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  1. No, totally different action. Only toggle link actions can be short stroked.
  2. I have a Codymatic '73 in .38/357 and it's been smooth and rock solid for the 8 years I've had it. I also have an Uberti 1860 Henry that I short stroked myself with a kit from Cowboys & Indians Store. Very pleased with it too. My dilemma is given the cost of used rifles that still need a SS kit even if I do the installation myself, I might as well consider new. Taylors offers them at an attractive price, hence my question.
  3. I remember this from when Simms was a color commentator: ”The quarterback’s job is to look downfield and make a decision.” How insightful.
  4. Anybody have any experience with Taylor's in-house competition tuned '66s or '73s? I've got the itch for a '66 or '73 in .44-40. The used ones I've seen in that caliber are few and relatively expensive. I'm considering a new one already set up from them or another shop.
  5. It's been that way for awhile. My dad earned his Navy wings in 1951 but didn't transition to jets until 1956 at El Toro, CA which was a Marine Corps facility at that time. Navy and Marine Corps follow the same syllabus and wear the same wings upon graduation. Thx for the Youtube post, Marshal. Looks interesting.
  6. Interesting question. I’d be surprised though, given the size of the planes relative to a ship. Plus, ships continued to travel for a distance after being attacked by the TBDs and eventually going down. I hope a recap of their findings is available before too much time passes.
  7. I would think that an already cooked meatball would get kind of rubbery after hours of extra cooking in liquid.
  8. Kaga was found last week, now the Akagi. That leaves Hiryu and Soryu. Hope they go after and find the Hamman which went down with Yorktown. Might not be enough of it to be found tho as it broke in two on the surface and depth charges went off on its way down. https://www.apnews.com/f026d20d928143ddadfc3df0f3d36f77
  9. There have been several Bonnie Dicks. USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD-6), an amphibious assault ship was commissioned in 1998. The one in the OP photo (CV-31) was decommissioned in 1971. Perhaps this is the one you toured? Pretty cool.
  10. There's more, but these immediately come to mind: Lust in the Dust Zardoz Prime Cut Secretary The Lobster
  11. I’ve seen some shooters hook the lever with just their thumb for the same reason. Apparently it’s easier than cycling the lever on the backs of their fingers. Yeah it’s slow, but so what?
  12. Once I got limber enough to raise a long gun after surgery to my shooting shoulder, I found the recoil from .38 specials to be manageable. I shot my Stoeger from the hip for awhile. It was a lot easier to hit the targets than I expected.
  13. I’ve a box of Sears 12 gauge shells my dad bought in the early 60’s. Look like new and still go bang.
  14. In my world, "zipperhead" was a term for people who used their brains creatively such as artists and scientists. Then there is this: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/zipperhead. Note the first etymology. And "gay" used to mean happy & lighthearted, and a "cracker" was something to be eaten. Our language - particularly slang - is always evolving, often not for the better.
  15. Thanks Dave, I've often wondered why and when the phonetic alphabet was changed. Didn't know it was an ICAO thing.
  16. I seen that picture in the post office with a reeward!
  17. Chauncey is good! Moved to Colorado outside of Denver about 4 or so years ago. He makes it out our way once in awhile.
  18. He's been a member of our club for years, but we haven't heard from him either.
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