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  1. Right - didn't know that we couldn't publish load data. Thanks a lot - I don't hunt so I plan to load light as well. Gracias!
  2. Hey Warden - Great stuff! What 10g black powder load do you use? There was reportedly an article (I haven't yet located) in the Double Gun Journal by Sherman Bell listing 10 gauge BP loads. This fellow tested damascus barrelled guns to see if they were inherently unsafe. https://www.midwayusa.com/larrys-short-stories/damascus-barrels-rumors-and-facts/183
  3. Great tips, I am very appreciative to receive them! These Remington shotguns are really nice. Can’t wait to reload some BP shells. I also picked up a trade name Belgian coach in 10g. Will treat much more cautiously when it’s delivered.
  4. Sage advice - I can't imagine any gunsmith in this lawyer-soggy day clearing any antique gun(no matter how safe) to shoot.
  5. Just bought a Remington 1889 10 Gauge Shotgun (Grade 3 - Damascus barrel). What do you do to safety test an antique shotgun before use? Use test load and sandbag with a long string behind a barricade?
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