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  1. MMA, WWE and the Expendables. I hope she is in Expendables 4.
  2. I remember getting one of those in the 60s. I was in ROTC and most if not all the officers that were instructing the ROTC classes had never fired one. I had the gun but no one had any ammo in the local gunshops back then. One weekend at a rifle match our ROTC team was shooting at I managed to trade some .308 National Match ammo for a case of 5.56 from an Air Force team. The next week everyone on the rifle team and the ROTC instructors went out to the local National Guard range and fired a few rounds. Had to sell it when I graduated but the Army gave me a new one.
  3. My pet peeve is people getting on the wire and belly aching about their pet peeve. Crap, now I am an offender.
  4. That is a classic symptom of a broken hand spring. If it is ten years old is the hand spring a leaf spring? If so it is probably broken or bent. If it is a coil spring make sure it did not get pinched between the frame and backstrap or that the plunger is not lost. Take it apart and let us know what is in there.
  5. 25 new Bertram Brass (Australia) .45-75 cases. $75.00 plus $7.50 shipping. PM me if interested.
  6. Saying there are rules in an organized shooting match and rules on an Internet discussion website is about like comparing the rules of Chess with a knifefight. The simple solution to this whole matter is that if someones does not like something quit reading the thread. If you are watching TV and you do not like what is on the solution is to change the channel. Trying to limit discussion on an Internet website is an exercise in futility.
  7. I know two other people that have them and they are also jam-amatics. Probably why the .44 Russian chambering was discontinued. Local Cabellas had a used one for a long time before it disappeared from the shelf.
  8. .44 Russian, .44 Special in a .44 Mag. No different that shooting .38 Short Colt, .38 Long Colt, or .38 Special in a .357 Mag (I shoot all four) or .45 Cowboy and .45 Colt in a .454 Casull or .460 S&W. The only way to avoid cleaning your gun(s) is to not shoot them at all.
  9. With that clarification, none that I have ever seen or heard of.
  10. You need to clarify what you are talking about? The question cannot be answered as written. Modern day .44 Russian ammuntion Modern day guns chambered in .44 Russian Modern day reproductions chambered in .44 Russian Modern day reproductions of the actual S&W .44 "Russian" Other
  11. Never heard of it. Will give it a look. A Canadian show I really enjoyed was Corner Gas.
  12. Gatling gun shooting BP at a Winter Range night shoot.
  13. Page 22 https://www.sassnet.com/uploads/downloads/cowboychronicle/2013/13Janchron2.pdf
  14. Yep, in addition to baseball he made some mighty fine guns. This was my first new gun. Handcrafted by Ted for me in 1961.
  15. In one of the great irony's of history the Brits had an election during the Potsdam conference and Chruchill lost. Clement Atlee finished the conference for the Brits.
  16. Found a couple of photos of where the Potsdam conference took place and a photo of the spot where the historic photo was taken.
  17. I still remember his TV show titled Decision. In this clip he talks about Potsdam. Last October (rather than going to Bordertown) I went to Potsdam and stood on the site of the famous photo of Churchill, Truman and Stalin.
  18. Even if by a miracle someone found one of the early Norinco barrels it would not fit. All the Norincos were solid frame. The OP wants to put the barrel on a take down Winchester.
  19. The all-time best seller about cats.
  20. Before you do anything fire the gun with the loads you intend to shoot. If it switches barrels then you do not need to do anything. If it does not switch reliably the spring you have to change is part 609006. Remove the e-clip, push out the shaft and the pendulum (609004) will come free. Make sure the spring and plunger (609007) do not get lost. Where to get a lighter spring in Sweden I do not know. I have boxes of springs and just change them until I find one that works with my loads. Be careful not to put to light of a spring into the pendulum. If you do and point the barrels above horizontal the pendulum can swing back from its own weight and the gun will not switch or fire correctly.
  21. Alpo you have no breeding. If there were two 1911's in the box you should only take one.
  22. I thought this was going to be a review of the live action version of The Little Mermaid that just came out.
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