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  1. Wow, them are some expensive Glocks! And build time is 40-60 weeks?!
  2. I remember the scene - a real nail biter. I’m almost certain this is a Hollywood contrivance. The only cartridge starting system I’m aware of is for early turbojets. Big piston engines as in the movie needed a big flywheel spun up by an electric motor or hand crank. The airplane was custom built for the movie and actually flew. The pilot was a famous air racer and movie stunt pilot named Paul Mantz. (He and his partner Frank Tillman had a company called Tallmantz Aviation serving the film industry.) Unfortunately, Mantz died while flying the craft for the film. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Mantz
  3. I could be wrong, but I’m not aware that cartridges were ever used in radial engines as in that movie. Good flick. The best part was Barrie Chase in the hallucination scene.
  4. An interesting exercise in a really uninspired package, especially the Peterbilt wheels.. I’ve seen better looking soapbox derby cars. JMO.
  5. The B-57 used a cartridge startup system. Three canisters were inserted under the cap at the nose of the engines. They look like small caliber artillery shells. When fired, these spun up the turbine and provided ignition. Dirty, but effective!
  6. The photo is a fun fake. This video shows how it was done. There’s no way they could have manhandled the zeppelin into that position without tearing it up on the island. Note the amount of commotion just to get the gondola on the afterdeck. Pretty amazing feat for the day!
  7. Mike, I had triple bypass surgery at the end of May last year. Like you, I didn't have a heart attack and was mostly asymptomatic. It's a horrible thing to go thru, but well worth it. We'd be dead without it. Recovery has a lot to do with how active you were before, and how active you are now. It takes time. The random "chest pain" could be the healing of your sternum after what is an incredibly invasive procedure. Mine still bothers me a bit, but not too much anymore. As always, this is a lousy place to ask medical questions. If you have concerns, talk with your medical team. Good luck!
  8. …and after the beep on the firing line.
  9. I don’t understand “same load”. This isn’t smokeless with all the variations in powder recipes. BP is load by VOLUME so the powder contacts the base of the bullet plus a bit of compression. That’s it. Don’t overthink it. You can use any BP Load by volume.
  10. I always loved landing on dirt/sod instead of concrete. There’s something primal about it - like black powder instead of smokeless.
  11. Looks like an airstrip on the edge of the property in the third pic.
  12. Just funnin’ with ya Pat. I don’t care for those movies either. Another action movie series I think is ridiculous is “The Expendables”.
  13. Didja like the Die Hard movies and just about anything else Bruce Willis did? He took a crap beating from beginning to end, but was still able to bust through a skyscraper window in his bare feet, hanging from a fire hose…
  14. Yup. And I supplemented it by scavenging vacant lots for soda bottles, and turning them in for 2 cents each. The grocer knew what we were up to.
  15. The sheet of gum was awful. Bazooka gum with the Bazooka Joe comic was the best.
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