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  1. The reason he was never recorded is despite concerted effort to get him to, he would never talk.
  2. I don’t recall that he was wounded, but he suffered a back injury in a crash landing and continued to fly afterwards. The injury reportedly bothered him the rest of life. He was credited with 2 kills flying P-40s.
  3. “Some” money is often more than I’m willing to pay.
  4. Those of you who posted a “laugh” emoticon had better make sure your lady never sees that you did.
  5. Not in this country. Note the sign behind him that says “Tobacco on Sale…”
  6. I found it easier than one might think. Getting off requires planning ahead!
  7. And then there’s “the brakes failed”, which have miraculously repaired themselves by the post-crash inquiry. “I swear on my life that I had both feet on the brakes, but the car accelerated anyway!”
  8. No phone listing on the site. Their address brought this up. Google is your friend. https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/304-City-Square-Rd-Alford-FL-32420/2089076762_zpid/
  9. Scarlet sells BP subs, not real/traditional BP. There’s a difference. Goex and Schuetzen are BP. APP, 777 etc are BP subs. They’re excellent powders but are in fact propellents that mimic BP. Each type has its benefits and weaknesses.
  10. Most of what we see today is a result of Twitter, when you were limited to a number of characters for a post. It’s also because typing on a hand-held device was a pain in the early days of the technology. After awhile, it morphs into commonly used jargon. It’s easier to just say or type FUBAR than the individual words. Still, there are others who like to use it to show off, like they’re part of an exclusive club speaking a unique language. Some of it is funny as hell and allows you to make a point quickly. I love KMN (kill me now) like when one is subjected to endless prattling like what I’m doing now…
  11. That’s plain gorgeous. I have to say though, I’ve never wanted to own a gun or any other object so precious that I couldn’t use it for its intended purpose.
  12. I ran into that with a Rossi ‘92 in my very early days. If you can, have someone watch you or even video you. I’m betting you’ve got some finger pulling on the trigger so the sear isn’t fully engaging, if at all. As you close the lever, the hammer follows it down since the sear never locked it back.
  13. You haven’t missed anything. Pretty moronic, even though directed by Stephen Spielberg.
  14. Yup, “1941” - John Belushi, Dan Akroyd
  15. I got some stuff from Ballistic Products from Santa. Looking forward to experimenting with shorter roll crimped shot shells for my ‘87. Yesterday I loaded some test rounds to try in my S&W Models 10 and 28 revolvers. That means fun at the range. I also loaded some .30 Carbine rounds for my M1. Also have some .45acp rounds I need to expend in my 1911. That means fun at the range. I now have everything I need to shoot my recently-acquired, unfired Black Rain Ordnance AR-15. That means fun at the range. I’ve recovered from last year’s triple bypass surgery, so I can have this fun at the range. Happiness is here.
  16. I don’t know what the newer ones are made of, but the ones on my 35 year old 650 are fine. I will add that I don’t fill the shot bottle much more than 1/2 way to reduce stress on the neck. I dump my powder back into its container at the end of a session. To do that requires tipping both bottles back and a bottle full of shot puts a fair amount of stress on it.
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