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  1. Are ya startin' to look like this, Badger?
  2. When my boys were in scouts (both are Eagles) in the 1990s, I thought the merit badge and rank advancement requirements had gotten pretty easy compared to my day. At first I thought maybe it was just my faulty memory. Then I stumbled across some of my scouting memorabilia and saw my first class rank requirements were more comprehensive than their camping merit badge. Toward the end of their days they were complaining that scout badge clinics at summer camp were more demonstration than allowing the scout to do anything. By that time, scouts could acquire 10 or more badges in a 10-day session. In my day, that would have been impossible as there just wasn't enough time.
  3. I don't remember a short sleeve collarless shirt. We didn't tuck in the collars on the others. Now that you mention it, we might have.
  4. Could be, but the color of our uniforms then was much darker than later in the decade.
  5. That tent is pretty high tech for the era. Maybe a promo photo for an outfitter or mfr. We had surplus Army tents requiring ridge poles. Damn, those were heavy for a couple of 11-year olds.
  6. I stood under that one. Wow, it’s gargantuan.
  7. Soon, we’ll need letters of transit as in “Casablanca”.
  8. The guy was scared out of his mind, but got in anyway. Amazing what perceived peer pressure can do to a person.
  9. In Kansas, state income tax is determined by your Federal income tax return. Can't fill out a KS return without having done the federal first.
  10. Which annual match? Spring Roundup (is this match still on?) or Border Wars in the fall? Dates?
  11. Thanks for The heads up. Looks like a good one. I enjoyed his book “Longest Winter” Here’s another recommendation for a book that reads like an action film: “Rescue of Streetcar 304”.
  12. We’ve put a lava lamp and incense in every room of the house. Guaranteed results. We haven’t had a single case of Covid-19. Now, back to listening to my Emerson Lake and Palmer LPs.
  13. I prefer the words rescheduled or postponed. Yeah I know, picking nits. Just trying to be optimistic. Our state matches have been rescheduled for fall. Our monthly matches are postponed for the time being. Taking it a month at a time. http://www.powdercreekcowboys.com
  14. Only this $1,200. You still owe taxes on everything else. Since I’m self-employed and pay quarterly, this check goes right back to gummint.
  15. I once owned a '72 BMW Bavaria. Left hand drive, but turn signal stalk on was on the right side of the steering wheel and the left stalk was for high beams. Took some getting used to as our 2nd car had the conventional layout.
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