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  1. Since a carbine (M4) is generally a shortened rifle, is it considered a sidearm? I’ve always considered a sidearm something carried in a holster as opposed to a sling.
  2. PC is totally dependent on the crowd one is with. Some (older) folks may find it endearing in the manner in which it was bestowed upon you. Others (younger) may find it vulgar. Know your audience.
  3. Doesn't look like them. Frank is seen in front row lighting a match and Manny is back row, far right. The car appears to have Wyoming plates. Bet they had some rough customers up there like those in Texas.
  4. There probably weren't any A-10s available and the balloon was supposedly at 40,000 ft which is right at the A-10 service ceiling. Still, I've often wondered why they used a missile since the F-22 has a 20 mm Vulcan cannon and 480 rounds.
  5. Anyone else watch this Gerry Anderson show? It was pretty lame, but what the hay, I watched it anyway. The car looked cool.
  6. Too bad those weren’t available back in the 50’s - ‘60s. Dad’s squadron lost an A3D crew that was ferrying one from the states to Iwakuni. They disappeared somewhere over the West Pacific. My best friend’s father was the pilot.
  7. If floating in a vest, a firearm is pretty useless and just adds weight. Might have been something in a raft which is different from a survival vest. Given limited space for more useful things like water, rations et al, I doubt a firearm would have been included. A flare pistol perhaps, back in the day. I’m not up to date on present day overwater survival vests, but I’m betting the most precious item would be location transmitter.
  8. What are they gonna shoot at, fish? My dad spent most of his Navy career flying over large expanses of ocean and never carried a gun that I know of. Maybe there are different protocols these days, but I’m gonna go with Sabre’s reply.
  9. Yup, but if I ran toward him fast enough I could punch or tackle him before he got off another lick.
  10. Wrenches & screwdrivers. The other side gets extension cords.
  11. Boofhead. I learn something new every day! Thanks Buckshot, I'm gonna steal that one. I love words that sound like what hey mean.
  12. All true. What many people don’t know is insurance companies total vehicles when the repair costs hit 60 percent of the car’s value. If batteries cost $25,000 and you add the cost of all repairs and car depreciation from new, it doesn’t take long to reach 60 percent.
  13. Sounds like a typical August day in Kansas!
  14. I’m not a fan of plug-in EVs, but that claim seems really off base, not that I’m any expert. I read an article within the past 6-9 months of a Tesla owner upset with the $25,000 cost of replacing his battery. Here’s something I found on the net that seems more in line with his story: Tesla’s Model S is the distinguished grandfather of electric cars. Because there are so many model years and battery sizes, it’s really difficult to pin down one cost for a battery replacement. Here’s what we found after scouring the internet and forums. Battery Cost: $12,000 - $15,000 Labor Cost: Varies Total Cost: $20,000 - 22,000 Source: https://www.recurrentauto.com/research/tesla-battery-replacement-costs
  15. I did not. Thanks for the post! More: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harley-Davidson_XA
  16. Ummm…315 hours is just a tick under 8 weeks at 40hrs per week. That’s hard to believe. Who came up with that figure?
  17. Yeah, but you have to stop use that. I like something that clears the way on the move.
  18. Good choice. But if you want to roll crimp your shells, you can use one of these. https://www.ballisticproducts.com/Roll-Crimping-Tools/products/128/0/1/
  19. I want one. But I’d rather have one of these for running to the store and other errands.
  20. I started with a set of Lyman dies and was having fits getting reliable rounds. On the advice of this forum and some of the pards who’ve posted here, I went to RCBS Cowboy dies. Solved all of my issues and haven’t looked back.
  21. Perfect description, and mirrors my early experience of living there in the mid-late seventies. My office was one block east of Grand Central on 42nd street.
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