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  1. Professional series means it’s so thin you can see thru it, or it’s so tough that it has the same texture as new Sears Tuf Skin jeans. It can be found in many public restrooms.
  2. That’s really unsafe. There’s no cotter pin underneath…
  3. Yup, but our simulators weren’t as modern in the 60’s. We had the Chrysler Motors push-button transmissions & dashboards.
  4. That’s just cruel! But I’m thinking about it…
  5. I don’t care who you are, that’s funny right there!
  6. So THAT’S why there are sparks flying everywhere!
  7. I thought of that, but I don’t think there are Vice Grips large enough. There are practical considerations we need to keep in mind, after all.
  8. What’s really needed is a pipe wrench to clamp down on the pliers handles.
  9. Looks like that could be hail, which hurts when you’re mostly nekkid! It also means lightning is nearby, which also hurts. Thinkin’ I’d be wanting out of the pool instead of holding onto a metal pole!⚡️
  10. And then there are lug nuts like those on my Jeep. There’s a decorative covering on an ordinary nut, which takes a 19mm socket, also the same as emergency wrench that came with car. When that comes off - and it will, you need and 18mm socket. Arghh!
  11. Shortest blues song ever: "I didn't wake up this morning..."
  12. Okaaay, it’s still a great way to start any day!
  13. Oh I know what it is, I’m just amused by the lack of the photographer’s effort in at least simulating a darker environment.
  14. About 20 years ago our city water utility did just that - bottled the water they sent to our taps and marketed it. Once that was exposed, the business folded immediately. Not that it was a big secret - just stupid.
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