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  1. And we're off. This should be good for 8 pages, just like the recent thread on the same topic. Get a rope and a lawyer, 'cause there's gonna be a hangin' on this here wire.
  2. Airbus is a consortium of European manufacturers competing with the U.S. It's in their interests to demonize anything from their main competitor, Boeing.
  3. I use a homemade spacer stick in my Uberti which allows me to hold the barrel just ahead of the receiver. It's still front heavy when holding that way, but very manageable and I don't have to do the "Henry hop". I also put in a 3rd gen short stroke kit from Cowboys & Indians Store and polished things up. Smooooth! The best part is loading BP into that wonderful .44-40 cartridge. BOOM!
  4. or you could get the HRA Original Henry. I got to handle one recently. Smoother than I expected and fit & finish superb. https://www.henryusa.com/rifles/the-original-henry-rifle/
  5. "I know what you're thinking. Did he fire six shots or only five?"
  6. Same here. I think they're cool, but I can't trust me with one in a life-threatening situation Plus, I'm a skinny guy preferring inside the waistband holster and is how I settled on a Glock 43.
  7. Just Mattel, which were swell! I had never seen, much less held a cowboy gun before I stumbled across CAS in '08
  8. You mean I haven't been having any fun for the last 10 years?
  9. "...Now, after becoming equipped and making some improvement in my own performance, I'm finding myself at a crossroads, to either: 1) shoot for enjoyment, cowboy play, and comaraderie, or 2) focus more narrowly and shoot for the fast times." I don't understand why these are mutually exclusive. I've been around some really fast, competitive (however one defines that) shooters. I can assure you that they all "shoot for enjoyment, cowboy play, and camaraderie" just like everyone else. "...As a newcomer, those seem to me to be the choices. The speed path is fun, but it leads to little opportunity to do what drew me here in the first place, which was to play cowboy." Why/how?
  10. Did the shooter in this pic start already seated, or did he have to get in after the beep? Even if done off the clock, getting in and out of the tub can be challenging for some shooters. It also adds about a minute or more (to enter and then climb out) per shooter. When the weather is good, we have 40-60 or so shooters at a monthly. I don't mind carrying a bag of gold dust or throwing a lasso at something, but this kind of stuff would make for a long day at our club. I want to shoot, not compete in a steeplechase. YMMV
  11. Scroll down to July 12 https://www.sassnet.com/forums/index.php?/topic/276630-butterfied-gulch-gang-presents-seige-at-clarks-station-update-7-20-18/
  12. Dan & I have discussed the idea of an 1860 Henry match within a match, which could be really cool (according to us). I know there's some safe queens out there that are being neglected! If you're man or woman enough, bring an 1860 Henry for your main match rifle! Throw down!
  13. Fascinating. I knew the barrel shroud had something to do with cooling, but didn't know there were fins underneath.
  14. She's definitely the better half. Keeps me between the fence posts!
  15. If I had the coin, that's exactly what I'd do -- have one of each! But alas, I'm unable to do that at the moment. Other gunly things are higher on the list.
  16. No thanks on the tower stuff. Though not at dizzying heights, this is pretty amazing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcUHlmT7cIY
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