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  1. I’m still stuck on the idea your wife and ex-wife alone in a car. I can’t wrap my head around that scenario in my world as a fatality would have occurred.
  2. I just keep 18 and 19mm sockets handy at home for my Jeep. 19mm with the cap, 18 without. For traveling, a cap that fell off makes a dandy shim to keep with the wrench that came with the car.
  3. We were living on the Marine air station at Iwakuni in May of 1959. On May Day that year, a bunch of commies rioted at the base entrance, so the base fire department turned the hoses on them. Thus ended the riot. Seems we could resurrect that tactic for some of today’s antics.
  4. That's a nice looking car for the era. I wonder how many could afford to buy one? Check out the gallery on this link: https://en.avtoclassika.com/carmarket/36/
  5. I’m sure they’re heavily taxed too, which makes the government addicted to the revenue. The dirty little secret in this country is the taxes collected on tobacco, which they say is to defray the cost of treating smoking related illnesses, are mostly diverted for general spending. Years ago the states sued the tobacco companies to “recover” health expenditures. Each state received several billion dollars. Audits later showed that the state of Missouri only spent 6 hundred thousand dollars on health initiatives, while the rest of their 2 billion settlement went to general revenue. That was just one example. I'm sure most states did the same. The hypocrites can’t afford to have anyone quit smoking.
  6. Never heard of, or seen them. In the US, they looked like this:
  7. Sure would like to have that setup for all the morons who insist on tailgating at 70 mph. Honestly, some are so close their grill isn’t visible in my rear view mirror.
  8. It’s a variation on an old joke that predates A&C. Scroll to History: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Who's_on_First%3F
  9. Buds = 5 each Person = 5 Watch = 2 each last line: 5 + (10+5+2) x 2 = 44
  10. Sum of yous guys iz smart! I ar not… Fun brain teaser!
  11. Because even after the house is washed away, the owner still has to pay back the loan. Unless they’re part of a disenfranchised minority. Then the government picks up the tab. Lots of other scenarios here that all end with the government picking up the tab. Maybe it’s the insurance companies, who pass the cost on to their customers. And when they can't, the government picks up the tab...
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