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  1. I have some time logged in a Tiger. Sporty and speedy little thing. Sorta like a Mazda Miata, but with 2+2 seating. Had a castering nose wheel so you turn it inside its own wingspan like a tail dragger when taxiing. The roll back canopy was cool.
  2. I just love STOL aircraft (short take-off and landing). Any of these would be ultra cool... Fieseler Storch - Takes off in under 200 ft, lands at 25 mph in 50 ft. Saw one landing at a local airport a few years back. I was awestruck. Pitcairn Gyrocopter or Kellet Autogyro - pure nostalgia. A Kellet can be seen in the movie, It Happened One Night. Helio Courier - Also lands in 50 ft, has a range of 950 miles carrying 5 people! Pilatus PC-6 - Can be seen in the movie Air America Rockwell OV-10 Bronco - One of my friends flew these Vietnam as a FAC. Said the power to weight ratio was incredible. Grumman OV-1 Mohawk weird looking - like a dragonfly
  3. I would love to fly any of the above. But to own and fly frequently? That's a little harder. I've flown a lot of civilian aircraft but a few stand out for overall utility and cost of operation. I'm partial to single engine Single engine: Beech A-36 Bonanza. Still sexy after 70 years and sweet handling Cessna 206 Stationair. Sweet handling and a great SUV Twins: Beech Baron: Like a Bonanza with two engines Cessna 310: Sexy, plus Sky King flew one. 'Nuff said Cool Factor: Dehavilland Beaver. Old school SUV. Just wow! Beech 18: Gots round engines and can land anywhere. North American T-28 Trojan. Just because... Bucket list ride & fly: Boeing Stearman Curtis Jenny Arghhh! Too many choices!
  4. That 3” round looks like a giant .30-06.
  5. Maybe if they got rid of some of incessant commercial breaks and instant replay reviews by officials, the game wouldn’t have needed gimmicks to keep it moving.
  6. Be sure you don’t try to burn that canoe behind the pile!
  7. Yeah, certainly not these days. That was from a performance in Atlanta in 1977. A different era long passed. Sigh…
  8. The rim diameter is a bit larger on the Schofield than .45 Colt and wonder if that puts any extra stress on the bottom tab of a ‘73 bolt. It might not, but I’d be checking that out.
  9. “Explaining a joke is like dissecting a frog. You understand it better but the frog dies in the process.” - E.B. White
  10. About 8 or more years ago, when Cabelas still had a decent selection of reloading equipment and supplies, I found this Universal Charge Bar that works on my Mec 650 progressive. As the header says, it’s supposed work on Mec 9000 and Grabber. I tried it for awhile, but found it required too much fiddling to keep it working smoothly on my 30+ year old Mec. I don’t load that many recipes so I decided to go back to regular charge bars and bushings which to me are faster and simpler. It resides in a drawer now.
  11. Great pics and outfits! Any comments from passersbys?
  12. For years I had already been cutting up trash to fit in the containers for just that reason. About 10 years ago, our trash hauler went to the containers that are mechanically lifted and dumped in the truck. And there’s only the driver now. No more guys hanging off the back of the truck. If your trash isn’t in the container, it’s not picked up. If you overfill your container and some of it spills, they leave it and keep going. The short story is you don’t see large boxes at the curb anymore in our neighborhood.
  13. Is Vegemite similar to Spam - where the last production run was maybe 1962 - and they’re still trying to draw down the supply?
  14. Longest chase scene in Hollywood history has to be “It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World”. The entire movie is basically 3 hours of chase scenes stitched together into a marvelous movie.
  15. Horsefeathers. He asked a simple question about a powder he’s unfamiliar with because that’s all that was available. We’re all in that boat. Most SASS shooters are loading shot shells well below published minimums, so spare him and us the lecture about looking it up himself so he can become a better and safer reloader. I’m betting your pet load isn’t published either.
  16. Good call! Raw, unbridled emotion and terror in that scene as compared to Bullitt’s cold determination. More trivia: the a-hole FBI agent Popeye kills at the end of the movie is the same actor/stunt driver behind the wheel of the Dodge Charger in Bullitt.
  17. For all you gear heads, the 4:15 mark of the video demonstrates a classic example of 1960s muscle car axle tramp - too much power for the rear suspension.
  18. A bit of trivia: the start of the chase was filmed in real traffic. That is, the part where the two cars run the traffic light, cutting off the cars trying to cross and horns honking. I remember seeing the movie in the theater in 1968, when muscle cars were beginning their peak. Just about everyone pulling out of the parking lot was flooring it to make the tires squeal.
  19. I might have to rectify that for next year. I’ll buy this years winner a drink and bragging rights!
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