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  1. Start at about 3:30 for installing the barrel.
  2. My action wrench. 20" of oak with a filler block. As far as makeshift equipment have you looked at the Uberti video on YouTube? They are using wood blocks and a wooden action wrench. I went to one of the biggest names in Single Action tuning a few years ago to get a barrel changed. We went out into the shop and he put the barrel in a pair of wooden blocks and then tightened the vice jaws with a cheater bar. Had an old baseball bat that was trimmed to fit the SAA frame window. It ain't rocket science. Below is a screen shot from the How It's Made series and their tour of the Uberti factory.
  3. I have a barrel vice but it is set up for round barrels. I take two pieces of hard wood and make a square notch that fits the barrel flats. When the two pieces are squeezed together in a GOOD bench vice you wind up with wood on four of the barrel flats. Remember to use hard wood and that if you do not get the vice jaws tight enough and the barrel turns in the wood you may damage the octagon corners on the barrel. Also fit the hardwood block into the frame window as closely as possible. Most of the time they are not all that tight. Here is a photo of the barrel removed.
  4. They are buying a new Hunter Biden painting for the lobby and those ain't cheap.
  5. Make sure when you are doing the test that you point the muzzle up at a steep angle so the round slides fully to the rear. Lots look OK when the rifle is level.
  6. Omicron Delta Five. Captain Kirk went there. Travel restrictions, vacination requirements for people coming from Canada. Yet two million illegals have come across the southern border with no covid tests or vacinations. Makes you wonder what the purpose of the other restrictions is supposed to be.
  7. Was bored so I drove over to Dillon's. No primers and no powder that I could use. Picked up a couple of miscellaneous parts.
  8. ^^^^^^^^ Yep the butt draggin was interesting the first time. Passable the second time. Tolerable the third time and irritating after that.
  9. I just saw that episode a couple of days ago. Took awhile to figure it out. Since it was 1960 there were no reproductions. Using original 73s allowed that them to use 5 in 1 blanks and 73s back then were dirt cheap.
  10. You know what everyone is going to say, "badges, we don't need no stinkin badges."
  11. Yul's carts are works of art. Being a humble peasant I am allowed to look at them but not touch them.
  12. Federal still sells these for trap shooting. At the extreme high end for once fired they go for aound $14.00 per hundred.
  13. Kelly Reilly in Britannia disciplining Rip's great, great, great, great x 20 grandfather.
  14. If it is two minutes that is still one minute and forty-five seconds too long. I can watch the NFR on the nag channel. I appreciate the talent it takes to sing opera or dance ballet. Does not mean I want to watch them. Now if Beth is going to rein in Rip . . .
  15. Pietta 1851 grips are not "panels" they are one piece. There are also two types on 1851 gripframes. The grip for one won't fit the other.
  16. If a stock Uberti lever won't work with the Uberti short stroke why does anyone believe the C&I replacment lever will work? The C&I is a replacement for a stock Uberti lever.
  17. Since we as a society have become dependent on computers and cell phones the technology is becoming scary. Just a couple of months ago Apple announced it had software to track and analyze every photo on your phone. Ostensibly it was to detect child porn. So much uproar was raised Apple claims they did not implement the software. Who knows. If you have an Alexa it listens to everything you say and has been used as evidence in criminal cases. So you better watch yourself.
  18. I have shot a few but not found one I wanted to own yet. The primary feature of the Model 50 is that it has a floating chamber. It is a short recoil semi-auto mechanism but rather than the barrel recoiling the chamber does. Only made from 1954 to 1962. They take some tuning to ensure they run properly and parts are getting hard to find.
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