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  1. May a healing take place for Shirley, Lord. May it take place in Divine love and wisdom and may it be in the highest good of all concerned. Shirley and Bob are in our prayers. Sassy & Windy
  2. You betcha, Billy Boots! Gilly Boy and CN Double were willing to put up with us cowboys warming up on 3 bays while they're warming up for the WB at WR! Can't wait to see you! Hope Sassy's coming as well! Sassy D.
  3. Here's the list: February 8 & 9 ACSA at Ben Avery in Phoenix - may still be some space on Sunday, 2/9 - https://acsainc.com to check for cancellations February 8 Pima Cowboys in Catalina - limited space - full - pimacowboys.com to check for cancellations February 15 & 16 Los Vaqueros in Tombstone at The Tombstone Livery - c'mon down! 6 posses! losvaqueros.org February 22 OPSA in Tombstone at The Tombstone Livery - only 60 shooters. oldpuebloshootists.com to check February 22 Dusty Bunch in Casa Grande - dustybunch.org February 22 & 23 Fire & Ice, Cowtown - full - ccsa-az.com for cancellations AND THEN FEBRUARY 25 - MARCH 1 - WINTER RANGE! WINTER RANGE! WINTER RANGE!
  4. RO classes really are informative and can enhance your enjoyment of this sport. Come and find out! Los Vaqueros is offering both levels on 1 weekend. The details for the classes in Tombstone, AZ are below. If the link provided does not work for you, go to losvaqueros.org to sign up. ROI AND ROII Classes will be held at the... Hosted by the Los Vaqueros TOMBSTONE LIVERY STABLE 919 W. Highway 82, AZ From Tucson on I-10: (it's very easy!) exit 303, which turns into Route 80, go thru Benson and St. David, continue approx. 15 mi. To intersection of Highway 82, (2 miles north of Tombstone) Turn RIGHT on 82 (west towards Nogales) Go ONLY 1/4 mi..... Then turn LEFT. Materials and Schedule 3/28 ROI need to, download, and bring the Shooters Handbook and the ROI Manual. 8:00am Sign In 8:30am Start Class Approximately 11:30 Lunch 1 Hour- a sack lunch is recommended Approximately 3:30pm Finish 3/29 ROII need to bring the ROII Manual. 8:00am Sign In 8:30am Start Class Approximately 11:00 Lunch 1 Hour- a sack lunch is recommended Approximately 3:00pm Finish Eye and ear protection are required for this day Instructor: Flying W Ramrod How Much...... Sat March 28th RO I Training * New- First Time $25.00Refresher - $10.00 Sun March 29th RO II Training * New- First time $25.00Refresher- $10.00 Cash or Check Only will be accepted (payable to Wayne Edgin) Sign up here
  5. Poetry in motion. Period. Ok, then there's his beautiful wife, Mad Cat With a Gun. MORE poetry! And the most beautiful son...wow. So, every time Ray got up to stage his guns, the posse got a little quieter and a few more of us than usual came up to watch the magic. Lightening!
  6. Ok, now I get to say it here, in front of all a ya, TENNESSEE TOMBSTONE ROCKS AS POSSE MARSHAL!! And...Posse 5 was just downright fabulous! Ran well, on time, and a whole lotta laughs. After the last few years Windy and I truly can't imagine shooting BT without "The South!" TNT, Cactus, Copperhead, Whiskey, Yazoo (bad ass outlaw babe), Titus, Fannie, Hombre, Long Gulch, whew! I'm afraid I'll leave someone out here! All those characters mixed in with our own crowd made for one helluva posse. Thank you, Bordertown, for making a shoot that brings us all together in The Town Too Tough To Die! It IS special!
  7. Thanks to each and every one of you. One of the best parts of BT is being able to see all of you in one place! Oh, and thanks, HC, for the "young!" LOL! Looking forward to seeing you all on the range!
  8. I can't think of anyone more deserving. TNT, I'm sure this is just the beginning of honors to be bestowed upon you, brother. You are truly genuine in all you do on and off the range. Windy and I feel privileged to be part of this crowd calling you friend! Good to shoot with you and spend a little time with Lady T. Congratulations! And that BUCKLE!! WOW! Wear it well.
  9. Judgem All Duncan and Yazoo City Gal. RIP, Judge.
  10. Did you get through? They are really punctual at replying to emails, so double check your spelling. See ya in Feb!
  11. There are several 2 and 3-day matches in AZ before we even get to the mack-daddy of 'em all... WINTER RANGE!! January 13-15 Yuma Matchmasters Territorial Prison Breakout - Yuma, AZ (pre-registration) January 27-28-29 The Dusty Bunch Gathering of the Posses - Casa Grande, AZ (pre-registration) February 18-19 Cowtown Cowboy Shooters Fire N Ice - Peoria, AZ (just around the corner from Ben Avery/WR) (pre-registration) February 18-19 Los Vaqueros Winter Range Warm up 2 one-day matches - Tombstone, AZ Some may have side matches the day before, you can call 'em and find out. BUT WAIT!!! THERE'S MORE!! You can find a monthly match every single weekend in AZ! Just go to our handy dandy sassnet.com, look under Affiliated Clubs then AZ and a boatload of clubs will come up. If you want to stay down in Tombstone or in the Phoenix area, there's a match every weekend in those areas 'til Winter Range and beyond! We're here just waiting for all of you to come shoot with us! Don't forget ACSA's regular monthly match is a Winter Range Warm Up right there at Ben Avery Februrary 11 - and folks, there is a pre-registration for that shoot - and it gets full fast! Whew! I'm exhausted already just thinking about the fun months ahead! Woohoo!
  12. We tried giving WTG a go in Southern AZ but just couldn't get enough folks involved. I LOVE WTG! It's so much fun. Some folks felt that because you can move while shooting in WTG it would "mess with their game" when it came time to shoot CAS matches because they'd forget to stop and then shoot in CAS. I'm here to tell ya that I had no problem separating the 2 disciplines and I'm in full blown menapause...and if ANYthing can mess with your head, that will! LOL!! Foilks if you have a chance to try it, investigate it and get someone to give you the lowdown and then get some shooters together and give it a shot! Then you'll know. Be an educated consumer. Thanks, Allie Mo, for spreading the word!
  13. Are you going to shoot 5th Sun with Altar Valley? We are! Hope to see you there...if you're coming will you bring that movie from down Bisbee way? Thanks! Love to those pups!

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