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  1. There is only one Boogie Woogie. All else are pretenders.
  2. No wonder my butt feels so heavy when I am running to the next gun in the firing sequence.
  3. The 9mm single action cylinders come from 9mm/.357 convertible single action revolvers. If they were different lengths they would not be convertible.
  4. I would look on EBay and buy a 9mm or .357 cylinder and have it bored out and rechambered.
  5. Have you been to a match? No one can answer that as there are clubs spread all over the U.S. and several other countries and clubs can do what they want. The vast majority of pistol targets are set at 10 yards or less.
  6. At least four .308 rifles have blown-up in the past week. It turns out they were all using the same ammo and the ammo was the same lot number. The ammo is ZSR and the lot number is 015. I did not want to try and grab a scene shot of the ammo boxes off the YouTube videos showing the explosions so I went on-line to look for the ammo. The very first vendor I looked at had this photo on their website. Lot 015. If you have any of this stuff you should probably not shoot it. The manufacturer is in Turkey and has not responded to inquiries about the ammo.
  7. I use to buy lots of Betamax, then VHS, then DVD movies. I use to love going to Best Buy and wondering up and down the numerous aisles that had nothing but DVDs in them. Betamax and VHS and long gone. The aisles of DVDs turned into a rotating rack and last week the Best Buy closed all together. As my daughter told me recently, "Dad no one buys DVDs anymore." Streaming has killed them. So my collection is whatever is on Netflix, Prime, HBO+ etc.
  8. Jim reading this and your post about POA it appears you are overthinking everything. Fall back, calm down, regroup. SASS is not bullseye shooting. Pistol targets are not at 25 yards. At any match above the local club in East Buttcrack, Montana that is snowed in 10 months of the year and the two members come out twice a year to shoot, the pistol targets are going to be less than ten yards. In many cases way less than ten yards. If you wanted 25 yard bullseye accuracy you should have gotten a gun with adjustable sights. SASS is not minute of angle shooting. It is minute of pie plate. If you can hit near the middle of a pie plate at ten yards you are good to go. I would not even file down the front sight for elevation corrections but that can be a different discussion. Look at this video of how they make Uberti revolvers. Skip to about 2:45 where they install the barrel and notice the precision bench vice with leather pad and scientifically designed wooden stick they use in the frame to tighten the barrel. Notice how the craftsman eyeballs the front sight alignment. After you have shot a couple of dozen matches then worry about this stuff. In the meantime learn and enjoy. I could not find the factory video. The dialog in this was added by someone as a joke although the factory narration was not much better.
  9. Your question is impossible to answer. No one knows the height, weight, condition, wind direction and strength, etc. of the falling target you are shooting at. If you think someone can say a 158 grain bullet at 650 fps is not sufficient but a 158 grain at 675 fps is sufficient you are mistaken.
  10. You have not given any information that will help diagnose your problem. 1. What caliber? OAL? Bullet nose profile? 2. Does it have the problem whether the gun is loaded or empty? 3. What type of short stroke is it? C&I, Pioneer, Boogie are "kits" that use new machined parts. Others use a hack and chop method where the original parts are used but they are cut and welded. How was yours done? 4. What other mods have been done? New carrier and lifter springs?
  11. Make sure they throw it in your casket. That way in 1,000 years they will think you were Viking royalty.
  12. Remember when the Shooter's Handbook was a pamphlet and the Chronicle was a large thick newspaper? Now the Shooter's Handbook is a large thick book and the Chronicle a pamphlet. Then - Now -
  13. People are apparently not reading the OP's post. He has a MIROKU 73, not an original 73 or a Uberti. The Miroku sear is nothing like an original 73 or a Uberti.
  14. Over the years I have accumulated dozens of sets of dies and Dillon parts. I tried to put some of the caliber conversion stuff back in the original boxes but these were left over.
  15. While it is apart make sure the screw that retains the stock mounting bolt (and also ties the upper and lower tangs together) is tight. That screw is frequently loose.
  16. For just a basic clean-up remove the trigger guard screw. Unscrew the trigger guard a turn. (See third photo.) Remove the butt plate or recoil pad and stick a socket down into the stock and unscrew the retaining nut. Should be a 10mm socket. Once the stock is removed you can spray the guts with brake cleaner, blow it off and then spray on something like Hornady One Shot. (The gun cleaner and lube version, not the case lube version. I.e., the stuff in the black can, not the stuff in the red can.) The gunk in the photo is just dried grease. Nothing that will interfere with shooting the gun.
  17. It is where they have the banquet and awards ceremony.
  18. Read the rule book. Page 36 outlines what needs to be done.
  19. Predicting when the Italians build what and when they will arrive in the U.S. is like trying to predict which stocks are going to rise or fall. Tammy, Sue and Keri run Taylors and are great to talk to. Tammy and Keri were just at EOT. It was nice visiting with them again.
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