someone you know personally, it can be heart wrenching.
  12. I like the stuff. I worked at a pizzeria back in college days and made a lot of ‘em.
  13. Is this the company? https://www.bbb.org/us/ct/new-britain/profile/ammunition-weapons/standard-mfg-co-llc-0111-87133112/complaints
  14. From what I’ve read thru the years, there’s a lot of government money involved in that private funding.
  15. Yup! I have my dad's Navy dress sword ca. 1950, so all would be period correct!
  16. I shoot 1860 .44 Sheriffs where the loading levers are pitifully short, so I load off the frame. Chambers are topped off with a cookie of beeswax/crisco mix lube - thank you J-Bar for that recipe and technique! The lube makes it easy to identify loaded chambers. When installing the cylinders, I index them so the empty chamber is at the loading window with hammer down on the first loaded chamber. When the hammer is pulled back at the loading table, that first loaded chamber automatically indexes for the first cap. After Installing 5 caps, the empty chamber has been automatically indexed so it's under the lowered hammer. Visually confirm no cap under hammer and the 5 loaded chambers are clearly visible with the lube cookie. Easy peasy.
  17. The above, but with Basil Hayden or Jameson’s.
  18. Yup. Seen that penalty called meself. The brouhaha over that was a sight to behold.
  19. I like your style. Those are in my inventory and are my choice as well!
  20. When I was in Boy Scouts where learning knot tying was important, my Navy vet dad did that from memory. He was just killing time while we fumbled with sheet bends. I had never seen rope spliced like that before. Not sure that I have since. Also not sure I could do it with a YouTube video!
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