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  1. Neither is anyone else. That’s why there’s Photoshop.
  2. Kerry Blue Terrier. That's the way they're groomed.
  3. Sent this to my boys aged 40 and 37 who got kick out of it.
  4. Maybe one of them identifies as Stevie Nicks...
  5. Awwww, what a cutie. She sure landed on all four paws coming to your home. Does she have a name yet?
  6. We’ve come full circle. That’s the first ’toon of this thread!
  7. There was no struggle, that’s just the way it was in my house & everyone else I knew. edit: we weren’t poor, and we weren’t rich either. Think of “A Christmas Story“ for an image. No complaints.
  8. Hey, it’s Wallaby. Doesn’t matter. He just looks guilty!
  9. Why is James Dean sitting on the front wheel & fender of the motorcycle?
  10. This is Rose, (in repose) our Shar Pei/terrier mix. She agreed to join us last January when she was 7 1/2 years old. We met at the shelter and all we know is she's originally from Mississippi. Would love to know more about her background, but so far she isn't talking. All we know is she's a character and a sweetie!
  11. So far, here’s only two of them. They’re “attempting” a larger gathering.
  12. A flock of them is called a “murder” of crows. Like a “gaggle” of geese.
  13. Dude, is this gun still available?


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