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  1. Warranty? The USFA and Standard are both basic Colt copies. The entire action consists of four parts, the hammer, the trigger, the bolt and the hand. A three toed tree gorilla can fix a SAA.
  2. It should also be remembered that WR/EOT is during the school year. The Boy Scouts are in school and come out at night to pick up the brass. As noted a large number of shooters coupled with a large percentage of shooters in the senior geezer category equals a glacial brass pickup time. The only people that seem to gripe about it are ones who have never been to WR/EOT or profess they will never go because they will loose their 120 pieces of .38 Special brass. WR/EOT is at least 50% bigger than any other match in the country.
  3. I make almost a daily circuit looking for stuff. Today for the first time in well over a year Sportsman's Warehouse acutally had and entire aisle set aside for ammo. They have had batches of various calibers and something has always been on the shelf the past several weeks but this is the most so far. Still no primers and no powder. They had shotgun shells but limit still two boxes. No sales by the case.
  4. Actually what I was thinking of is the beeper in the powder measure warning sensor. These are at such a high tone I can't hear them most of the time. The light does not do much good as it is on top of the machine and outside my peripheral vision. The powder charge sensor for powder in the shell casing I solved years ago with an RCBS Lock Out Die. The buzzer in the powder measure sensor is very small. Any ideas on a louder buzzer?
  5. Very good. Is the new one a beeper or a buzzer? The last couple of Dillon's I have purchased have high pitched tones that I cannot hear very well. Would like to convert them to a loud buzz.
  6. Not sure I understand the question. The bullet weight is the bullet weight.
  7. The amount of powder is irrelevant. Look at the velocity and pressure. P.S. I just looked at the Hodgdon site. The 105 listed is a jacketed bullet. I would use the starting load for the 90 grain lead bullet for a 105 lead.
  8. Hell's I'll bring some .38 Special Starline to the next CowTown shoot.
  9. Primer firing on second strike is almost always a sign the primers were not seated properly. 15 pounds on a stock New Vaquero may be too light especially if the free spin pawl is slowing the hammer fall. You don't need to keep buying more springs. Simply add some washers on top of the spring and test it.
  10. The pilot of Air Force One wouldn't take the Covid shot and was fired. So Joe was practicing some take offs on his own.
  11. Sounds like you are simply out-of-touch with the market and have unrealistic expectations. It is not 10 or 15 years ago. It is now.
  12. Maybe I was ruined by the original movie. Thought it was awful so had less than zero interest in anything to do with Dune. The new version is on TV so maybe I'll watch it and see if it is any better.
  13. This is one way to get primers. https://www.rcbs.com/rcbs-kits/primer-and-die-kits/primers-and-die-reloading-kit/1001650.html?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_content=1633703141&fbclid=IwAR1Kh-ZSaKdenlbQkBGiugJ_jZ5GRXcHO3OyagbjaPTpIWqOBoSk793d2m0
  14. https://parts.bowenclassicarms.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=8&products_id=47
  15. I thought emoticons were those space aliens that turn into trucks.
  16. Shelves are full to overflowing. Federal primers are $25.00 per thousand no limit. 8 pound kegs of Clays powder is $75.00. What other fantasies do you want to hear?
  17. Alex Baldwin looks like he lost a lot of weight worrying about the shooting in Sante Fe.
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