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  1. I still have the LP, but the paper is long gone…
  2. I’m betting the original joke was that the plane is a Piper Comanche.
  3. I don’t get it. Is that supposed to be a mashup of Pelosi and Kevin McCarthy? Or is it portraying McCarthy as a “Karen”?
  4. Cool script inside the ladder well, which I’m pretty sure says “Clarior Hinc Honos”. (“Hence the brighter honour”)
  5. “Hedley Lamar…why he’s killed more men than Cecil B. Demille!” —The Waco Kid
  6. It’s a car thermostat. It sits where the radiator hose mounts to the engine.
  7. Looks like the first time I worked on my ‘92 Rossi…
  8. Pretty certain that’s a New York City subway where that sort of thing isn’t at all unusual.
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