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  1. On 5/7/2024 at 4:39 PM, Half-a-Hand Henri said:

    Great match in a beautiful location.  Thanks to all who worked so hard to put on this excellent match.  And the bonus?  My dogs loved the pond!! 

    Were those beautiful labs parked alongside the road yours?


  2. 49 minutes ago, Sgt. C.J. Sabre, SASS #46770 said:

    It's got your radio, it's got your heater, it's got your easy rider rifle rack to hold not one, not two, but THREE of your favorite rifles!" 

    “So come on down to Wide Track Wilmington. And bring the kiddies too. We got washers and dryers and pony rides…”

  3. 10 hours ago, Alpo said:

    I was on a lyrics website looking up SHUT DOWN by the Beach Boys. This is a song about a drag race between a "fuel injected stingray", which should probably be a 1965 327. I know that was fuel injected. And a "413". That was a Dodge Super Stock, 413 wedge.


    The website would explain various terms in the song.


    It happened on the strip where the road is wide

    Two COOL SHORTS standing side by side


    And the site explains that a short is a car that is shorter than normal.


    The first time I heard the term short in reference to an automobile was a Starsky and Hutch episode. Starsky's mechanic was asking Hutch what his short was, and Starsky had to translate for him because Hutch had never heard the term.


    Then there was a Cheech and Chong routine, where Cheech was describing his car. It was a real charp chort man - got pom poms on all the antennas man, and dingle balls hanging down from the roof.


    I've heard it several times over the decades. California hot rod slang for a car. So I go searching the internet for something to verify that I have not lost my memory, and a short is simply a car.


    There are dozens of websites with automotive slang. None of them have the term short.


    So I bring it to the Saloon (ACS) - is a short just a car? Y'all old fogies out there - especially you California fogies.

    All I remember from the Cheech & Chong routine was a Chebby (Chevy) for sale that was “turquoise blue and primer gray”.  :lol:

  4. On 4/21/2024 at 4:53 PM, Subdeacon Joe said:

    Inventor J. Lehaitre rides the Tractor-Cycle in 1938


    Pic is reversed for some reason.

    That’s quite a contraption. 

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  5. Recently I went to HD to buy a 25’ roll of electrical wire. A locked cable had been passed thru all the rolls which required finding an employee to unlock. I asked her why they were doing that and she said it was because of all the theft. 

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  6. 2 minutes ago, J-BAR #18287 said:

    Nolan Ryan signing a baseball for my son during spring training in Orlando in 1988.  

    Yeah, he's one of our favorites!



    Say hello to Ethan for me. 

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  7. On 5/4/2024 at 11:29 PM, Orient Express said:

    I have a Stoeger Supreme 12g. Which third party brands fit them? I seem to remember remchoke but then someone also said Winchester chokes fit as well? Searching this forum doesn't seem to yield any results.




  8. 21 minutes ago, Dantankerous said:

    ... who use filler, what's your recipe? I've been shooting Swiss and Grafs FFg (full load with a Lee 2.2 cc dipper) with a 200 or 250 grain but am curious to see what I can produce that yields a bit lighter recoil in the revolvers.


    Thanks for any help.

    Screw the filler, takes too long to load. Use C45S (Cowboy Special) or .45 S&W (Schofield) cases.  I prefer the C45S cases because the rim is the same as .45 Colt. 

    Lots of smoke and flame too. Ask anyone from posse 3 this weekend!


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  9. 59 minutes ago, Texas Joker said:

    Needs to rotate so many times to wind up the fuse.

    Yup. See my post above about my buddy who carried one. He fired a round under the canopy and said it just rattled around amongst the trees like a golf ball and just fell to the ground. 

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  10. 3 hours ago, Cheyenne Ranger, 48747L said:

    I carried one for a while--best part was the vest that held all the ammo--distributed the weight and shoulders took a bunch of the strain off your back.




    Buddy of mine carried them loose in a canvas bag slung from his shoulder, similar to bicycle messenger bag. 

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  11. There is no workmanship except in these digital images. These things don’t exist except in the virtual world. 

    From their website:


    “While we don’t manufacture physical products, our digital designs lay the groundwork for what could be. Our blueprints are meticulously detailed, harnessing the power of advanced design software to bring out every intricate detail..”

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  12. Been there done that in 1966 St. Louis when a tornado leveled much of our subdivision and a number of others in its path. We were spared, others not so much. Lots of classmates missing from school for several days. I’ll never forget the sound as it passed overhead. 

    Weird storms, tornadoes are. They’ll flatten one house, but leave the one next door untouched. 

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