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  1. There are some fine Canadian pards who inhabit the SASS Wire Saloon, but seldom post on this forum. You might try posting in the Saloon and ask about sources in Canada. https://forums.sassnet.com/index.php?/forum/16-sass-wire-saloon/
  2. Cool. Ours had the same Bakelite plugs, but they inserted at the base of the pot, right next to the heating element. Eventually the heat cracked the cord case, increasing the chance of electric shock.
  3. Yup. Never seen a coffee make like that though. Our older electric makers were generally made of aluminum.
  4. Huh. In my browser, it shows in stock and can be delivered Wednesday. It's also available from Cabelas, Midway USA, etc. You can also get it direct from Lyman. https://www.lymanproducts.com/cast-bullet-handbook-4th-edition Every cast bullet shooter needs this book. Not only for the excellent info about cast lead bullets, but it has loading recipes for any cartridge you can think of. From the synopsis of the book you ordered, I don't think it's going to tell you a thing about reloading except maybe in very general terms. Let us know what you think of it after it arrives.
  5. Stranger, before you go any further, pick up a copy of this book if you don’t already have one. Probably the most valuable book ever printed for our game. Don’t let the title fool you as it’s not all about casting bullets. Read it from the beginning, it will answer a lot of your questions about loading lead bullets. https://www.amazon.com/Lyman-Bullet-Handbook-Multiple-Model/dp/B086R4SPC2
  6. Just make a couple of dummies - no powder and primer. Highly unlikely they’ll feed reliably, if at all.
  7. Position sensitive powder in a shot shell? How does that happen when the column stacks directly on top of the powder? As more detail comes to light in your responses, I’m thinking your knowledge of shot shell loading has some gaps that can’t be filled in an online forum. A Lyman manual read from the beginning and a mentor are highly recommended. That’s how I learned. Good luck!
  8. Yes, but you watched him do it and could say you didn’t want the dented can or crushed box or another brand on the shelf.
  9. That name would be great for an environmentally-friendly organic explosive.
  10. After the buildup of having Halle Berry in the third installment, I expected her to be onscreen more, and also return for fourth. What’s up with that?
  11. Fact of the matter is, Americans don’t want to get out of their cars. It staggers me to see the long lines of cars at any business with drive through service, which is every fast food joint, pharmacy et all. They’ll sit in their cars with guzzling engines idling for 15 minutes or longer rather than go inside and be out in half the time.
  12. The opening scene in the brothel of Das Boot was also a long shot similar to Goodfellas.
  13. It must. I have some Sears shells dating from the early 60s that use it.
  14. It was the ‘64 Series for me - the 61st. Our Cards won! I still have transistor radio, and it still works.
  15. I thought this was gonna be another EV thread. Cool pics, Joe. I’ve been to Prescott several times but was a unaware of Fort Whipple.
  16. Saw your emoji Alpo. It’s one of many twisted/black humor scenes from Pulp Fiction.
  17. The old SASS scoring system which factored in a sort of handicap that occasionally allowed someone to win over a shooter with a faster time. Folks howled passionately for pages for years about rank points vs total time to determine winners. Rank points were finally abolished, but I can’t remember when.
  18. Not really. I’m just bored and looking for another classic topic besides electric vehicles that will go off the rails. I’m open to suggestions…
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