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  1. I could tell you, but if I did I would be banned from the wire.🤔
  2. Hole where detent is fitted. ({Punch in hole to show where it is.) Detent, spring, and set-screw. To me the easier loading and unloading more than offsets any perceived benefits of the reverse spin. Unless I am installing s short stroke I leave them in.
  3. There is virtually zero market for BP shotshells, especially 20 gauge shells. Even in SASS, which is one of the few places BP shotshells are used, there are VERY few people using 20 gauge BP shells. You say you need 6 to 10 boxes. That is going to run around $120.00 to $200.00. If you buy a Lee loader for $45.00 and then load 10 boxes you will be money ahead. Here is one source that advertises them and had some in the past. I don't know if they have any in stock. http://www.ows-ammo.com/store/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=125
  4. They have a reverse pawl to help align the chambers with the loading gate. To get this alignment correct it has a spring loaded detent that engages the ratchet teeth. Cock the hammer and look in the hammer channel and you can see the set screw that holds in the spring and detent. If you remove the detent in many cases the reverse pawl will work. In some cases it may require a little more work for it to allow the cylinder to turn fully backwards. Two reasons are typically given for removing the detent. First, if you have a high primer sometimes you can back it up far enough to clear the jam. Key word, sometimes. Checking for high primers is not something people should be doing while firing or at the loading table. It should be done at home as part of your ammo inspection. The second reason is that it might help with a reload. For the past several years reloads on-the-clock have become more and more rare at SASS matches, especially matches above the club level. Even with the reverse feature a lot of people screw up the reload anyway because they don't practice reloads. So, for 99.9% of shooters the reverse spin is of little or no value.
  5. Kind of irrelevant with a 60 power factor.
  6. Can't see anything. Asking me to sign in to something I know nothing about.
  7. You can also call Bond and see if they still sell their competition mainspring.
  8. Your issue is not with powder coated bullets. It is with a crummy bullet caster. It's like painting a car. If you paint over dents the car is still going to be dented. Your heading makes it sound like the coating caused some sort of problem. That is apparently not so.
  9. They are legal but I have never seen one used in a side match. The side matches are speed matches and are completely dominated by double action top break revolvers.
  10. Many of the guns used for SASS are tuned for competition. Dual purpose generally means it is not good for either purpose. Sort of like "universal fit" means it does not fit anything.
  11. I click on these and it says I have to sign into an Amazon account.
  12. The other thread got closed but here is a video showing the new Standard SAA. The part about the single action starts at about the 45 second mark. Very nice looking gun but it's target price is the same as a new Colt. Hope it succeeds but at that price point it is apt to go down the same path as the STI attempt to make single actions a couple of years ago. P.S. The firing pin looks odd because the tip has been cut off. Guns shown at the Shot Show have to have their firing pins removed.
  13. There are only two guys that work on the SAA at Colt. The issue isn't there are not enough smiths. The issue is there is not enough demand to have a full-time production line. Colt tried making a bunch of SAA's a few years ago and keeping an inventory so they would be available on dealer shelves. Heck the local Cabelas had them on the shelf. The problem is they sold very slowly so now they are only made to order. Pretty much everything comes out of the "custom" shop as there is really no such thing as a standard "production" model at this point. When they get enough orders they run off a batch. Think about it. They build about 1,000 per year. That is only about 80 per month or around 4 per work day. Four is about a minute's worth of production at Ruger.
  14. Without looking at the gun it is hard to tell. In all candor and not trying to be snide your friend needs to take it to someone that knows 73s. Five in a year is rediculous. If a "professional" installed the last one and it broke after two months he needs to find a new professional. You are in Louisiana. Are you close to Slick McClade?
  15. The .45 has a lot of blow-by. Now that you know how to take it apart you will be able to keep it clean and happy.
  16. 73 gates are different than 66 gates. They are much stronger. The loading gate in the photo looks like it should be reinforced before even using the gun. Doesn't matter how "strong" the metal is from the photo it appears the metal is so thin it is not going to hold up for competition shooting.
  17. Try some .44 Special brass in them. A lot of them will take .44 Specials as is. If not reaming is a simple job.
  18. Snail. The in-lines are a PITA to load. Takes longer to load one than it does to fire five stages. With snail cappers you dump in the caps and shake it and the caps turn over. Close the lid and you are ready to go. As noted above, they are just made out of brass sheet metal with a little steel finger. Might need a little adjusting once in a while but still a heck of lot more user friendly than the in-lines.
  19. Breaking a spring in a Colt is a once in a lifetime type thing if at all. Regular breakage means something is wrong. What to do? Real simple. Buy a Wolff or Lee's Gunsmithing spring and put one of those in and see if it breaks. They they break there is something radically wrong with your guns. If they do not break then you need a new smith.
  20. Roger's handbook on the Pedersoli is excellent and the price is right. FREE!
  21. Abilene, thanks for the info. For the first time in many years I am not going to make it to the show. You guys have fun and tell Joe hi.
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