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  1. Are we being competitive? I guarantee you couldn’t ride a bicycle over three 12,000 ft passes in three days at the speeds I did when I was 62. What’s your point?
  2. I remember 47 and being in the best shape of my life, teaching fitness classes and riding thousands of miles a year on bicycle. Wish I could be 47 again…
  3. I just keep 18 and 19mm sockets handy at home for my Jeep. 19mm with the cap, 18 without. For traveling, a cap that fell off makes a dandy shim to keep with the wrench that came with the car.
  4. Like the ones from Circle Fly? Do they require a card between cookie and powder?
  5. A friend of mine recently acquired an 1880s vintage trapdoor Springfield. He has an ample supply of 2f Goex and 300 gr #2 Buffalo bullets from Missouri Bullet with smokeless lube. He plans to pan lube the bullets, but even so, I’m not sure they’ll hold enough BP lube, making a big lube bullet a better choice. He does not want to shoot BP subs. I’m unable to find the recent thread about who’s casting BP bullets these days. Any help is appreciated!
  6. We were living on the Marine air station at Iwakuni in May of 1959. On May Day that year, a bunch of commies rioted at the base entrance, so the base fire department turned the hoses on them. Thus ended the riot. Seems we could resurrect that tactic for some of today’s antics.
  7. What’s the little button-looking thingee on the bottom of the grip, behind the magazine?
  8. And what’s become of Birdgun Quail? Haven’t heard from him in awhile either.
  9. Maybe, but it’s semi-auto and the case ejection is cool!
  10. I do my banking with USAA, which doesn’t have branches. The withdrawal fee is always refunded to my account in a day or so. Some other large banks are starting to do the same, but I’ve no idea who they are.
  11. I’m convinced the NCAA’s enforcement actions are selective and designed to give the appearance they’re keeping “amateur” sports clean.
  12. I ran into the $400 limit at an ATM inside the big Tulsa gun show. It was that machine with the limit. I called my bank about it as I needed more to buy the Garand I wanted. They told me to find any bank with an ATM and I withdrew what I needed without a hitch.
  13. I did a a coupla landings that looked a lot like that. Not quite this bad as I didn’t have an autopilot, but close. It’s the equipment on the ground and aboard the plane that determines ILS (instrument landing system) minimums which are designated Categories I, II or III. Cat III as shown in the video requires a lot of technology on both ends. Anyway, I remember one night flight into Wichita where the controller was reading off the runway visual range to me in feet before I could see anything. Suddenly the approach lights and runway burst into view and I touched down. After stopping on the runway, I asked for progressive taxi instructions to my destination on the airport as I couldn’t see anything beyond 150 ft. or so. The tower replied he couldn’t see me either and told to me proceed until I could read a taxiway intersection marker to him. We did that until I finally got there. Pucker factor was high, but exhilarating, because I could use the airplane again.
  14. From the Wall Street Journal: Astronaut Frank Borman has passed at age 95. RIP sir.
  15. That's a nice looking car for the era. I wonder how many could afford to buy one? Check out the gallery on this link: https://en.avtoclassika.com/carmarket/36/
  16. Upon review, Mitscher’s performance at Midway was criticized and Nimitz removed him sea command. He served in land-based capacities until 1943 when Halsey told Nimitz he needed his services at sea. Mitscher went on to become one of the most capable fleet commanders for the remainder of the war.
  17. A member of our family started drinking beer when he was twelve years old. Not long after, he was drinking distilled liquor. At 14, he was busted for pot. Over the following 25 years he graduated to every illicit drug imaginable, including heroin and meth. He’s clean now, but relapses have occurred. So my question is this - is beer a gateway drug?
  18. Very cool! Please explain Unicorn Tears. That’s a new one for me.
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