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  1. There's hard and then there is HARD. No one in their right mind is going to use a steel rod to push on a cap. Most people use deer antler, a piece of wooden dowel or plastic. One of the purposes is so you don't wind up with an exploded thumb. Remember the word "pushing." The object is not to hammer, smash, use a hydralic press, etc., the object is to "push" the cap on until it seats. Many posts are made about center fire rounds not going off on the first hit. The first question usually asked is are the primers seated to the bottom of the primer pocket? Same with a C&B. You want the top of the nipple cone to be in contact with the priming compound inside the cap. You also want a friction fit between the nipple and cap otherwise the cap will fall off when the gun fires. So with proper fitting nipples AND caps they are a sliding fit and merely need to be "pushed" onto the nipple. Anything other than that and the shooter needs to work on their nipple/cap fit.
  2. I was referring primarily to Post #5. Pinching caps is not the solution to loose fitting caps.
  3. Anyone that recommends "squeezing" caps to make them "fit" on the nipple is osmeone you don't want to be taking advice from. Sure sign the shooter does not know what they are doing.
  4. The locking brace on a Uberti is nothing like a USFA, Taurus, AWA, or Pedersoli It is interesting you said you ordered parts for the Thunderbolt from Taurus. When did you order them? Did you get them?
  5. Cap and balls are ".44s." Their bores are .454 which makes them an actual .45 the way bores and grooves are measured these days.. Been that way for 150+ years. Just got to adapt to the nomenclature. Rugers only came in one caliber. If someone is advertising a conversion cylinder for a Ruger it is going to be .45 Colt. I use the Cowboy Special as it duplicates the feel of my C&B load.
  6. Most dealers haven't gotten any Federal primers in a long time. Dillon's has not had any in months. I ordered some from Brownells/Sinclair and after several months I did get a notice that they were cancelling the order because of continued uncertainty of when they would get any primers. What a lot of people have done is to order from multiple seller's and hope one of them will get some primers. I got an email from one saying I had two hours to respond if I still wanted some that had been ordered months ago. I wasn't home and by the time I opened the email the two hours were up and they were out of stock again. Doesn't do any good to whine about it. You just have to keep lookiing.
  7. Wrapping and unwrapping your thumb from around the stock on your rifle as you fire then lever. Lots of new shooters do this and it is a real time killer.
  8. The Smith Shop does not carry any Uberti parts and none of the USFA parts are interchangeable with Ubertis.
  9. Why would someone call someone else a rule nazi for enforcing the rules? Some people at matches large and small complain about everything.
  10. If we are creating a list let's add: Rule Nazi Costume Police SASS is Only Entertainment Just Saying If I never hear any of those again it will be to soon.
  11. I have had some Uberti Lightning parts on order from VTI for two years. I also put in an order with Taylor and Company. Took about 18 months to get the parts from Taylors but they finally did manage to get them. Hope you have a backup rifle or two.
  12. As I ALWAYS say. "Drop-in parts drop in until they don't." No one can tell you if a part will "drop in" until you try them in YOUR gun. Guns are machines. They have tolerances. Sometimes the tolerances stack in your favor, sometimes they don't. Generally the hammers fit with no problems.
  13. If you have a friend going to Winter Range ask them to stop by the Pietta tent. Alessandro usually brings several boxes of replacment hammers in a variety of styles with him. I bought a pair a couple of years ago. If I can find them I'll take a picture and if they are what you want I can sell you these and pick up more at the match.
  14. What "handbook" are you talking about? I've never encountered such a thing on the SASS wire.
  15. To be clear this should be "Winter Range." SASS is at Founders Ranch.
  16. Wait just a second, isn't "period correct" a phrase rather than a term?
  17. Take them apart and look. Very simple machines. If a gun won't stay on half-cock the typical problems are a broken half-cock notch on the hammer or the tip of the trigger is broken off. Cylinder not lining up is typically the hand. They are a single tooth design and when they wear the cylinder doesn't fully advance.
  18. If I am cold my ammo performs very poorly. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  19. Short of like the difference between a Rolex and a Timex. The Stoeger is fine for a lot of shooters.
  20. Probably the same place half my socks go to when I wash them. I have a whole drawer full of "onezies."
  21. I have a S&W 929 eight shot 9mm that I am working on to get back into IPSC shooting. Which spring you use depends on what you are going to use the gun for. The Miculek is made for Federal ammo (the 147 grain subsonic load is the go-to load for the 929) or reloads with Federal primers and says so in the instructions. It is intended to be set up with a trigger pull gauge and when adjusted properly to give a seven pound double action pull. I would not use this setup for a self-defense gun.
  22. Tried 3/4 oz and didn't like it. A noticeably higher number of make-ups that I didn't get with more shot. The more shot in the shell the more forgiving it is for bad aiming/pointing. If we keep going the super poofer route with shotgun ammo ike we do with handgun and rifle ammo I guess the next hot ticket will be 1/2 ounce loads and petitions to the ROC to allow adults to use .410s.
  23. Are you trying to cycle empty brass through the mechanism? I don't see that kind of damage in the first two pictures. With as much damage as is shown in the third photo there is no way that you couldn't see of feel the problem if it were something in the chamber. Seems like a piece of the story is missing.
  24. This comes up at least once a month. NO ONE sells a factory reinforced loading gate. Doesn't matter what the hype unless it has been fixed by someone the gate is not truly reinforced. Go here and look at post #8. http://www.sassnet.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=247964
  25. I hate to say it but this explanation is basically incomprehensible. I have never seen a factory loaded round with a 230 grain bullet. Are these reloads? Basically what you have said is "help, my car is making a noise. What is it?"
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