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  1. Read the rule book. Page 36 outlines what needs to be done.
  2. Predicting when the Italians build what and when they will arrive in the U.S. is like trying to predict which stocks are going to rise or fall. Tammy, Sue and Keri run Taylors and are great to talk to. Tammy and Keri were just at EOT. It was nice visiting with them again.
  3. Call and ask them about expected shipments. Any response on the wire will be a guess.
  4. A completely useless artifact of WWI when a lot of factories did not have electric lights. Now it is a waste of time and cause of twice yearly confusion. Right now daylight savings time is eight months of the year. Time to end the insanity.
  5. As noted by Sam the firing pin is part of the hammer. The top photo shows the hammer, mainspring, cocking lever and sear. The second photo shows the swinging pendulum/tree. (Red arrow.) Even if converted to manual the sears still engage the pendulum one way of the other. Different smiths use different techniques on how they create the mechanical trip mechanism. I would take off the stock and look at the parts as you are pulling the trigger to see why the sears are not tripping. It may be dirt, it may be the mechanical conversion needs adjusting. I have fired thousands of rounds of BP and the gun has never gotten dirty enough inside to keep the sears from tripping the hammer. Unless you have a lot of pierced primers the breech is sealed and there is really no way for BP residue to blow back into the mechanism.
  6. Part of the problem is that I only have one daughter and she has zero interest in guns. When I die she would probably haul them to the scrap metal yard.
  7. My shooting has been slowing down both in speed and the number of events. So, this morning I emptied out one closet and am going to try and force myself to start thinning the herd a bit. Just in this one closet there are at least 30 die sets, project guns that have not been completed. Over a dozen shoe boxes of parts and boxes and tubs of brass and loaded rounds. I have done this in the past and ususally wind up just packing everything neatly and more tightly and putting it back in the closet. This time I am going to try and force myself to start getting rid of stuff. Only problem so far is that the floor is so cluttered it is hard to walk in there. Hopefully it will look like the second photo where I am trying to limit my cowboy loads to .38/.357 and eliminate the dozen plus cowboy calibers I use to shoot. Two other closets and a garage and a shed full of parts left to go.
  8. They did and it wound up costing far more than anticipated. Sold very poorly and it was discontinued fairly quickly.
  9. And that does not count Wild Bunch or the side matches. The cost of awards is becoming a major financial issue.
  10. Why is EOT held so early in the season? There are a variety of reasons WR/EOT takes place in February/March. First "early in the season" depends on where you are. Here in the southwest this time of year is the middle of the shooting season. June, July and August are the off-season because of the heat. Years ago there was "End of Trail" which was a summer or early spring shoot. "Winter Range" was the winter shoot in an area of the country where winter shooting can take place. When EOT was still in California many of the matches were in April, so Winter Range could not be around that date. When EOT moved to New Mexico April was too cold in the hills where Founders Ranch was located so they moved the date to June. Now that Winter Range has been retired and the Rough Riders are now hosting EOT no matter what dates are chosen there are potential conflicts. March or April? Spring break or Easter. July or August, it is 110 degrees. For many years the WR dates were set to accomodate the vendors coming from the Shot Show. In general the weather in Phoenix at the end of February and the beginning of March is high 60s or low 70s. Perfect weather for shooting.
  11. There aren't any that fit this description.
  12. They will be on the End of Trail website as soon as everyone has had a few days to unwind. Look on the website toward the end of the week.
  13. The 1873 Hammer Lifter model Remington is fairly scarce. It was Remington's first cartridge double barrel shotgun. The hammers are unique for a cartridge gun in that the hammer face was recessed like a cap and ball hammer. They only built about 5,000 so finding a hammer is going to take a lot of searching and luck.
  14. Dillon has two neck expanders for use with the .44-40. If you are using .425 - .427 you need a number 4. For .429 -.430 you should be using the G expander.
  15. It's the repudiation rating you need to worry about.
  16. I used mine for bullet penetration tests. Stacked them all tightly and then put them in a wooden box sized for the magazines. The magazines are stacked and set in the box on edge like files in a filing cabinent.
  17. I would imagine that everything except the receiver has been replaced numerous times.
  18. Hey I want a re-shoot! I look like the honoree at a wake.
  19. MAGNUM lead shot is a meaningless term used for advertising purpose. There is no definition. Shot quality is measured by antimony content. For SASS any lead shot is fine.
  20. Why the 7mm Mauser? The 8mm Lebel cartridge and rifle are at least six years older.
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