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  1. 23 - Vaquero 17 - New Vaquero The springs are not the same length.
  2. One of the interesting things about the Stooges film is that it paradies Stalin as one of Hitler's minions. People seem to forget Germany and Russia were allies and jointly invaded Poland in 1939. They became adversaries in 1941 when Germany invaded Russia.
  3. The whole gun looks distorted. Could be as simple that he used a wide angle lens and it distorted the guns features. Could be a Spanish copy. Who knows.
  4. Take the stock off and open the gun and carefully watch the internal parts. Do it several times. When you open the gun do both hammers move to the rear? Only one not catch? Same one every time? If both hammers are moving back but one side is not catching the sear then the cocking rod is too short or the cocking lever has worn. A typical fix is to put a little weld on the front of the cocking lever and file it to shape. This does not require disassembling the action. Replacing the cocking rod entails taking down the gun. If you have not done it before it can be a PITA to get the hammers back in.
  5. Found a schematic in one of my books that shows the hole.
  6. Cannot see the pictures unless you log in.
  7. I do not have a 200E around right now so I am going from recollection. The 100 and 150 have two screws in the main body of the forearm iron that secure it to the wood. (Not counting the screw holding the plunger tube.) The 200 has one screw. To help secure the forearm to the wood there is a round recoil lug on the back of the forearm iron and a matching hole in the wood. When the screw loosens or breaks it frequently results in that steel lug compressing or breaking the wood around the hole. If that happens it does not matter how tight you tighten the screw. It will not hold. The only solution is new wood or to glass bed the hole to strengthen the wood. Remove your forend iron and check the condition of the hole in the wood.
  8. Are you sure it is not cocking rather than failing to release?
  9. Pack then it would have been the PO (Post Office). The USPS was not created until 1971.
  10. Most of the large gun stores and many distributors have their inventories on-line. I just punched in a search at a local shop and they have them. https://tombstonetactical.com/product/taylors-and-company-200fpg-1873-357-mag-101-20-walnut-pistol-grip-stock-color-case-hardened-right-hand#product_detail
  11. Just after WWII the Brits started getting back to normal and this included the re-opening of model airplane clubs. A novelty were those flying model jets. Look familiar? Even the jet engine is a ramjet just like the V-1.
  12. Yes and sort of. The 24 was built by Winchester when there still was a Winchester. American built of quality materials. It is large and somewhat ungainly. It is, however, striker fired and the trigger pulls feel like a quality rifle trigger. I have a large collection of takedown manuals and books but have never found take down instructions for the Model 24. All you can find on-line are schematics. The only thing I found in searching the Internet was a thread on a website where someone cautioned against removing a large screw on top of the receiver that appears somewhat like a stock screw. The reason being if you remove that screw the internal mechanism falls into the action. With that caution I did remove the stock and spend many hours playing with the striker mechanism. The problem for SASS is that virtually no one has any experience working on them. They can be set-up to work well but finding someone that can do it is pretty much impossible. (Photo, no hammers. The one in the photo was made in 1936.)
  13. When I saw the title Women’s World Cup all I could think of was C or D.
  14. Hal Roach had Laurel and Hardy. But he also had a female version of Laurel and Hardy starring Thelma Todd and Zazu Pitts that debuted in 1931. Todd opened "Thelma Todd's Sidewalk Cafe" in 1934. It became one of Hollywood's favorite hot spots. It still exists but has been closed for years and there is a constant battle to tear it down or restore it. Sadly less than two years later Thelma died in late 1935 at age 29. That ended the female Laurel and Hardy comedies.
  15. If it primes perfectly what are you having to push in? Are you talking pushing the shell further into the shell plate or something else?
  16. Several things could be wrong. The rod that operates the shell inserter could be off. The inserter itself might need adjusting. The square block the inserter rides on could be dirty/gummy and not allowing the inserter to push the shell all the way. Some parts could be worn. It is hard to see from the photo but if you are talking about the priming station the spring loaded arm that holds the shell in place could need adjustment or be dirty or damaged. When the shell is all the way into the shellplate the little finger should be just touching the rim.
  17. For the price range you are looking at I would look at the Browning Citori CXT if you intend to shoot trap singles and doubles. If you only plan on singles then the Browning BT99 is a good choice. 32" on the CXT and 34" on the BT99. For skeet in that price range there are Browning and Beretta entry level guns. There are others but be careful of the weight. Most of the cheap O/Us (anything under $2K) are hunting guns and tend to be light in weight. A light gun shot all day long will beat you to death.
  18. Pretty darn neat! I wish there were sub-titles. The guy narrating is speaking some kind of furrin language. I mean what the heck is a grub screw? In these parts grub is what you eat.
  19. Has nothing to do with killing snakes. Both the pythons and rabbits were introduced by idiot people.
  20. Sitting here in Phoenix on day 20 of 110+ degree days and the next ten days looking like more of the same I am looking for forward to spending a week in Morro Bay. 60 degree or low 70 degree days sitting on the waterfront having dinner is sounding better and better.
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