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  1. They are not "offering" anything. The website says Out of Stock as it has for months. Trailboss is not currently being made and may never be made again.
  2. There has not been any .410 ammo available locally for over two years let alone .410 with Tungsten shot.
  3. Another Beth bathing in the horse trough scene and all would be forgiven.
  4. Eddie Haskell never called Mr. and Mrs. Cleaver Ward and June.
  5. But do new Buicks have holes? Buick has the second oldest demographic. Of course for SASS members anyone under 80 is a youngster.
  6. It all started going downhill for Buick when it started using Chevy engines in the late 1970's.
  7. A goodly number of Buicks are made in China. Cheaper to make them there and import them than build them here. Just go to a Buick Dealer and open the driver's side door. On the country of origin tag it will proudly say Made in China. This is the Buick Envision. Made in Shanghai.
  8. I had a Rhohatsu. Cheap North Korean car. Nothing to celebrate.
  9. I have a Ginsu. It will cut through an engine block and still slice tomatoes.
  10. https://home.epix.net/~damguy/Moss-cross.htm Scroll down to Western Field.
  11. My dad's birthday is December 7. On December 8, 1941, he was at the Navy recruiting station. He was 16.
  12. The .38s used a conical firing pin. The .357s used a pin with a smaller diameter nose that floats to center it in the frame. The smaller diameter accomodates higher pressure.
  13. It is still made. Winchester and Remington among others still make it. Problem right now is if it is not 9mm most stores are not carrying it.
  14. Known as the Doctrine of Prior Appropriation. You can have a river running through your property but not be entitled to take a drop of water from it.
  15. You have to be a little familiar with western water rights. Basically a problem from day one at FR was that they only had a permit for one domestic well. There is no water for cattle or farming.
  16. Been posted for almost three weeks. Look at the website.
  17. My dad was on the Skate when it surfaced at the North Pole. He was on a Trident submarine when he retired in 1967. I still have one of these envelopes.
  18. A follow-up to my plans for a sumptuous feast is that it was tasty but by no means sumptuous. I don't remember what the Hungry Man dinner cost last year. BUT there are two ways to raise costs. One is to raise the price and the second is to reduce the amount of product. This year the dinner still had four "slices" of turkey but this year all four of those slices were not as thick as one slice last year. I will skip the reasons and just note things could have changed at the mid-term elections but the American people pretty much decided to keep things as is so we reap what we have sown.
  19. Just got back from my Thanksgiving trip to the movies. Laid out all the incredients and now it is time for the arduous task of preparing a sumptuous feast.
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