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  1. Federal still sells these for trap shooting. At the extreme high end for once fired they go for aound $14.00 per hundred.
  2. Kelly Reilly in Britannia disciplining Rip's great, great, great, great x 20 grandfather.
  3. If it is two minutes that is still one minute and forty-five seconds too long. I can watch the NFR on the nag channel. I appreciate the talent it takes to sing opera or dance ballet. Does not mean I want to watch them. Now if Beth is going to rein in Rip . . .
  4. Pietta 1851 grips are not "panels" they are one piece. There are also two types on 1851 gripframes. The grip for one won't fit the other.
  5. If a stock Uberti lever won't work with the Uberti short stroke why does anyone believe the C&I replacment lever will work? The C&I is a replacement for a stock Uberti lever.
  6. Since we as a society have become dependent on computers and cell phones the technology is becoming scary. Just a couple of months ago Apple announced it had software to track and analyze every photo on your phone. Ostensibly it was to detect child porn. So much uproar was raised Apple claims they did not implement the software. Who knows. If you have an Alexa it listens to everything you say and has been used as evidence in criminal cases. So you better watch yourself.
  7. I have shot a few but not found one I wanted to own yet. The primary feature of the Model 50 is that it has a floating chamber. It is a short recoil semi-auto mechanism but rather than the barrel recoiling the chamber does. Only made from 1954 to 1962. They take some tuning to ensure they run properly and parts are getting hard to find.
  8. I'm starting to get tired of it. What's all this BS with never ending scenes of horses dragging their butts in the dirt in the last two episodes? My dog does that when his bottom itches. What is with these horses? Do they hemmoroids? And the tale of Jimmy the dullard is getting old.
  9. That and what I really hate is that some "businesses" only have FaceBook addresses. If I click on a business and it takes me to FB they get none of my business as FB says that in order to see the site you have to have an account or create an account.
  10. I got FaceBook slammed a couple of years ago. I got a message saying my password had been changed. Since I did not have FaceBook I ignored it. The next day there were untold thousands of FB posting, all of them using Arabic, Cryrillic, Chinese characters, etc. None were in English. I took my computer to Apple and after a couple of days they managed to get rid of FB and restore my data. While trying to fix the probem I found out that FB does not have an email address, does not have a telephone number and does not have a mailing address on their website. They have no way to contact them if you are having a problem.
  11. The furthest match I have been to was the Great Nor'Easter in New Hampshire. A bit of a trip from Phoenix. Been to Comin at Cha several times, Sparta, Guns of August, etc. Sold my RV so now I am not as inclined to travel a great distance.
  12. Because "how far are you willing to go" posted by a female is a lot more interesting than shooting.
  13. Bending the lever will take your times from the 30s down into the teens.
  14. Way. Here is one scene. There is also another scene in North to Alaska where his toupee flips up in the air when he is punched.
  15. If you watch one of the fight scenes real close you can see John Wayne's toupee flip up.
  16. Totally agree. Details on this specific event? If someone is a jerk putting on a cowboy hat does not change that fact.
  17. If I did not find the shell holder I did my fall back plan was to buy the Mec holder. The plate has three holders. I was going to cut one off and screw it to the top of the press base. https://www.ebay.com/itm/284287857953?hash=item4230e07521:g:Vk8AAOSwFw5gluiQ
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