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    See you there, darlin'.  Man, I've missed seeing you!  Travel safely, you're precious cargo.

    1. Yazoo City Gal

      Yazoo City Gal

      I am SUPER EXCITED!  Counting the hours.  See you soon Sassy!

  2. Wylie:


    I think your questions re: Land Run TG Meeting would be best posted on that particular thread.  I've not seen any minutes from that meeting either nor was I able to attend LR TG mtg. via Zoom.  Yes, it would be most helpful to have those minutes published by BT TG mtg.   

    I'll do the best I can to publish this year's BT TG mtg. minutes as soon as I'm able after the match.  I'll put my laptop in the car after the meeting precluding any damage to it by rain, sleet or snow.

    1. wyliefoxEsquire


      Will do



  3. Are you going to shoot 5th Sun with Altar Valley? We are! Hope to see you there...if you're coming will you bring that movie from down Bisbee way? Thanks! Love to those pups!

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