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  1. I bet you find the OAL of your cartridges is shorter than the snap caps. As already noted, your cartridge looks too short and is allowing the one in the magazine to protrude too far into the receiver. Either you've loaded it that way, or they're telescoping because of an improper crimp. A few cycles of dummy rounds thru a Henry will telescope them pretty good if the crimp isn't right. With a 200 gr, .428 Missouri Bullet, my cartridges measure 1.584 and feed great in my Uberti Henry. Max OAL according to Lyman's Cast Bullet Handbook is 1.592.
  2. Maybe she learned gun handling from Chief Inspector Drayfus. (Scroll to the 2:30 mark.)
  3. Pat, methinks you need Ironman's suit or something made by Stark Industries...
  4. Agreed. A West Point grad and I have been watching this game together for the last 14 years. We have a standing bet where the “loser” has to do 20 push-ups. The last several years I’ve had to perform and I’m getting too old for this. Beat Army, go NAVY!
  5. Alpo, that makes my head hurt. I'll let you know after I've had several more shots of Basil Hayden. Things will be clearer then.
  6. Charlie, I witnessed the exact same thing at "town hall meeting" back in '04, but it was with Dick Cheney. A very slick, carefully scripted, choreographed and staged affair to minutest detail.
  7. Constitutional Conventions are like exploratory surgery. The procedure can easily kill the patient...
  8. You can have more than one. I'll even drive you home!
  9. ...ain't the Wire a treat? Belly up to the bar here in the Saloon where your drinks are on me.
  10. For years, we've been buying a turkey and having it smoked at Fritz's KC. House smells wonderful as we're warming it for dinner. And the leftovers are awesome for days after. Bringing one to St. Louis to spend T-Giving with my 92-year old mom.
  11. Doesn't really address the OPs question, but it's interesting anyway.
  12. Give Ruger a call tomorrow. They can tell you better than any of us.
  13. I'd like to see the entire video for some context. My 5 year old granddaughter can throw a baseball harder than that, plus Musk and the other guy seem to be in on a joke. The whole thing looks like a styling exercise to whip up interest. Can't imagine it's a functional vehicle.
  14. Alistair Sim's portrayal in Christmas Carol is awesome as is my favorite, George C. Scott. Adding the to list: The Santa Clause (The first one) Nat'l Lampoon Christmas Vacation Christmas Story A Charlie Brown Christmas Home Alone (The first one.)
  15. Shame on them for excluding it in the first place, but good on them for reinstatement. Glad to see a start in taking a stand against the PC censors.
  16. This +1,000, 'cept I don't wear a glove when shooting BP in my .44-40. However, I set that gun down quickly after firing and use a rag to pick it up for movement to the unloading table and cart! HOT, HOT, HOT!!
  17. I haven't run the numbers in years. But when I last calculated, I figured my cost per round of reloading was 25% of factory loads. I figured I amortized the cost of my press and dies in about 6 months of shooting once or twice a month. No reason to think that's changed, give or take.
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