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  1. I have been trying to get more information but the Match Director for the WB match is out of town.  Basically the WB side matches are not in the schedule because the WB shooters decided a few years ago that only people signed up for the WB match should be able to shoot the WB side matches.  So, the side matches have basically become an ad hoc affair.  Depending on how tired people are they hold the side matches on Monday, Tuesday, or both after the match shooting for the day has ended.  They use props and targets that we do not include in the regular side matches and decide what they want to shoot themselves.  Since only WB shooters can shoot the WB side matches the shooters just spread the word among themselves.  This year there are 133 shooters signed up for the WB match which is the most that have ever shot the WB match anywhere in the world.

    1. Back 40 #23910 L

      Back 40 #23910 L

      Thanks Larsen, I greatly appreciate your response.

  2. I have no idea how the comments on the profile page works of if you are even getting this. If you have a question please PM me so I can press the answer button and respond. I can't see the original "message" but it was something like, "where did you get it." Where did I get what? Again, please send things to the PM. I don't understand this profile stuff.

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