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  1. I certainly hope EOT's participation numbers increase rather than dwindle. I remember the recent year EOT pulled the targets in and the participation numbers increased...a lot. I also remember reading here, on the Wire, how many people were NOT in favor of that. They did not think it worthy of a World Championship match. I think the changes this year made it a World Championship. I really liked the scenarios! A little different and fun to run. Not every stage had pistol targets set out further than recent years. From someone borne and raised in CAS in Tombstone and Tucson with Bordertown-type target sets and sizes, here's MHO. You can't please every competitor at a match. You can only do your best at keeping the playing field even, fun and...yea, at state and above matches a little challenging. Yes, there was a stage with targets set at angle. It was one of my best. It was about placing yourself where you needed to be. The targets were not smaller than past years. That's a perception. Distances were changed - pistols, and not much but enough on some stages to notice but all were hittable. Rifle targets were certainly hittable and you could make up speed there...if you chose to. It wasn't a "pray and spray" match. It wasn't a monthly match or Bordertown or other annual that has all stages with big targets set close. There's room in the game for it all. Bordertown is Bordertown and is its own match with its own flavor. Lord knows I love to pray and spray! But I also like runnin' and gunnin' and there was plenty of that at EOT as well! Lanny Basham says when going to a big match practice everything so you're prepared for anything. I believe if you come to a match with expectations you've set yourself up for disappointment. It wasn't a "pray and spray" match. BUT it WAS all about strategy and front sight. And you know what? We should approach any stage that way anyhow. Even if it's big and close. That's what I took away from this match. And I will be a better shooter for it. I didn't perceive any P traps - just a lot of latitude offered the shooter to execute a stage the best they could to their strengths. So, the changes this year made me think that Lassiter, Deuce & Carty read/listened to shooter response about level of challenge for world competition. Oh, I had my own issues, too. 5 misses all pistol. Distance? I WISH! No, it was more like...head up the butt! Puttin' it away before I was finished shooting, poor positioning, loose grip, slip hammerin' when I shouldn't have, stuff like that. Stuff that practice/dry firing etc. can help erase.
  2. Thank you all. You humble me. .6 seconds. wow. Makes coming back next year a reason to practice! GREAT match. Challenging. Makes coming back next year a reason to practice!
  3. Took the class. They cover a lot of ground but not too much to take in. They leave enough time for each student to live fire with instruction. They enforce the importance of dry fire. May go back again just for review. Never know what you pick up or what you've forgotten. I saw Cobra Cat walking away from a S/G class at WR years ago and I asked him how the class went, thinking he was an instructor. When he told me he was a student I was floored! But what he said was most important - "you can always pick up tips to up your game." Take the class. You won't regret it. Oh. And you get a groovy SASS University pin!
  4. Judgem All Duncan and Yazoo City Gal. RIP, Judge.
  5. Larsen, we're sorry you lost your bud. Our little buddies hold such a big space in our hearts, ya know? Glad you have his photos around to help heal your heart. Sassy 'n Windy
  6. This photo is from Bordertown. He loved Bordertown so much he called last year to say they wouldn't be able to make it but he wanted us to send 'em something from the shoot. So we did. ...sent him an entire Shooter's Packet as motivation really, to get those 2 back to Tombstone asap! Man, we'll miss you Judge. Although my heart breaks at this moment, when I think of you I just smile! Can't help it because that's what you brought to this world...your big, bright, beautiful spirit! RIP, my friend. And Yazoo? I have his text sent when y'all were traveling to N. Carolina for your 37th anniversary. Last thing he wrote? "I love my wife." Cindi, you are in our hearts and our prayers, girl.
  7. Did you get through? They are really punctual at replying to emails, so double check your spelling. See ya in Feb!
  8. There are several 2 and 3-day matches in AZ before we even get to the mack-daddy of 'em all... WINTER RANGE!! January 13-15 Yuma Matchmasters Territorial Prison Breakout - Yuma, AZ (pre-registration) January 27-28-29 The Dusty Bunch Gathering of the Posses - Casa Grande, AZ (pre-registration) February 18-19 Cowtown Cowboy Shooters Fire N Ice - Peoria, AZ (just around the corner from Ben Avery/WR) (pre-registration) February 18-19 Los Vaqueros Winter Range Warm up 2 one-day matches - Tombstone, AZ Some may have side matches the day before, you can call 'em and find out. BUT WAIT!!! THERE'S MORE!! You can find a monthly match every single weekend in AZ! Just go to our handy dandy sassnet.com, look under Affiliated Clubs then AZ and a boatload of clubs will come up. If you want to stay down in Tombstone or in the Phoenix area, there's a match every weekend in those areas 'til Winter Range and beyond! We're here just waiting for all of you to come shoot with us! Don't forget ACSA's regular monthly match is a Winter Range Warm Up right there at Ben Avery Februrary 11 - and folks, there is a pre-registration for that shoot - and it gets full fast! Whew! I'm exhausted already just thinking about the fun months ahead! Woohoo!
  9. We tried giving WTG a go in Southern AZ but just couldn't get enough folks involved. I LOVE WTG! It's so much fun. Some folks felt that because you can move while shooting in WTG it would "mess with their game" when it came time to shoot CAS matches because they'd forget to stop and then shoot in CAS. I'm here to tell ya that I had no problem separating the 2 disciplines and I'm in full blown menapause...and if ANYthing can mess with your head, that will! LOL!! Foilks if you have a chance to try it, investigate it and get someone to give you the lowdown and then get some shooters together and give it a shot! Then you'll know. Be an educated consumer. Thanks, Allie Mo, for spreading the word!
  10. Are you going to shoot 5th Sun with Altar Valley? We are! Hope to see you there...if you're coming will you bring that movie from down Bisbee way? Thanks! Love to those pups!

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