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  1. 22 hours ago, Warden Callaway said:

    Since I don't hunt with the old shotguns,  I really load them light.   I have used Grafs Reenactor black powder but more recently used BlackMZ. Since we can't publish load data specifics,  I'll just say I load about 1oz shot and less by volume of powder.  This turns out to be about half what would have been used in the day.  

    Right - didn't know that  we couldn't publish load data. Thanks a lot - I don't hunt so I plan to load light as well.


  2. Hey Warden - Great stuff!

    What 10g black powder load do you use?

    There was reportedly an article (I haven't yet located) in the Double Gun Journal by Sherman Bell listing 10 gauge BP loads.

    This fellow tested damascus barrelled guns to see if they were inherently unsafe. 


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