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  1. Try putting in the old trigger spring. You did not list what mods have been done. Different mainspring? Changed the lifter and carrier springs? Short stroke?
  2. Since you have already ordered the parts you are on the right track. The most likely cause of the problem is the tip of the trigger (sear) rounding its edges. The next most likely is the hammer full cock notch wearing. The least likely problem is the trigger spring, although anything can fail. It is also possible for the hole in the receiver that the firing pin extension rides in to ware but that would take a LOT of rounds. If you do not know what you are doing, do not have the proper stones or hones for the job and do not have a sear jig your chances of making things worse out weight your chances of making things better. You have not provided any good CLEAR photos of any of these parts so any further guesses are just that. SWAGS.
  3. Using a vise when work space gets scarce is a good idea. I do not even know where I got it but I used a scrap piece of aluminum as a mount for a press I wanted to use just for decapping. Angle iron or anything rigid will work and the vise swivels so you can get a comfortable angle.
  4. Another old model sizer/decapper was this one from Mec: I removed un-needed linkage and converted one into a dedicated taper crimper for the Roger Rapid taper die.
  5. It has been a long time but my recollection of Brandon Lee's death is that there was a scene where the gun was shown with bullets. They removed the dummies and the bullet from one stayed in the cylinder throat and the blank was loaded behind it.
  6. There would not be bullets in blanks. However, I am sure most of us have seen scenes where the muzzle is pointed at the camera and you can see dummy bullets in the cylinder. I am not going to go back and rewatch hundreds of hours of testimony but my recollection is that there were dummy rounds and these had no primers and had holes drilled in the brass case.
  7. There are videos on YouTube put out by a judicial watch organization. Here is day 4. It is LONG so I just did a screen shot of one of the exhibits showing the semi-wadcutter and trailboss powder.
  8. The Roman's used slings that used lead bullets. These bullets are found on ancient battlefields all over the empire. A skilled man with a sling could hit a man-sized target at 130 yards. The bullets were effective in volley fire at over 400 yards. These are unusal in that they are inscribed with the name of Julius Caesar and were found in Spain on the battlefield where Caesar defeated Pompey's legions. Most of these bullets had curses engraved on them.
  9. The part of the trial dealing with the live ammo on set was interesting. HSM supplied the blank ammo and dummy rounds and was sued claiming they inadvertantly put live rounds in the box. The evidence was HSM only uses RNFP bullets in their .45 Colt ammo and used powder that is only available to commercial loaders. The live ammo was loaded with semi-wadcutter bullets and Trailboss powder. The case against HSM was dismissed.
  10. Really? I watched some of the trial and testimony and do not know how anyone can reach that conclusion.
  11. Using Abilene's photo the "wear" the red arrow is pointing to is not really wear. As he noted it is there to aid in over the top single loading. Ejection and jams during ejection take place at the tiny gap the green arrow is pointing to. If the gap is too big or the back surface rounded or damaged you can get a failure to eject and/or jam.
  12. Uberti rifles and many of their parts have varied through the years. For example an older bolt is in the top photo and a newer one in the bottom photo. The rib on the bottom of the bolt that rides in the groove on the bottom of the carrier is different. The newer bolts are wider as shown in the photos. A new bolt will not fit in an old carrier without running a mill down the slot in the bottom of the carrier to widen it. This could definitely give the kind of drag you are talking about. If you are not familiar with Uberti 73 rifles your best bet is to take it to someone that is.
  13. https://sbgwllc.com/shop/broken-brass-extractor-stainless-steel-45/ Available in .45 and .38.
  14. The shooter's book can also be very useful at the shooter's banquet.
  15. That is not a small amount. That is a lot. It is over rotating. On Colt actions that usually means either the hand/pawl spring is weak or broken or the bolt spring is weak or broken. Both of these are coils on a Ruger and they seldom fail. Problems with those spring is usually caused by the user damaging them by, for example, pinching the pawl spring between the frame and grip frame. Interesting that this started recently and on both revolvers. Were they disassembled and cleaned recently? Have they ever been in an ultrasonic cleaner? Are you 100% sure the cylinders have not been swapped? The last three or four digits of the serial number are on the front of the cylinder. They are often very lightly scratched on and covered with carbon and very hard to see.
  16. Has the gun been short stroked? Real easy test. Cock the gun very SLOWLY. When the hammer hits full cock stop pulling and reach up and twist the cylinder clockwise. If it moves and the cylinder stop drops into place tell your wife to pull the hammer harder. P.S. the last two New Vaqueros I purchased a couple of months ago neither would pass the above test.
  17. OK, I let you guys throw down the gauntlet and I accepted the challenge. Most of the time the biggest local gun shows are at the Phoenix Fair Grounds. Usually $12.00 to park and $18.00 to get in. They have sucked for almost a decade. I usually write off the cost (for the few times I go anymore) as "entertainment or exercise." This weekend there was a gun show at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility (the home of Winter Range and now EOT). So, I figured what the heck. Maybe it would not suck as bad as the ones at the fairgrounds. $15.00 to get in BUT parking was free. The prices were ASTOUNDING! Junk that you can get off the Cabelas used gun racks for about 1/4 of what these guys were asking. New guns were above MSRP and way above what you can get them for at local brick and mortar gun stores. I figured at a minium I might pick up some magazines for a couple of guns. Two to three times the price of what you can buy them for at Sportsman's or the LGS. Total waste. Not the least bit entertaining and not that much excercise as it was not very big. You guys just made me waste $15.00.
  18. Start with the simple things first. What kind of ammo are you using? The cheap steel based shells from Walmart make a lot of shotguns stick. The steel bases expand but do not contract like brass. To make sure what they are made of see if a magnet sticks to the metal base. Some brass colored bases are a brass wash over steel. If it sticks shut with quality BRASS based ammo then you can move on to looking for more difficult problems.
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