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  1. Did anyone notice the roll bar behind her? This was likely an older car her boyfriend was racing. With the Jackie Kennedy hair cut, I’m pegging the time frame at early sixties.
  2. OMG it’s GAS!!! You won’t be able to breathe! (Cough cough!). Call the authorities…. That thing is awesome. I love styling from the 1940s.
  3. How do we know the data points on the chart are even valid? Virtually anyone can create a chart with bad, or even nonexistent data and post it.
  4. I bet it’s tough to fly a helicopter when picking on a guitar, or vice versa…
  5. That’s funny right there. I don’t care who you are.
  6. Looks really interesting. I wonder if it’ll work in an older model ‘73? Some kits don’t.
  7. I put a C&I 5th gen in my ‘73 carbine, and a 3rd gen C&I in my Henry. The 3rd gen is as smooth as my Codymatic, the 5th gen not so much. If I were to do it again, I put a 3rd gen in.
  8. Profitable and prophetable. One leads to the other.
  9. Thanks, Billy. The only reason I had the bolt out was for cleaning after a two or three-day match of real black powder. Otherwise, there’s not much reason to mess with it. I don’t mind the extra time. As of November, I’ve retired it from BP shooting and use the .44-40s for that. Unrelated to the topic, it’s a cut & weld Codymatic I got in 2010. It’s a sweet shooter that’s been flawless until the upper trigger sear stopped holding the hammer at full cock about two months ago. Replaced that and I’m back in action!
  10. On my .38/.357 ‘73 with pistol grip stock, I can’t get the firing pin extension (newer style) past the hammer without removing the stock and loosening the lower tang assembly. On my other ‘73 and Uberti Henry (both are .44-40 and straight stock), the older style FP slides over the hammer. I don’t know the reason(s) why, I just accept it.
  11. Yup, he was Yo-Yo Man. My kids loved it. I first saw the SB on a show called Hootenanny. RIP to a talented man who made me laugh a lot.
  12. There’s a former coal strip mine in Pittsburgh, KS with bits of coal still lying on open ground. I brought a few pieces home and to see if they’d burn. I put them the outdoor grill and they lit with nothing but a match. They burned just like a tire with thick, oily smoke. Really sooty. As I recall, the mine shut down when cleaner burning coal was mandated. The location contains the world’s largest electric shovel: https://bigbrutus.org/
  13. A house where I lived in St. Louis had that arrangement. The furnace had been converted to burn oil, but otherwise was old school. Hot water radiators, and the curb to contain the coal below the chute was still there. There were also remnants of an ash pit in the backyard at the alley. My dad always referred to trash cans as ash cans. His dad shoveled coal during the Depression to make ends meet.
  14. ‘Tis but a scratch. It’ll buff right out.
  15. Long telephoto lenses like the one used for that shot distort relative size and perspective. Those porpoises could easily be half a mile or more in front of the sub. It might also be Photoshop.
  16. Click on this image, then scroll down and read the entire post. Very informative. I learn something new every day.
  17. “You may be entitled to substantial compensation. Call now…” -Dewey, Cheatum and Howe
  18. I learned to draft with ruling pens, then moved up to Rapidograph pens. This drafting set belonged to my grandfather and I used to use it extensively. It dates to the 1920s. Those handles are ivory with built in push pins that unscrew from the end.
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