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  1. Texas Law Shield gave an opinion that this firearm could be considered a short barreled shotgun in TX, which could result in felony charges. http://blog.uslawshield.com/a-long-discussion-on-short-barreled-shotguns/
  2. You are no doubt correct about that. Many other things I need to know as well, but I can only stuff so much info between my ears. It is a well known commercial re-loader, not just some shade tree mechanic.
  3. Will be very interested to see what happens. My two main match pistols usually never have a problem but January match it was 18 degrees and they were locking up where they would turn if aided by my left hand. I have another Cavalry model that locks up alot and must be taken apart. I have someone reload for me - so I need to check what powder he uses.
  4. Are they for a 7 1/2" barrel?? If, yes email a pic and price to jdpnow@earthlink.net

  5. You wouldnt still have that TTN you offered WIng Shot would you??

  6. If you dont mind me asking. What shotgun did you buy and how do you like it??

  7. Do oyu still have that Liberty II you offered another pard?? If so and you still want to sell send me a cell phone pic to 713-702-3146. Thanks

  8. Still have those .45 reloads??

  9. Trade with Llama Ron went great!

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