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  1. In more and more places October 12 is no longer Columbus Day it is Indigenous People's Day. The chruch that Washington attended has taken down a plaque noting his membership in that chruch.
  2. Wasn't talking about you. Was talking about that other bad speller feller.
  3. He'll be real sorry real soon. Costco is already limiting the amount of TP you can buy. Round two of the great TP shortage is coming.
  4. Yeah does not know how to spell or apprecite fine motor cars. Probably owned a Chevy Vega.
  5. You must have been rich! I could not afford a Capri.
  6. Yeah, yeah, yeah, and I remember when gas was .25 cents a gallon and MacDonalds hamburgers were .15 cents. So what, we aren't leaving in the past we are in the present and inflation, shipping, material costs and Biden are driving all prices UP.
  7. Without knowing how old the article is or what kind of "high speed racer" you are talking about it is hard to answer this question. The Pinto engine has not been made for decades. The most popular was the 2000cc overhead cam engine. For a while this was a popular engine for OLD jeeps. I had a Pinto engine in my 1947 CJ-2. Old jeeps and old Pinto engines are both getting awful hard to find.
  8. Allie, remember the Alamo or at least the Morton's behind it? And, getting stuck in a snowstorm in Branson and paying an ungodly amount of money for bad food! Missed you at the Western Regional this year. For sure will have to have dinner down at the docks next year.
  9. Don't know what the original point might have been. But, it has been viewed almost 58 MILLION times. I am sure they made their money back on the video.
  10. The gun was at the SASS Convention in Branson, Mo., in 2013. I was handling it and just casually mentioned "isn't it strange that one of the most iconic guns in Western lore is not legal for SASS shooting." The guy that owned it went absolutely nuts. "What the heck are you talking about THIS is John Wayne's gun."
  11. Looks like you just pointed the camera down and caught yourself.
  12. The way some SASS shooters load poof-tink loads that is enough for four or five rounds.
  13. Not so functional aircraft. At the very end they are measuring the crater he left in the ground.
  14. First we had gender fluidity. Now we seem to have mail/package fluidity. I have gotten UPS items delivered by USPS and USPS items delivered by UPS.
  15. CCI and Federal are owned by the same company. (As is Remington) Lots has changed in the past couple of years. Take one of those CCI's out and smack it will a hammer and report back your results.
  16. Heck you can get the Rooster Shooter for a lot less direct from Italy.
  17. Computerized gadgets in general. In other words basically every electrical device being produced today.
  18. I understand if you buy the cards at Costco you can get them at a discount and save yourself a few bucks.
  19. On the outside chance someone actually has one you need to post the caliber. .28 or .31.
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