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  1. DOE is woefully incompetent with our national energy policies which is its mission. Why does anyone think DOE, Department of ENERGY, knows ANYTHING about infectious deseases which is clearly not its mission?
  2. Only the first day of shooting and Yul is already burning his score card.
  3. Yul is in a good spot to view and talk to the shooters. This diagram is not to scale but I have added a box showing the location of the cart corral and Cowboy Fast Draw. Stages one through four are right in front of the cart corral and everyone going to or from stages one through four has to pass directly in front of Yul.
  4. It started at $275,000.00 from an address in Finnland in 2021.
  5. Over on Gunbroker there is an ad for Joseph Goebbles personal gun. This particular gun has been floating around for years and no one has been dumb enough to buy it yet. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/965028644 Here is the story of the actual Walther Model 8s owned by Goebbels.
  6. Is the price $1,759.00? If so , I hope they have their Pakistani sub-contractor geared up because they have a hit on their hands.
  7. The link is to Kentucky Ballistics. It and Demolition Ranch are the two largest shooting websites on YouTube. Sitting at a bench and shooting groups gets boring quick. So they try to put a little entertainment into the mix. Sort of like the Hydraulic Press Channel if you have ever watched that. Aside from the goofy stuff they do some pretty interesting tests.
  8. I would contact Shotgun Boogie. He and several other German shooters have made many trips to the U.S. Boogie now lives in the U.S. and operates a gun tuning store. He lives only a few miles from where EOT takes place. https://sbgwllc.com
  9. You tellin me you have never seen a mouse?
  10. Here is a headline currently on the CBS News website. And they thought the people going to Walmart are dumb. More than 1 million Mainstays candles from Walmart recalled over fire hazards Kind of reminds me of the effort made a few years ago to require that buckets have holes in the bottom so children would not drown in them.
  11. I remember when Jojoba bean farming was going to save western civilization. Far and away the best oil for BP guns and lots of other things was Sperm Oil. Pretty scarce these days.
  12. The guy should be a polititian. 12 minutes of blathering and he never said anything useful.
  13. J. Hornady has been around for quite a while. I just Googled their site and it says not secure. Maybe they are having problems with hackers. To you question I live in the desert and it is often 110+ with very low humidity. I bought four of the shirts and to me (and I emphasize to ME) I do not like what feels like hot dry nylon on my skin. In extremely hot weather I prefer good old cotton. In climates with high humidity sweat may make them feel different.
  14. While his presidency was not stellar I admired him as a man. His work with habitat for humanity is beyound reproach. It is also a forgotten event that he helped save Ottawa, Canada from nuclear destruction. I have read about that event several times. A VERY short summary- Who needs action movies when there are real-life superheroes like Jimmy Carter among us? A viral Twitter thread is reminding the world that the 39th US President James Earl Carter Jr., now 97, actually rescuedOttawa, Ontario, from nuclear destruction as a 28-year-old way back on Dec. 12, 1952. “Do you remember the world’s very first nuclear meltdown? That time the US President, an expert in nuclear physics, heroically lowered himself into the reactor and saved Ottawa, Canada’s capital?” asked Canadian physicist University of Ottawa professor Jeff Lundeen in his now-viral thread, originally posted Tuesday but officially trending two days later. “Sounds like schlocky action movie, but it actually happened!”
  15. High folding stool. Walmart. $16.00. Very easy to carry from stage to stage.
  16. If either of the OP's is going to EOT I have this good solid 1895 model for $1,300.00. Will not ship, need to pick up at EOT or have a friend pick it up.
  17. Earl, is this what you are looking for? Stud, end cap and screw. These were $50.00 when they were available. I don't have my CL anymore so how's $40.00?
  18. These are funny. Sanford and Son with some CGI. There are 23 episodes. Each one is only a few seconds long so all 23 can be watched in about five minutes.
  19. Most young folks have been raised with Iphones. If you say it is a quarter to four they have no idea what you are talking about. They look at their phones and it says 3:45.
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